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  1. Tiny DOS console utility from nineties. No menus, no any kind of interface, maximum is one or two cmd-line keys. And only one function - no more no less - reveal MAP number from PWAD (ExMx or MAPxx) and automatically launch DOOM(2).EXE with proper "-file xx.wad -warp yy" parameters. Looked similar progs from 'wad_tools' folder - none. Or various WAD info revealers or complex menu-driven launchers with tons of bells & whistles . Thanks. upd. Looks like i found it or something very similar in 'wad_tools'. PLAYWAD in gd_util3.zip suite. Topic can be deleted.
  2. aleksej

    DOOM Barbershop :)

    Animation / Wild compo on Multimatograf 2017 demoparty. http://events.retroscene.org/mf2017/wild/1228 That just made my day :)
  3. aleksej

    Building an original DOOM LAN

    kmiller1610, supplied DeathManager (DM.EXE) maybe? Quite flexible and usable.
  4. aleksej

    -opl3 and- phase don't work?

    That's simple, guys. This feature just disabled in DOOM engine v1.7a and up because of sound engine changes. It works in DOOM/DOOM II up to 1.7 and all other DOOM engine based games.
  5. aleksej

    Official Doom 2 Screensaver

    supershotgunguy http://rghost.ru/9364391
  6. http://www.doomworld.com/vb/doom-general/40311-bobby-prince-is-a-filthy-thief-again/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s67Dc5RF8Ks
  7. aleksej

    Chocolate Doom - New Improved Formula

    Very sad. Chocolate Doom was the last hope for Windows 9x users who uses Doom source ports but last releases (startet with 1.3.0) continue to break the compatibility with these OS'es without any technical reason. And seems that all this time no one give any responses about that to author. Now it's time to migrate to DOSBox for me.
  8. http://cgi.ebay.com/cyber-demon-doom-miniature-/280570151148?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item415348c0ec Recently i receive answer from seller about real picture of. As we can see for this auction he use famous picture from doom wiki, not real. http://doom.wikia.com/wiki/Reaper_Miniatures Actually he sells trivial common Cyberdemon miniature. Maybe there is no any malice from seller. Probably no knowledge of the subject. Its a shame, no one ask him about it. When i see that prototype last time on ebay it was went for ~1700$. That's what he answered me:
  9. aleksej

    Time for a new Doom keyboard

    http://pckeyboards.stores.yahoo.net/index.html These keyboards exactly doesn't have ghosting/jamming effect. Successfully use this one (with Buckling Spring) in games that requires bunch-of-keys-at-one-time combos and FPS'es with non-usable mouse suppoort (wolfenstein3d like).
  10. aleksej

    Moving forward with the mouse or keyboard?

    Always used ASD too + mouseb1 for move forward and mouseb2 for open/use.
  11. aleksej

    Doom II XBLA Now Released!

    So is there any way to obtain XBLA version of Doom II legally for those who just didn't have damn console?
  12. aleksej

    Doom II XBLA Now Released!

    We must create an online petition that Nerve Software brings this new episode on PC separately.
  13. aleksej

    Building an original DOOM LAN

    Just to increase the number of people with whom you can play. There is my setup. :) http://vogons.zetafleet.com/viewtopic.php?t=23077
  14. aleksej

    Building an original DOOM LAN

    kmiller1610, nice to see that someone else plays vanilla doom co-op in such authentic way. Join to us! We are doing the same thing but across the internet through tcpsetup/ifrag. http://www.doomworld.com/vb/doom-general/45493-vanilla-over-internet-looking-for-opponents-no-dosbox/
  15. aleksej

    What Doom sourceport do you use?

    Vanilla for a daily use including multiplayer. Rarely ZDoom/GZDoom for a Bells & Whistles that i want to look.
  16. aleksej

    D_STALKS sounding like song

    GhostlyDeath, already discussed here.
  17. aleksej

    What music do you listen to when editing doom?

    Various light ambient oldies like Brian Eno, Klaus Wiese, Thom Brennan, Rapoon, Tangerine Dream, Runes Order and etc.
  18. aleksej

    The /newstuff Chronicles #347

    Labs Of Deimos Revisited and Agony of Eighth - both wads really doesn't work in vanilla doom/doom2 even with limit removing hacks applied. Actually Labs Of Deimos works well with limit removing but crashes anyway right after teleporting in exit area.
  19. Is here any persons who still have old 486/pentiumI/II DOS based PC and use it for playing in vanilla doom among with other DOS games? I know atleast two here, who have that old rigs - myk and leileilol. I looking for opponents for vanilla doom (heretic, hexen) multiplayer over internet through ancient DOS ifrag/tcpsetup utils.
  20. Finally, Hitherto join our tiny "vanilla-over-internet-club". We are now three (yeah, still so few), but only russian-speaking exUSSR residents. Where are you, international english-speaking vanilla players?
  21. aleksej

    we need to get people back into multiplayer

  22. Eugene, drop me message in PM, please.
  23. Yeah, i forgot to mentione my dear friend Hitherto because we already discuss with him about that. Always playing together in chocolate multiplayer, now planning to do similar in vanilla. He have PIII machine with Win98/DOS. How about you, myk?
  24. NeoPaint? Simple painting program. Still in development, give some oldshool feeling, supports all win32 OS'es - from Win95 to Vista.