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  1. lupinx-Kassman

    Beat 1000 Records Month (Feb 7 to Mar 11)

    I apologize for the spilt beverages.


    Realize I haven't posted in a while. Here's a synopsis of what I've been up to.


    Autumn Flock:


    TNT 2:





    1. JDR


      All three are outlandinsh and vastly different from each other, that's great.

  3. Usually when I make textures its just enough to convey whatever theme I'm going for at the moment. So many have been made over the years though that hey, I thought I may as well start a resource pack. Will update and clean it up as time goes on. As it is right now you'd pretty much have to pick and choose stuff from it or load it with a secondary pack for it to make any sense. Check out the textfiles for details:




    Edit: Its only been a couple of hours and I already thought of stuff I missed. Added a changelog with v1.1.

    Edit2: Updated to 1.2. Now has sample maps.

    1. leodoom85


      Nice. Will check it out.

    2. reflex17


      wow almost 2000 textures, this is really cool. The palette shifts and midtextures have a lot of utility value, and the ones that look like originals are really well done. I'm working on something now where some of these might work, I saw the credit.txt, so if I do use any I'll be sure to give proper credits. Awesome work, thanks for sharing LK.

  4. lupinx-Kassman

    Share Your Sprites!

  5. lupinx-Kassman

    Harmonious Release

    T.V. has completed his long-awaited personal project Harmony. What is it? For those out of the loop: More information on Harmony can be found here. A download to the game can be found here.
  6. lupinx-Kassman

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Preview of a vanilla map I had been working since the beginning of time (scientists speculate time began in 2017). Its done and coming to a doom near you:
  7. lupinx-Kassman

    TNT 2: Devilution (Clean thread, new updates)

    Map30 is done. Marcaek suggested I post a screenshot to commemorate. Ok fine:
  8. lupinx-Kassman

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    More magic schoolbus shenanigans
  9. lupinx-Kassman

    The Top 100 Memorable Doom Maps of All Time

    Congratulations on this giant undertaking! I'm sure it wasn't easy to make selections among all the amazing content created over the past 25 years. Much less write the columns! It was an enjoyable read: serving as both a trip down memory lane and a beacon to cool levels I still need to check out! Of course, it was a very pleasant surprise to see a few of my maps in the list =) Incidentally I love to overthink things when making maps, so I do have more background lore about Culture Shock. Course' I realize the mystery and creating your own conclusions is part of the fun when it comes to stuff like this, so I've spoilered it for only those that are deathly curious: Also huge thanks to @skillsaw for helping me finish the map. Initially I almost missed the deadline, and its thanks to him that it was wrapped up at all =) There's also a lore + silly detail dump for Interstellar Sickness and Shaman's Device, but you can find that here. And now I'm done blabbing. Thanks once again to everyone involved for this awesome article. It was a pleasure to read! EDIT: I said I was done blabbing, but the unfortunate reality is I never shut up. I made a list of dumb facts for CC4 Map20 and Map21, so I may as well do it for AA Map24 as well:
  10. GpLQWSu.png



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    2. NuMetalManiak


      It's the crucifixion scene, here is one angle. the sunset and the poles to the mountains, the different gears being hung is similar to the objects in your sky. I looked at your image and this was the first thing I thought of.



    3. lupinx-Kassman


      Oh haha wow, I see what you mean. Giant anime mechas being crucified is both absurdly silly and awesome. Now I need to play this o_o

    4. Death Egg

      Death Egg

      Is that End of Evangelion

  11. lupinx-Kassman


    It sure is Bill. This minisode is as singleplayer as singleplayer can be, and its for doom2 despite doom1 map names being used. Guessing it was converted at some point and the textfile wasn't updated. Its still accurate about one thing though: it comes with psounds.wad. They're exquisitely obnoxious. Other than that the levels are decent. The layouts for the first three maps almost look like they were drawn without any grid. All of those vertical and horizontal lines were saved for map04, which looks to be completely made of squares and rectangles.
    A very bizarre episode 2 deathmatch replacement from 94', and a standout for its time. There are a few more copies of this wad on the archive for older versions of doom as well as one for doom2. Honestly the levels don't seem like they'd be too fun to actually deathmatch in, but they're certainly worth a look for the sheer creativity that went into them. Its basically a mini total conversion (..or perhaps partial conversion if anyone remembers that term :P ) based around the concept of a theme park/circus. It even has a nice intermission screen depicting the player's progression through the various locales which is pretty rare to see for some reason.
  12. lupinx-Kassman

