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  1. ClonfOFmikE

    Chocolate doom Run

    In my previous thread about how to run a certain wad i was instructed to use the sourceport "chocolate doom" now that i downloaded the wad and choco doom i am ver confused as to where everything goes together. What is a .gaz file, what do do with .bat files and how to get the overall thing running. Sorry for the idiocy of this question, its just certain computer stuff confuses me.
  2. ClonfOFmikE

    trying to get wad playable

    i was browsing the level archives and downloaded the pwad schooldl.wad and where it tells you how to run it im a bit confused as to where to type these commands, here below are the instructions to get the wad runnging> if anyone could tell me where exactly these are> also im playing the collecters edtion if that helps>>>>> opy the Patch Wad (SCHOOLDM.WAD) to your DOOM directory, then, from the Command Prompt, type "DOOM -FILE SCHOOLDM.WAD". A stupid message from the authors of DOOM appears, pass it with <enter>. Select "Start New Game" and notice that "Inferno" has been replaced by "School-Doom". This is where the fun begins... so if someone could tell me where the doom directory is and where the command prompt is id appreciate it, also im not new to doom ive been playing for a couple years