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Everything posted by Raikoh_Minamoto

  1. Raikoh_Minamoto

    What music reminds you of Doom?

    Seriously, have you ever heard a song on the radio, and it just seemed to be made as a homage to Doom? I was listening to Duality from SlipKnoT (that's not a typo), and my mind completely switched gears and started imagining a bloody two-man war between myself and that dirty rat bastard Cyberdemon. Also, listen to 'Home' from Three Days Grace while watching the FPS sequence from the movie. It's wicked.
  2. Raikoh_Minamoto

    What music reminds you of Doom?

    You are my new hero; that soundtrack kicks ass!
  3. Raikoh_Minamoto

    Assmaster confirmed deceased

    Ah, hell. Hope everything's gonna be okay. :(
  4. Raikoh_Minamoto

    Doom Wad Station shutting down

    This sucks. This really sucks. :,(
  5. Raikoh_Minamoto

    Unused DOOM tracks

    Listening to it right now, un13 specifically. Speaking of which, un13 is a dead ringer for (I Hate) Everything About You, from Three Days Grace. It's a cover from the future! Edit: un20 is a cover. Of what, I'm not sure, but I KNOW it's a cover. Edit: Sh*t, maybe I should read the thread first. Zarkyb beat me to it.
  6. Raikoh_Minamoto

    Best game of all time in your opinion

    Meh, depends on the genre. I like Japanese single-player RPGs and American FPS games. For the RPG category, it's a tie between the Golden Sun series (on the GBA) and Final Fantasy VII (I got SO PISSED when my copy glitched up). Others are: ~Star Wars: KotOR comes in a close second. ~Star Ocean: the Second Story technically shouldn't be on this list (on the grounds of it's not really anything special), but it comes in third, simply because it was the first videogame I ever played, and so it holds a very special place in my heart. ~The Otogi series kicks ass. Anyone with an Xbox and anything not unlike self-respect needs to experience this. And no, in spite of the Japanese title, you do not have to import it. Go buy it, now. Raikoh commands you! When it comes to FPS games, Quake II absolutely enthralls me. I couldn't tell you why; I can very easily think of better games to play (HLHLHL), but for some unknown reason Q2 simply grabs me by the 'nads and refuses to let go. It reminds me of this one girl... but that's a story for another day. Some of my other favorites are: ~Half-Life/Half-Life 2 (duh) ~Doom/Doom2 ~Doom 3 (don't judge me) ~Unreal series/UT series (I likes teh exotic weaponz) ~Metroid Prime: Hunters (I like this one mostly 'cos I'm so damn good at it)
  7. Raikoh_Minamoto

    Motion sickness in Doom (or other FPS)

    I got some really bad headaches when I played Half-Life 2 for the first time, probably from some combination of those washed-out yellows of the Water Hazard chapter and the visual cone, which was of a smaller angle than most FPS games. When I'm in the family RV while it's moving, I can't play games or read, or I get really nauseated. Curiously enough, this doesn't happen when I'm in a moving car. Never got anything from Doom, though. :)
  8. Raikoh_Minamoto

    How dating my ex was like playing DOOM II on nightmare mode

    Winnar! ** Edit: What the hell? We block emotes?
  9. Raikoh_Minamoto

    The most hated family in...

    The part that really cut me to the bone was when the 21-year-old had to ask her parents' permission to go get some coffee. I'm a Christian, but anything in excess, even religion, can be bad. Christianity is about spreading your faith to others and providing constructive criticism where needed, not supporting genocide of homosexuals and hate-mongering. Christianity would have a much better reputation were it not for people like this who misconstrue and twist the Bible to fit their own distorted views. While calling them "The Most Hated Family in America" isn't inaccurate, I feel no hate for these people, only pity, because while atheists and non-Christians need God, they need it far more.
  10. Raikoh_Minamoto

    Does Doom still make you jump?

    Hellz yes. 'Nuff said.
  11. Raikoh_Minamoto


    Haha, I don't know if I should hate or <3 Reznor for this... STFU. I'm frickin' tired of people constantly bashing Doom 3. Doom 3 was a good game, damnit! Granted, it wasn't nearly as good as Half-Life 2, and it may not have been true to the original, but it was still a damn good game.
  12. Raikoh_Minamoto

    This is me playing Doom's music on guitar !

    Holy crap, E2M1 is purified sexy. How'zabout MAP01?
  13. Raikoh_Minamoto

    Girl receives head of her missing dog in the mail

    What kind of sick douche does that? Someone needs to bathe him in gasoline, light a match, and... well, use your imagination. He'd deserve it. <EDIT> Just realized that it sounded like I was talking about a fellow forum member... no, I was speaking about the skullf*cked asscracker who decapitated a dog and sent its head to its owner.
  14. Raikoh_Minamoto

    id Anthology - Shrink Wrapped in box!

