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  1. lupinx-Kassman

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    All pwads are canon sir. Any inconsistencies may be brushed aside with multiple heroes, simulations, time travel shenanigans, dreams, etc ;)
  2. lupinx-Kassman

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    TNT's Chief Science Officer spearheaded several of the company's most ambitious projects. Some of which include interstellar travel, the SHAMAN AI, and now the New Technology known as Bio Society. Doomguy doesn't know/care about any of this. He wants the yellow key.
  3. lupinx-Kassman

    REKKR - V1.13

    Cool, somebody found it :). It's a reoccurring secret I've been putting in my maps. You can find a similar one in ancient aliens map24
  4. lupinx-Kassman

    REKKR - V1.13

    Glad you enjoyed Dripstone Wharf! A fix for the softlock has been sent to Revae. Should be coming in the next version I believe. I fixed a few other things in e1m7 as well, including a softlock that can also happen in the same orchard area if you launch yourself off the balcony.
  5. lupinx-Kassman

    REKKR - V1.13

    Sounds like a good compromise to me at least =)
  6. lupinx-Kassman

    REKKR - V1.13

    On that note, I'm totally cool with people using any of the KS_ prefixed resources under the same circumstances as well!
  7. lupinx-Kassman

    REKKR - V1.13

    Congratz on this huge undertaking Revae! I'm proper stoked!
  8. lupinx-Kassman

    Rest in peace, ALMN

    Awful news. He used to come on IRC from time to time, and we even talked on the multiplayer discord channels only a few weeks ago. He was such a fun and friendly guy. Its surreal. Wish I had joined a game with him. RIP
  9. lupinx-Kassman

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Thanks! And ja. Its quite large at this point. Can't wait to wrap it up. Really digging this! It gives me a sorta Jim Flynn-ish vibe =D
  10. lupinx-Kassman

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Why just let fairies roam free when you can use them to power your port town.
  11. lupinx-Kassman

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Here's a big ol' dump of the doomish things I've been plucking away at. A big enough dump that it may even warrant spoilering perhaps maybe. First Rekkr. Initially I was a bit shy to post about it, but the map is quite close to completion so I feel more comfortable showing it off. The premise regards our brave Viking dude arriving in a little raft, going up a mountain, discovering a port-town built halfway into the mountain, and finally emerging to the open-air portion of the town overlooking the ocean, where you aim to steal a longboat and get the hell out of Dodge. Revae of course made the 99% of the resources, but I couldn't help but add a few new fun textures. Namely a telescope, rug, globe, and a waterwheel. Revae made spruced up faux-3Dified versions of the telescope and globe and replaced the rug with a much better looking one. Here's some before/after stuff (also marvel at the old versions of the rooms in the before shots. See if you can find the Startan.) Before: After: Oh and here is the waterwheel. It embarrassingly took me almost the entire day to make it, so of course I want to show it off. Its 24 frames. I'm considering making it smoother, but it was a headache to get to this point as it is. I'm masochistic though, so I probably will. TNT2. I spend most of my life in an office, so I am quite familiar with their innards. There's been some work in the Autumn Flock department too, but not anything quite comfortable enough to share yet, so here is some more of squiggly voodoo guy in the meantime.
  12. lupinx-Kassman

    Jim Flynn

    There's nobody who could blend a sense of realism and surrealism into a map quite like Jim Flynn. His Titan and Oracle works have remained some of my chief inspirations for level design. My condolences to his family. He will be missed.
  13. lupinx-Kassman

    The Puzzler

    The very first puzzle consists of a room with 16 switches scattered about that slowly raise/lower a series of platforms required to make progress. You certainly have to be in a different mindset to appreciate this.
  14. lupinx-Kassman

    Best ending?

    Most of Paul Corfiatis's works (particularly the older ones) have amusing endings. Twilight Zone 2 ends in you confronting Johnny Boy, a cartoon kid that put the multiverse in danger by attaining the Tome of Eternity. 2001: A Doom Odyssey ends with you rescuing doomguy's wife from Tommy the Trooper (a zombieman you kill after having already plowed through several cyberdemons and masterminds). Bella is a about "rescuing" a backpack from a white cyberdemon jelly named Bella (i.e. a white spectre cyberdemon). Bella 2 is about capturing Massmouth and stopping cyborg Romero (both courtesy of, well, Massmouth) from reviving Bella. This is from TOONS FOR DOOM 2. A furry TC that's only positive takeaway are the weapon sprites (which create a crude faux-3rd-person type effect). Everything else on the other hand (absurd sounds, abysmal level design, and err.. questionable themes) will leave mind irreversibly damaged.
  15. lupinx-Kassman


    Old megawad consisting of 15 SP maps and a few DM maps. It contains the author's older releases as well. Odd maps. They're mostly large complex layouts that take a while to punch through, but manage to stay consistently engaging. The looks are simple which makes sense considering the age, but they're clean and have a refreshing sense of abstractness. A few maps have new original music as well, though the music almost sounds like it would fit more in an old RPG towns. Worth checking out.