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  1. I can't find some important papers I brought home from class today, their due tomorrow. I looked for them everywhere I finally gave up knowing them I left them in my portable class. I told my family about the assignment and they took it well like I expected, somehow that feels worse than going unpunished. Now I can't do ANYTHING with out feeling pangs of guilt, I told my family about this guilt, their okay with it. I'm not. This guilt though is different, I feel like I keep remembering anything else retarded I may have done to hurt, dissapoint, or lower someones self esteem. Why? Its just a stupid homework assignment, why the fuck can't I feel right? High School Blows.

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    2. Johnatone


      Lüt said:


      lolz yeah i noticed. i didn't bother changing them though. i would've posted the two articles of mine mentioned above had I not had to back out to link them. christ i'm lazy.

    3. Ralphis


      I don't understand the guilt

    4. rf`


      "Lol highschool."