    He asked. I answered.
  15. Raikoh_Minamoto

    Vocal Doom Players

    Pshaw! You name the game, and I'll prolly find some excuse to scream my head off in multiplayer. Lessee... outbursts, vocalizations... -Quake: Mostly venting my frustrations when I'm losing cheaply (like against a camper). Quake 2: Ditto. -Quake 3 Arena: Same. -Unreal Tournament: Yah. -Halo 2: I <3 to sneak up on people with the shotgun, and either whisper or scream in their ear, wnd when they turn around, I go BLAM and they go dead an' stuff. MechAssault: MechAssault is a pure adrenaline experience, and I like to rub it in the other person's face when I win. This 'un just seems to get my adrenaline and my testosterone flowing at the same time. MechAssault 2: MA2 is actually a lot more cerebral for me, I'm usually the tactical guy in MA2. Star Wars Battlefront/Battlefront II: With about eight players to a team, it gets really strategic.
  16. Raikoh_Minamoto

    id Anthology - Shrink Wrapped in box!

    OMFG METHINKS I FIGURED IT OUT. In the SNES version of Doom, the instruction manual had a description of the Cyberdemon: "This walking nightmare... will *d-e-f-i-n-a-t-e-l-y* reach out and touch you." The correct spelling is d-e-f-i-n-i-t-e-l-y At least, that's how the Doom Wiki spelled it before someone changed it. See, methinks that the incorrect spelling was used in the SNES manual, and the forums here censor it out to reference this. Rai = genius Does anyone here have a copy of the manual for the SNES version of Doom, who is willing to verify this?
  17. Raikoh_Minamoto

    How do you like your Doom?

    I like my Doom on Vanilla, with the lights turned down, the volume turned up, and a bowl of Cocoa Crispies in the dead of night during a storm so furious that the lightning shakes the entire house. Seriously, try it. You'll feel like Thor.
  18. Raikoh_Minamoto

    id Anthology - Shrink Wrapped in box!

    Nice! You got Ultimate Quake yet? Good stuff. B)
  19. Raikoh_Minamoto

    Doom: The Movie

    I more or less agree with Coopersville on this one. They didn't change the story because they felt like it, they changed it so it would be more movie-friendly. I personally liked the art styling and weapon designs far more than the oh-so-nasty olive greens of Doom 3 and the far too unimaginative designs of the originals. *dons flameproof suit* Most people complain that the Doom movie completely dropped the whole Hell thing, and yet they don't do so with Doom 3. Somehow, they fail to realize that the enemies of Doom 3 completely lose the Luciferian aura that their original forerunners carried; they seemed more alien than demonic. So, I don't see why people complain about the movie not being hellish enough. And I honestly think that the prevalence of the f-word had something to do with it. I'd bet money that if the script was written better, it would've been that much more well recieved.
  20. Raikoh_Minamoto

    How'd you want Doom IV to be

    Actually, this is the first time I've realized a fairly ironic fact: Tom Hall was kicked out of id Software because of his Tei Tenga idea for Doom, because it sacrificed gameplay for realism. Doom 3 did that same thing... Actually, I kind of disagree here. Even though it didn't have the same kind of variations as the classic ones, it still had a fair number of varying things: The first portion is a techbase theme, later on it has a sort of "sewer" feel to it (where there's green gas all around-- you know, where you first fight the Mancubus?), then techbase again, then it's Hell, techbase, and then those bitchin' canvern levels. True dat.
  21. Raikoh_Minamoto

    Doom Maps on TS3

    I've got TS2, and I've tried making Doom levels in it, to little success. Here's my weapons list, though-- Luger Pistol- Pistol Tactical 12-guage- Shotgun/SSG Minigun- Chaingun (although this really presents a problem for weapon balancing; the SBP90 Machinegun and Tommygun are closer in terms of gameplay) Rocket Launcher- Rocket Launcher Plasma Autorifle- Plasma Rifle Unfortunately, TS2 caps the weapons limit at 5. :,( The RL and Homing Launcher's secondary fire is remotely not unlike the BFG's effect though-- a wide, close-range spread of destruction. I've had more success with Quake levels. Tactical 12-guage- Shotgun/SSG Soviet S47- Nailgun/Grenade Launcher Minigun- Perforator Rocket Launcher- Rocket Launcher Electrotool- Arc Bolt (My name for it, because Lightning Gun, Shaft, and Thunderbolt all are sucky names)
  22. Raikoh_Minamoto

    Doom disturbed me.

    Damn my clumsy fingers... Military Base, the one where you fight the Barons. Or the first level of "Thy Flesh Consumed." Seriously, in a latin chorus, it's bitchin'. Just imagine it.
  23. Raikoh_Minamoto

    Doom disturbed me.

    I played Doom 64 for the first time recently, and it scared the living hell out of me. Never expected anything like that. The music really got to me in that one. And the Cherubs from Doom 3 give me nightmares. I'm not joking. I still have them. And in a slightly different dream (not really a nightmare), I was hearing E3M9's music sung by a latin chorus, in latin (or it sounded like latin, anyway). I was fighting a Spider Mastermind, but here's the weird thing: there was no sound other than the music. No gunblasts, no roars of fury or pain, just that music...
  24. Raikoh_Minamoto

    Superbowl XLI

    I'm only watching for the commercials.
  25. Raikoh_Minamoto

    Oh my god new Castlevania is SO AWESOME

    Pity that PSP is too fragile and expensive to be extensively used by someone who doesn't poop money.