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  1. True_Power

    New Untitled Map

    The screen shots look pretty good. But as Dutch and Glassy said, it is a little too dark. Just lighten it up a bit. Thumbs up.
  2. True_Power

    what keeps you up at night?

    The end of the world coming pretty soon...
  3. True_Power

    New Ghostbusters Game?

    I hate it already.
  4. True_Power

    New DOOM status bar

    That eye kicks so much ass. The status Bar is pretty good. I like it.
  5. True_Power

    Ideas for DOOM artifacts

    DittoHead: Pick up a flashing Lost Soul locked up in a small cage, when you let it go it charges after the enemy, attacking them latching onto the enemy making their health decline. It can be used only once, and after all the enemies in the area are killed and there is none in its sight, it blows up.
  6. I meant how in the hell can you lift up a huge fat man in the oven? Seems like it would take a fork lift to do that.
  7. Wait a min, how did they stick a dead 600 LB man into an oven? Seems a little hard.
  8. True_Power

    Gears of War

    Well, I dont have an XBOX360. But if there is a few reasons why I would buy one, would be because of Gears Of War. That gamed looks so freaking awesome. AND I WANT IT IN MY HANDS!
  9. True_Power

    Scariest sound?

    Me too.
  10. True_Power

    Jackass: Number 2

    It disproves Darwinism.
  11. True_Power

    Scariest sound?

    I hate how you walk into a room, collect a key, light goes out, and the you hear a loud noise of a group of Shotgun guys or Imps surround you and scare the living crap out of you.