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  1. z0diac

    Final DOOM demos [-complevel 4]

    Very nice, I always knew this map was possible but never got around to actually doing it. Surprising how much damage the cyber took from the other monsters and the leftover ammo - possible improvement there?
  2. Right, of course. My bad. And thanks.
  3. I feel silly for bumping such an old thread, but I can't seem to be able to play back this demo correctly with mixednuts.wad. It desyncs at 7:2x when the infinite BFG is supposed to be picked up although it actually is the chainsaw. Also that link is dead so I can't get the file from there either.
  4. z0diac

    Final DOOM demos [-complevel 4]

    Thanks. Interesting, I never even really got around to taking a look at 23 in contrast to almost every other undone PT plus obviously what have been done in the recent years by me and others. I will follow my statement of not saying what is impossible, but throwing out a quick guess it certainly seems like 23 being the most doable. 26 would have been on my list but vdgg covered that. I prefer longer runs too as having to shave off a second or two from some UV speed run is really not what I like spending my Dooming time on. :) Then again, I already spot some little mistakes in the run that annoy the crap out of me and make me want to redo it completely. Would have been nice to see how vdgg (or anyone else) approached the level.
  5. z0diac

    Final DOOM demos [-complevel 4]

    Plutonia map19 tyson. pt193457.zip
  6. I always knew this was at least theoretically possible, just never got around to actually trying it out... :P It actually seemed quite simple from the demo POV, but I know it's not once you get around to recording it. Great job!
  7. After releasing the five cybers at the looooong lift near the end it gets very tough. I have experimented with some tactics but nothing promising thus far. That was just me messing around with nothing better to do. I wouldn't wanna spend another two minutes staring at various paintings. :) The glide would serve little purpose anyway, as every second on the invulnerability counts when entering the revenant curve. In other words, taking the invulnerability and gliding the bars is not fool-proof enough. If optimizing the route, then sure, but at this stage I'm all for getting the job done in the first place. You're probably right about the left side, I haven't been able to glide the right side to this date. Note that entering the room above the curve seals you there, the doors aren't openable from the inside. That's why you have to stay outside. Staying on the doorway is no good either as your rockets explode without inflicting damage to the mobs down below. I did have a fairly reasonable approach to the rocket spam, i.e. three rockets, wait, three rockets, double-use door, repeat. I was just a little nervous and not patient enough to find the exact spot so I took two hits. There's some spare health to go around though. Trust me, after trying to just ram the huge number of revenants blocking the path, it's better to kill some of them so they spawn dormant on the curve so they aren't in your way. Then you just kill the ones right in your face and get to the switch as soon as possible. In my run I did have a very good outcome with this. Trying to go the speedy way most likely doesn't give one enough time with the invulnerability to survive back to the lift. You can try, but I just wouldn't bother. :) edit: Or, now that I think about it, you could use your pacifist route and do an archvile-jump after getting the invulnerability to bypass the red bars altogether. That's not something I'm going to do, but it came to mind. edit2: revenant jump... sounds reasonable...
  8. Hehe thank you sir. I suppose he didn't take into account the possibility that someone might be as crazy as me to spend so much time combining various tricks and perfecting every little route detail and having the tenacity to get it all right in one single recording. :D I do have to say that this approach has its virtues, namely being able to practice and test stuff outside the "-record" parameter, making the actual recording process take less time and less restarts. The downside is doing that research takes time. I have been trying maps 01 and 04 in NM but have been unable to crack them. Map04 is actually most likely impossible without TAS.
  9. Deus Vult map03 NM 100% Secrets in 11:41 dv03ns.zip
  10. Deus Vult map03 NM Speed/Pacifist in 6:46 dv03np.zip
  11. Very good stuff with the 02 -fast. Highly sceptical if I should even continue with my attempts (last one three weeks ago) as I'm not really sure of my route past the first 20 seconds anyway, the bar glide pretty much ruining a decent time with the old route, and besides having a lot of other stuff going on, I have that other precious DOOM project going on which I'm not going to spoil here. In other words, awesome job, I'm gonna let DV go for a while... (not that I haven't been idling for the past year or so anyway) Hopefully I will be back in this thread with the DV229max.dem as I sort of promised earlier. And Doom Marine, take your time, if I do the max, it will be on whatever version available at that time. You upgrade the wad, I upgrade the demo. At least I sincerely hope that I will...
  12. Welcome back! You always made some very nice TAS demos. Please to be continuing in doing them. Your Scythe2 runs were some of the coolest excrement I have ever seen!
  13. z0diac

    Sunder - Map20 Appears, finally.

    Map 03 seems to have the same music track as Requiem map 08 and map 11 seems to have the same music track as Scythe2 map 16, although I don't know what those are or who made them. Neither WADs' txt-files shed any light on this either.
  14. z0diac

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    Ah, the beauty of programming. This got me browsing through the Alien Vendetta demo list on DSDA because I always wondered why it happened in some map I couldn't remember. I found that at least map13 and map14 have the same problem with "1.lmp".