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  1. You'd think id would have learned a lesson from the Quake 3 cd key stealing trojans and simply not store the key in an unencrypted file in the first place. Sure, that still wouldn't have made it impossible to steal, but it would have made it take longer for the theft to have any serious impact.
  2. Mastaba

    New Screens

    Adding soft shadows now would be feature creep. Something Carmack abhors.
  3. Mastaba

    New Screens

    As far as the shadow "problems", there are valid reasons for them being the way they are, and you should not expect them to change. It has already been mentioned why some shadows are black, and others aren't. I haven't read every messeage in this thread, but in those I did, I didn't see it mentioned as to why no ambient light is present. Simply put, ambient light would decrease the dynamic range and thus lead to images that appear slightly washed out. The shadows are not soft shadows for the simple reason that they are extremely fillrate hungry, and a GF3 would not maintain the magic 30 FPS that was once mentioned as a performance target. No, what you see is what you are gonna get. The engine is done. All they have left to do are performance tweaks, and the creation of content. Only the next generation engine (the one following the DOOM III engine) which will target the NV30 as the base hardware, will likely have the realistic shadows many of you seem to desire.
  4. Mastaba


    Sorry, didn't know irony was taboo.
  5. Mastaba


    I got me a 4 MHz modded TRS-80 Color Computer with 2 MB RAM. Oh but that won't play a Wolfenstein 3D clone decently let alone anything modern. :p
  6. Mastaba

    Doom 3 Question

    And for PC's too. I played the PC port demo of Hyperspace Delivery Boy. It was actually sort of fun, though the voices sounded kind of odd.
  7. Mastaba

    Question about shadows

    This occurs naturally with the standard stencil shadowing algorithm. Like was said above, for each light, one at a time, you determine where the shadows are and draw them into the stencil buffer. Then you draw the scene (using an additive blend) using a stencil test to reject pixels that would be in the shadow. See, in Quake II light was taken away from the scene via the lightmaps. In DOOM III, light is added to the scene and adds up much like light in the real world does. After all lighting is complete, the beauty pass is drawn and modulated with the lit scene. Also note, each light requires one pass to create the lit scene, and then the beauty pass may take one or more render passes depending on the scene elements and graphics hardware. This is the reason it was mentioned that you will not be able to simply put hundreds of point lights in maps like was often done in Quake II. Each light in the scene (or rather that casts into the scene), requires a complete pass of the scene. Which obviously can quickly make things come to crawl if there are many lights casting into the scene.
  8. Mastaba

    Question about shadows

    glDisable(GL_TEXTURE2D) That makes it 1000 times easier? Uh, I think not.
  9. Mastaba

    Question about shadows

    Duel Sevin dusters and bug bombs. :p
  10. Mastaba

    Question about shadows

    Lighting is calculated (summed) before the beauty pass (which adds the material colors). And since they are going for a dark atmospheric game, no ambient light term is being used. Though I believe they could use a non zero ambient if they wanted too. Quake 4 wouldn't look right being all dark like DOOM III.
  11. Mastaba

    Will Dopefish be in Doom III?

    I'm gonna put money down on the longshot and say no dopefish will appear.
  12. Mastaba

    Another Minor Thought

    640x480 is my preferred gaming resolution for all games. I don't think I'll ever go higher than that for any game unless it forces me. And I'm running a GF3 Ti 200 on a 15" monitor.
  13. Mastaba

    Minor Thought

    That's a bit of an overstatement. The longest it has taken to light any Q3 maps I've made is a few hours. Most less than 45 minutes.
  14. Mastaba


    I think it would end up looking like what it will look like on Geforce 2 hardware, or worse. The Gamecube's "Flipper" chip is a fixed function T&L GPU, similiar to the older generation GeForce's and Radeon's.
  15. Mastaba

    DOOM3 on DVD or CD?

    The problem is, right now, the masses associate DVD's with movies. And the masses are not interested in watching movies on PC's. They probably also assume a DVD drive costs as much as a DVD player.