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Ninja of DooM

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  1. Ninja of DooM

    Look at me cos I'm lame

  2. Ninja of DooM

    When you first played Doom....

    Play PSX DooM where the music is scarier and you get to hear screams and that in the background. I played it when it was released when I was about 10(I'm 15 now)and I beacmae pretty scared. didn't want to play it on my own. The marshes was a scary hidden level where you were pusued by 1 cyberdemon and it was really dark. The cyberdemon sounds scarier. The funniest thing was the secret level club DooM where you start in this dark corridor and you go updtairs finding dead boidies along the way go in and the music changes to some night club stuff and the level does too. Anyone played it? How do you get to that secret exit?
  3. Ninja of DooM

    I need the DooM IWAD.

    Can someone give me a link to the the download?
  4. Ninja of DooM

    Doom III Collector's Edition

    I got the DooM collectors edition. Just contains all the DooM games on a fancy disk with a skull on it. Maybe we should put this through to ID.
  5. Ninja of DooM

    I'm back and I need some help

    I finally had a chance to come back here after playing some other games and when I got to install DooM on my new comp I realized that the music score has gone fucked up. Is this cos of win XP?
  6. Ninja of DooM

    Hi all. I'm back.

    After being away for a month playing C&C Renegade(Really addictive) I finally found the time to get back to posting here. So I have one thing to ask. Wasssup?
  7. Ninja of DooM

    Anyone got the link to SoM's website?

    No no. He's a GAY Nazi.
  8. Ninja of DooM

    In all seriousness....

    I'd get a bloody big rocket launcher and blow all their heads off, mabye shoot them in the head with a PSG1 and blow their heads up.
  9. Ninja of DooM

    Oh my god nooo!!!!

    This is scary man. At least it gives you an excuse to take the piss out of him. Your geeky 13th cousin. I don't think i'm related to anyone famous.
  10. Ninja of DooM

    Hello from a newbie.

    Here is Knight of doom now called wolverine. this is the guy I told you about. Hey what's with the pyscho avatar?
  11. Ninja of DooM

    Hello from a newbie.

    I meant metal gear solid 2: sons of liberty for the PS2. He don't have dick mate.
  12. Ninja of DooM

    Hello from a newbie.

    Gee, thanks guys. I've never felt so welcome in my life. I'll have to get my friend to register here. Here's the thread that started it all.http://forums.newdoom.com/UBB/Forum3/HTML/002408.html The idiots at newdoom thought that me and knight of doom are the same guy but we ain't. Retards.
  13. Ninja of DooM

    Hello from a newbie.

    one of my friends posted a topic about a console game, a really famous one, one of the mods asked what it was and I said if you didn't know about it you needed to get out more. My friend comes along and starts taking the piss out of him, he gets banned even after apologising then I just got kicked off for more or less being his friend. P.S. how do I change that rank thingie?
  14. Ninja of DooM

    Hello from a newbie.

    Hi i'm Ninja of DooM new to this forum. I came here because I was banned from the Newdoom forums for something I didn't do.