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  1. Probably anything composed by Bob Reganess. I uploaded the soundtrack to his aboo series maps (with a screenshot of aboo4.wad and a shot of aboojail.wad I passed through a filter respectively) Wait until about 2 minutes in for this one: Intro to aboocean.wad. Maddening o_0 This one's actually kinda atmospheric. The map its featured in is supposed to be a "dry ice" cave, though its portrayed pretty crudely. This one's from aboojail.wad. Beautiful intro that leads into a bit of a cacophony.
  2. Jah. Dumb fact: the texture used for the vein walls in the third shot actually were made by taking a picture of a raw steak, zooming in, and tiling/recoloring it :P
  3. Vanilla thing for a vanilla thing, though you could probably guess.
    This is a combination of Ritenour's early space levels, his Phobos wad, and a few new faces. It's also one of my chief inspirations. The ambience and little tricks all throughout make you feel like you're in a 60's sci-fi-novel adventure. Unfortunately the monster-placement gets pretty random so the gameplay doesn't always match, but the settings make it more than worth it.
  4. This looks really nice and moody! The starry dark red sky goes really well with all the muted greens. My only small gripe would be the way the upper texture between the supports under the arc furthest from the player in the first shot is cut off, though I'm not quite sure how I'd handle it myself. Perhaps the texture or the entrance to that area could be modified a bit to accommodate the slope?
    10-map episode by Myscha, one of the authors behind Unreal. Remember Unreal? Big open levels with expansive vistas. Its the polar opposite of IDITAROD. Its still a cut above the crop for the time if you can get past the claustrophobia. Boy he wasn't kidding about the difficulty spikes. Not sure how you pistol-start MAP07.
  5. I heard that man is a fine Gentleman ;). Here's my compilations. I still need to update the ones I've made since then. Odessa is really nice, but be warned that the puzzles can get pretty cerebral. The compiled Dickie series is also worth checking out if you can take on that Plutonia level of difficulty.
  6. Here's a few more shorties (well ok some of them are 11 maps): Back to Thunder Road: A little run'n'gun episode released last year with tons of tude', Genesis music (the console but the band woulda been cool too), and a menu graphic of a skull wearing sunglasses. Do you really need anything more? Infected Area: Gets an award for best Doom storyline. Full of clever tricks, dickish traps, and weird new sound effects. Post: An 11 level episode from 96 with clever ideas, nice looking maps, and an amusing storyline to boot. Very recommended. Also happens to be the sequel to... Debut: A nice episode for Doom if you're cool with really brown maps. Relive the Nightmare: E1 themed Doom2 ep. Not really trying to emulate the original like DtWID, but moreso painted in Phobos colors. The author's other works are also similarly paced episodes worth checking out, but this is his best IMO. Pleiades: Classic sci-fi space adventure. Gameplay is a little rough, but the settings make it more than worth it. Chief's Wad: Barebones architecture but fun mindless firefights. Insertion: An 11-map set by most of the authors behind requiem and memento mori and such. If you dig those you'll like this. Nice Tolwyn music. City of Doom: An 11-level episode from 2000 of city-themed maps. Tons of new graphics and a mellow prog-rock midi soundtrack. The Invaders: Six-level 95' episode. It's another case of doomguy taking a trip into the suspiciously-heretic-looking past. Navigation is occasionally tricky but not hair-tearingly so. Has a Phil Collins midi so can't really be mad at it. Killzone and Killzone 2: Two seven level episodes with medium-to-large nicely constructed maps. Also has some hokey sounds and music culled from the community's most venerable musicians of the time. Sillier options: The Adventures of SUB: Cute old mapset I uploaded years ago. You are German agent codenamed Sub on a mission to stop the U.S. from nuking Germany. The new graphics are crude but it has enough heart to win mine. The Ultimate DTVDoom: Its an office wad. But hold the phone! Its full of simple but charming custom graphics to portray a French office setting + a groovy soundtrack. Its main issue is that its wad. Proxyon Sector KGx/57 mini Episode:3 map minisode from 96'. There's just something about about exploring a bright silver and blue starbase to country music. Progression gets pretty silly though, particularly in MAP02, so I wouldn't recommend it for everyone.
  7. Pop midi music is the quickest way into my heart. I have too many to list, but if I had to pick my favorite examples: mydoom2.wad - Depeche Mode catharsis - DEPECHE MODE! Nite Life - Got a few nice eurodance tunes Path of the Fallen Angel - the only wad I've found with a U2 midi Serenity Series - Some of the jazziest midis on Earth can be found in the Eternity and Infinity episodes Dimensions of Time - It opens with Woo Hoo by Blur. Perfect. And to toot my own horn, music in my Nebula 95 series consists of midified funk, jazz, and classic synthpop
  8. Truly my only concern was that we'd no longer get Ninja Doom updates, but now that I hear the hosted pages are coming back in some form everything is 👌
    Certainly an interesting premise from the description, but the execution leaves you wanting. Gameplay essentially consists of navigating a 94'esque castle. The new textures are grainy but kinda neat.
    Fun episode with nice layouts in a clean style. Progression isn't always super straightforward, but its nothing that can't be solved by occasionally checking the automap. Oh and the authors made an original soundtrack of groovy tunes for this! Its unfortunate that a nude pic in a secret room in E1M7 carted the whole package off to the x-rated section.
    Brings back memories. I can't decide whether the memories are painful or not, but they are certainly memories. Welcome to Duck Lake.
    Pretty creative use of doom2's stock textures. Shows how far you can go with a small selection! The architecture is quite nice to boot with an emphasis on striking shadows and feigned slopes. Layouts are exploratory and seem more focused on showing off the architecture, but the fights are serviceable. Worth a look!
    Here it is, the source of that forest sky texture you see in 25% of 94' wads.