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  1. Well im sorry to ask questions and all i try not to and look up stuff on my own as much as i can to help not spam the forums but i could not find out anything that really worked well with my computer. Another thing i was wondering about was that i am using a collectors edition of doom. and i was wandering if that may have any affect on editors. Thanks for reading assuming you did and hope you reply soon Take it easy, Kibbl
  2. kibbl126

    DoomED Overflow

    Thanks for replying :)
  3. kibbl126

    DoomED Overflow

    Trying to get DoomED to work on my XP running system. Encounter an 'Overflow' error before the program crashes. Any suggestions on how this might be fixed?
  4. kibbl126

    BGM not working in doom?

    i know im probably going to sound like an idiot but what is a source port?
  5. kibbl126

    BGM not working in doom?

    well i have tried with both my laptop and an old comuter my laptop is windows xp while the older computer is windows 98 I think. I thought maybe there was corrupted data or something so i tried redownloading it but that didnt work.
  6. kibbl126

    BGM not working in doom?

    Hello, Sorry to bother you in all but for some reason the BGM wont work for doom its strange you can hear doors open, things die, and even the sounds from your gun. But for some reason you dont hear any of the music i remember in the game? any idea what the problem could be? please help me out Thanks again, kibbl
  7. kibbl126

    Editing help

    I have been having some troubles trying to make some levels on a doom editor called "doom builder" and all of the FAQ'S that the website linked to dont work or er rather dont show up im really sorry to bother you but if it isent to much trouble could somone help me out. Some of the most common errors i get are WARNING: You have no IWAD file set for this configuration! WARNING: Could not find required lump PLAYPAL! WARNING: Could not find the engine executable! Please check your configuration! Error 9 in RunTextureSelect: Subscript out of range