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  1. JimboC

    Can you make monsters fight each other?

    I got into a room with a Revanant and a couple of imps. The revenant moved between me and the imps and when the imp hit him with a fireball, the revanant started attacking the imp. Of course the imp totally ignored the revanant, so it was pretty useless as I had to take the imp down quickly before he killed me. But the monsters do fight each other, to some degree.
  2. JimboC

    So what´s your rig ?

    P4 2.0GHz 1GB RAM I just ordered an ATI 9800Pro w256MB RAM (19" CRT Screen) SB Audigy Platnum with 5.1 speakers Hopefully enough horsepower to run at full detail at 1024x768 at >45fps. I usually run at 1280x960 or better for games, but I don't think I'll be able to do that with this one - at least not till I upgrade the rest of my PC in January.
  3. JimboC

    Why does id use Open_GL over DirectX 9?

    Not really true anymore, and I believe even John Carmack has said so. At least for non-managed (meaning non-.NET) programming. As with most Microsoft products, Microsoft released early versions before they were really worthwhile, relying on their Windows monopoly to shove it down people's throats. Then they listen to the feedback and change it a little at a time until it becomes a good product. DirectX reached that point at version 8. Version 9 they mostly focused on implementing .NET support. They added some new features, but mostly they wanted to get DirectX working with .NET. At this point in time .NET really sucks, so obviously the cycle has started over again and Microsoft is going to have to fix .NET support.
  4. JimboC

    Character Modding Tools

    Good point. I hadn't thought about that possibility. :DOH: Also, thanks for the link. I'll have to play around with that and see how it works!
  5. JimboC

    Character Modding Tools

    I've been looking around the web for awhile and I can't seem to find any information about what tools Id plans on releasing for Doom 3. I'm most concerned about character modding. I know that they're currently using Maya to make all their characters. Unfortunately, I own 3D Studio Max because that's what most companies used until recently. Does anyone know if Id's planning on releasing a plug in to export from 3D Studio Max as well as Maya or am I going to have to shell out the $$$ for Maya? I've asked the same thing to the guys at Valve and I got back that both plug-ins would 'probably' happen. My emails to Id haven't been answered, probably because they're busy with the crunch trying to get the game finished. Has anyone heard any information on this?