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Status Updates posted by lupinx-Kassman

  1. Releasing a new version of LKTex:

    LKTexV2.0 Download


    Added and updated a bunch of resources.

  2. A new version of LKTex is out:
    LKTexV1.9 Download


    This is a substantial update compared to the others. Most resources have been updated or replaced with new versions. The resource pack has also been trimmed down quite a bit. Textures that were simple edits, composites of existing textures, or recolors have been removed for the most part.


    Please note that the credits have also been updated extensively. There are two textfiles:
        Credits.txt: This is for textures in this version of the pack.
        RemovedOrReplacedCredits.txt: This is for textures from prior versions that have been removed or replaced. Kept for informational purposes.

    Both textfiles describe every texture's creation process, including any samples if they were used and a cross-reference to a source list at the bottom of the file with details on the samples. If you happened to be using an old version of the resource pack: please update with this current version. Please also refer the current version of Credits.txt, as there have been corrections since prior versions.


    Here's a couple skies




    1. Misty


      That needle sky makes feel uneasy and dizzy... good work!

    2. lupinx-Kassman


      Updated pack to v1.91. Overlooked replacing KS0NVR* and KS0NVL* textures with their new versions in the last update.



    Realize I haven't posted in a while. Here's a synopsis of what I've been up to.


    Autumn Flock:


    TNT 2:





    1. JDR


      All three are outlandinsh and vastly different from each other, that's great.

  4. Usually when I make textures its just enough to convey whatever theme I'm going for at the moment. So many have been made over the years though that hey, I thought I may as well start a resource pack. Will update it as time goes on. As it is right now you'd pretty much have to pick and choose stuff from it or load it with a secondary pack for it to make any sense. Check out the textfiles for details:




    Edit: Updated to 1.9. See post here for more info.


    1. leodoom85


      Nice. Will check it out.

    2. reflex17


      wow almost 2000 textures, this is really cool. The palette shifts and midtextures have a lot of utility value, and the ones that look like originals are really well done. I'm working on something now where some of these might work, I saw the credit.txt, so if I do use any I'll be sure to give proper credits. Awesome work, thanks for sharing LK.

  5. KS0NDMON.png.b764bf5605818b31f3720ca90f3153e3.png




    Edit: Updated to 1.9. See post here for more info.

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    2. NuMetalManiak


      It's the crucifixion scene, here is one angle. the sunset and the poles to the mountains, the different gears being hung is similar to the objects in your sky. I looked at your image and this was the first thing I thought of.



    3. lupinx-Kassman


      Oh haha wow, I see what you mean. Giant anime mechas being crucified is both absurdly silly and awesome. Now I need to play this o_o

    4. Death Egg

      Death Egg

      Is that End of Evangelion

  6. Decided to grab all the /newstuff reviews I had written over the years and cram em' into one place. This place. Most of them were written back in 08', and goodness me oh me has my writing style changed. Maybe one day I'll go back and touch some of them up (hah), but for now here's the hudface from PuNk DoOm



  7. I'm not quite as much in the prime of my life as Mattfrie1 is though.

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    2. Bucket


      I prefer this birthday song.

    3. Mattfrie1


      Happy Birthday you old fart, and thanks for the namedrop... I guess. ;)

    4. Planky


      Happy Marchmas

  8. There goes another year of my life. Too bad I never was really into alcohol anyway.

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    2. DuckReconMajor


      Happy Birthday! Hope people don't force alcohol on you too much.

    3. lupinx-Kassman


      Thanks guys, and nah, I am not manly man enough to drink too much (as I realized from my experimentation in Spain, where they relax silly limits). Good Italian food is all I ever ask for on my birthdays.

    4. bytor


      I'd take a big plate of grandma's homemade spaghetti or lasagna over a bottle any day.

  9. I will be leaving for Spain on July 12th, and will remain there to visit with family for three weeks. I'm even going to travel to Asturias in Northern Spain, so maybe I will bring back pics, maybe I won't.So yeah, if anybody misses me (yeah right), then you know where I am.

  10. *insert 0PBF22048BC-Today_is_my_Birthday.gif here*

    Yeah, I didn't get anything for my bday, but its cool, besides, Im going out to eat with family. Oh, and I still failed to release a Noob Project 5 like I told myself I would before my birthday. Meh.

    1. insertwackynamehere
    2. Glassyman


      Happy birthday even if it's late!

  11. I can't find some important papers I brought home from class today, their due tomorrow. I looked for them everywhere I finally gave up knowing them I left them in my portable class. I told my family about the assignment and they took it well like I expected, somehow that feels worse than going unpunished. Now I can't do ANYTHING with out feeling pangs of guilt, I told my family about this guilt, their okay with it. I'm not. This guilt though is different, I feel like I keep remembering anything else retarded I may have done to hurt, dissapoint, or lower someones self esteem. Why? Its just a stupid homework assignment, why the fuck can't I feel right? High School Blows.

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    2. Johnatone


      Lüt said:


      lolz yeah i noticed. i didn't bother changing them though. i would've posted the two articles of mine mentioned above had I not had to back out to link them. christ i'm lazy.

    3. Ralphis


      I don't understand the guilt

    4. rf`


      "Lol highschool."

  12. Havn't gotten on the forums in a long-ass time. I just noticed that Cyb seems to be umm.. dead?

    Just wondering what happened to him.

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    2. lupinx-Kassman


      What the hell? This is like months old, like, right when I started my new account old. Oh well :P

    3. fraggle


      My eyes! The popup blockers, they do nothing!

    4. GGG


      Cyb probably did himself a favor.