    Dreams Of Insanity

    Neat 3-map (and one secret level) minisode. The first map is a sorta myhouse.wad but with touches of surreality. It has that teleport that takes you between floors like most house wads, but it takes no further measures to keep the illusion. Both floors of the house have different outside areas that you have to puzzle through. Wasn't as big on the other maps though as they're a bit too.. "stringy" (narrow windy corridors) for my tastes, but they also have nice puzzle elements. The author introduces an amusing "traitor" gameplay mode in the textfile. Seems like there were many gameplay modes back then that relied purely on an honor system to uphold the rules. Hell even Strife's manual had modes like that. The lost soul sounds will absolutely drive you up the wall though. Kill them the second you see them o_o I liked it: gonna have to give it 4 outta 5 snorkels
  13. lupinx-Kassman

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Been a while since I posted anything here. People sometimes say I look stoned. Beginning to see why.
  14. lupinx-Kassman


    A 14-map episode by Hello Software (two Brazilian dudes). The weapon graphics have all been replaced with their Duke equivalents. Duke Nukem himself has been cloned a bunch of times and brainwashed into acting like a Revenant. The maps are decent by 97' standards. They're a bit blocky for the most part, but spacious and engaging. Lots of sector text and logos throughout. Hearing applause breaks everytime you gib a group of troopers is hilarious. I dunno. I kinda like it.
  15. lupinx-Kassman

    Share Your Sprites!

    Autumn Flock dude.
  16. lupinx-Kassman

    120 Doomguy Variant Skins: Released+Fixed!

    I sure have been posting sprites a lot lately. Weird. KKSkins has a bunch of skins that are roughly doomguy sized, but it also has a bunch of skins that aren't..so I whipped up a version that cuts out all of the non-human proportioned skins and uploaded here as KKSkinsV17_Lite. First I'm going to faff on about two skins that I made because I spent an embarrassing amount of time on them (IE more than 5 mins): Squiggly guy from Autumn Flock. Note that his sprites are slightly larger in the file, but the SKININFO lump scales them to 80% of their size (which puts him at doomguy's height). "SHAMAN" from Shaman's device. This is an older skin but I still kinda like it for some reason despite its simplicity. Not sure if it'd pass since the cloak makes it a little fatter than the doomguy sprite. Also the original walking animation was just it flickering like a hologram similar to the texture in the map, but since that'd probably be like cheating in MP, I made the skin always solid in the skinpack linked above. Oh and its green so the color can be changed: But the skinpack has a bunch of other ridiculous skins too! They're all sampled from various wads me and the KK crew played through at some point in a survival session. Here are just a few of them: If you happen to like any of them, feel free to pick and choose :P
  17. lupinx-Kassman

