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  1. More glacial progress on Autumn Flock, the squigglevision thing. I had an oil and pastel look in mind, but it turned out looking more like crayon. Incidentally my oil and pastel pastel paintings in grade school also looked like crayon, so at least I've remained consistent?
  2. Very well thought out article, even if it is a bit of a novel =). I'm flattered my Ancient Aliens map was one of the featured shots and got covered a little. I was in a slump with some other botched ideas before the thought of ruins stretching into the clouds came to mind, and nearly lost hope again when I was having trouble translating the bluish-grey hues of the textures to the palette. Turns out converting the clouds to greyscale and the sky to a monochrome shade of baby blue was surprisingly convincing enough =P.
  3. Vanilla background-hacky shenanigans. Are they microbes? Are they cheetos? One man's quest to find the truth begins
  4. Looks like the midtextures may need to be optimized for the blue colormap, but I'm guessing this is more a test sector than anything. In any case I already like the concept. Look forward to seeing where you go with it!
  5. Some uplifting jazz if you're in a dark mood
  6. I usually make just enough new resources to sell whatever theme I'm going for at the moment. The textures can usually be found prefixed with KS_ For CC4 map21 "Shaman's Device" this mostly meant all the glowy scrolling lights, fair amount of dark midtextures, a few animated textures, floating cube structures, and stuff related to the plot about the corrupt A.I. (holograms, computer terminals, etc.). The stuff I borrowed (stole) was mostly culled from Dark Forces, H.R. Giger, Strife, and the CC4 texture pack (plus a purple fluid esselfortium whipped up for me). For Ancient Aliens map24 "Culture Shock" I made the cloud textures (well sprites, they became textures later), the cloudy skies, the Quake3ish teleportation rings, the briefing screen, stuff for secret areas, and some animated textures. The stuff I didn't make mostly came from the AA resource wad and Cage's stuff (with some minor edits to fit the theme), and ELM and Tears for Fears album covers if you know where to look ;)
  7. Decided to grab all the /newstuff reviews I had written over the years and cram em' into one place. This place. Most of them were written back in 08', and goodness me oh me has my writing style changed. Maybe one day I'll go back and touch some of them up (hah), but for now here's the hudface from PuNk DoOm



  8. Hate to be that guy, but I don't clearly prefer one over the other. The second shot does nail that desolate eldritch look, but I like the first shot's more colorful fantasyishish ambient too (almost reminds me of Heretic). I'd reckon it really depends on what aesthetic the whole map's going for.
  9. Probably anything composed by Bob Reganess. I uploaded the soundtrack to his aboo series maps (with a screenshot of aboo4.wad and a shot of aboojail.wad I passed through a filter respectively) Wait until about 2 minutes in for this one: Intro to aboocean.wad. Maddening o_0 This one's actually kinda atmospheric. The map its featured in is supposed to be a "dry ice" cave, though its portrayed pretty crudely. This one's from aboojail.wad. Beautiful intro that leads into a bit of a cacophony.
  10. Jah. Dumb fact: the texture used for the vein walls in the third shot actually were made by taking a picture of a raw steak, zooming in, and tiling/recoloring it :P
  11. Vanilla thing for a vanilla thing, though you could probably guess.
    This is a combination of Ritenour's early space levels, his Phobos wad, and a few new faces. It's also one of my chief inspirations. The ambience and little tricks all throughout make you feel like you're in a 60's sci-fi-novel adventure. Unfortunately the monster-placement gets pretty random so the gameplay doesn't always match, but the settings make it more than worth it.
  12. This looks really nice and moody! The starry dark red sky goes really well with all the muted greens. My only small gripe would be the way the upper texture between the supports under the arc furthest from the player in the first shot is cut off, though I'm not quite sure how I'd handle it myself. Perhaps the texture or the entrance to that area could be modified a bit to accommodate the slope?
    10-map episode by Myscha, one of the authors behind Unreal. Remember Unreal? Big open levels with expansive vistas. Its the polar opposite of IDITAROD. Its still a cut above the crop for the time if you can get past the claustrophobia. Boy he wasn't kidding about the difficulty spikes. Not sure how you pistol-start MAP07.