    Name a single distinctive trait from each decade of Doom mapping

    90s: That one Head Like a Hole NIN midi 00s: Zdoom maps with that default yellow fonted ACS script that prints text to the screen. 10s: Mods mods mods!
  18. Just a quick (ok long) afterthoughts post. First of all I want to thank @Alfonzo and crew for choosing these couple of maps for September's Ironman. It was a pleasant surprise =). Watching the playthroughs was a blast, and it was especially interesting to read/hear everyone's thoughts. I appreciate all of it, both the praise and the critiques! There were several times during the streams that I smiled in anticipation of a challenge the player was about to face. There were also many times I winced at stuff I'd go back and change about the maps, but more on that below xP. Like Alfonzo I thought the blursphere fight would be the toughest bit of the bunch, but clearly the maps are more difficult than I recalled! Especially map20 =o. The YK Rev ambush and AV biodome fight are particularly nefarious if you don't know what's coming. Probably coulda added more warning or switched that up somehow. I originally planned to do a stream for my run where I'd throw in some silly facts along the way. BUT since I didn't do that, they're listed here instead! -Overthinking things is fun, so of course there is a backstory that extends beyond the details gleaned from the maps. Here it is: -There are two non-secret "secret" medkits in map21. You can find them in these columns if you catwalk along the ledge. I thought they'd be the card up my sleeve that ensured my survival, but turns out there is no cure for stupid mistakes! -As mentioned earlier by @rdwpa, the two maps were initially one. In fact map21 sorta "grew" out of map20 like an amoeba. Here are all of the older versions of the maps. You can sorta track the evolution and the stuff that was cut. -..and a lot of stuff was cut. You can probably find most of it in the older versions of the maps linked above, but just in case here they all are (I think) in one package. -The levels were designed over a four-year span. In this time period I was just beginning to learn Photoshop, so the resources I added are an eclectic mix of MS-Painty looking stuff (like the neon lights, the holograms, and most of the midtextures), and some more hi-res stuff (like the story text screens and the weird hexagonal gizmo midtextures in the crusher area near the beginning of map21). -Speaking of neon lights, that stuff was originally made for an old attempt at creating a new platformer game with the doom engine called Cyndrome. -SHAMAN has full rotations. Was going for a SNES supervillain look. May not be obvious, but the pixels at the top right of the cloak are the CCHEST logo. The remaining rotations were never included in cc4, but they at least live in the KKSkins skin pack. -Besides original stuff, there was a lot that was borrowed (stolen) or modified from other sources (most notably Dark Forces and HR Giger). You can see a rough list of what comes from where for the two maps here. -The chibi-doomguy secret hologram in map21 also has full rotations that can be found in the KKSkins skin pack. This was a megaman soccer reference made because of *shrug*. Its sorta the follow up to the megaman secret in map20. There are zombieman and shotgunner versions as well. -There were various music tracks used for the two maps before settling on Jace's rendition of "We're the Robots" from MM9 and MaliceX's rendition of "Against Nirvana" from Steam Heart's [sic]. The very first midi used for map20 was this rendition by Sean Bee of the stage 3 song from Cybernator. It sounded great but felt too short for such a long map. Besides, its tough to beat megaman music when it comes to grandiose finaleish sounding tunes. Map21 went through a few tracks. The first one was this rendition by King Meteor of the first MM3 Wily stage. It sounded awesome when listening to it independently, but for some reason it messed up when playing it in Zdoom at the time. The other songs toyed with were this rendition of "Supporting Me" by Espio Chaos from Sonic Adventure 2, and the song from Steam Heart's [..sic]. The latter of which was the song that was included when map21 was going through its rounds of playtesting. I remember Anima Zero mentioning that he dug the tune in his playtest notes which is why I stuck with it. So in a way if you like the tune you have him to thank =o. -Speaking of Steam Heart's [sic!], I later learned its a Japanese shoot-em-up game for the PC-98 with hentai cutscenes. Yep! -Gotta thank the crew of CC4 playtesters (and TheGreenHerring) for pointing out a bunch of bugs and oversights while working on these. I remember Map21 used to have less health, and there were more places where you could fall :P. -What a great time to list my grievances! Much of the crossfire is intentional, but there are a couple of instances that are accidental. The Cyb in map20 being able to snipe you for instance was not intended. By some miracle he never shot me when I was playing the map. The arch-viles being able to toast you before they teleport away in map21 was also an oversight. For some reason they didn't do that when I played the map, but I think that was the result of me mostly playing it in Zdoom. It seems to happen more often in PrBoom. N'ocourse, you shouldn't be able to get lost in space. Sorry NoisyVelvet! -Like any project, there were a ton of (mostly over-ambitious) ideas that went unused. I usually dream big and end up chopping the level down to something more manageable: Once again thanks to the ironman folks for blazing through (or getting blazed by) this one! I've taken some notes from these sessions to apply to future stuff =). Also I've mentioned it before but I think its worth bringing up again: you're free to use any of the stuff from my levels. Just please give me a shoutout if you reuse something I made or touched in some way. I don't have as much time these days as I used to, but I'm still plucking away at some ambitious projects. The doom community is amazing, and its the reason I've stuck around so long ^^ So uh, I'm done blabbing. Cue end music.
  19. And coming in at the last possible second, here's my cat3 run: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zm238xr1u9owt8l/LK_Shaman.lmp?dl=0 Recorded from a small hotel, so I didn't really have the proper setup to go the full 9 yards and do a stream with commentary and all like originally planned. Shoot! I did survive 3/4ths of the way though. Taking extra cautions to not die in my own halls. Then the cockiness came creeping in and I cornered myself to a gang of imps in Shaman's device. The rogue A.I. wins. Earth is toast. I'll take a looksie at how everyone fared after touching back down in Tejas. Total Kills: 561/621
  20. Did a doubletake when I saw this month's ironman choice =o. I find it pretty flattering haha. Gonna be pouring through these playthroughs! Seems some shenanigans have already ensued. Deepest apologies for this particular shenanigan. I'll make an entry as well at some point. Cat 3 I suppose? Technically I haven't played them in a while, but I did live in these maps for a good amount of hours so I'd consider that a pretty unfair advantage. Going to try and stream it this time too. Course' I'll have to figure out how that all works first.
  21. lupinx-Kassman

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Well, some of them are fever dreams.
  22. lupinx-Kassman

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    All pwads are canon sir. Any inconsistencies may be brushed aside with multiple heroes, simulations, time travel shenanigans, dreams, etc ;)
  23. lupinx-Kassman

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    TNT's Chief Science Officer spearheaded several of the company's most ambitious projects. Some of which include interstellar travel, the SHAMAN AI, and now the New Technology known as Bio Society. Doomguy doesn't know/care about any of this. He wants the yellow key.
  24. lupinx-Kassman

    REKKR - V1.16

    Cool, somebody found it :). It's a reoccurring secret I've been putting in my maps. You can find a similar one in ancient aliens map24