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  1. I'm not sure how well known this is, but 4 months ago my girlfriend (of 7 months) left the country to go back home to the United Arab Emirates. As she was just here for one year to do a third year of her degree, that makes perfect sense. Now, because we'd gone and gotten really attached we didn't break it off. We were both upset enough at the airport as it was afterall.

    We'd worked out a few plans to go and see eachother. Her plan of coming back to do a Master's after earning money for a year has fallen through as she's now serving as her parents' retirement fund along with her sister (apparantly that's how things are done in Indian families). My main hope was to get a Scholarship to the University of Bolton's Ras-Al Khaimah Campus, where I'd spend a year within 80 miles of where she lives in Sharjah.

    Just found out today, after what amounts to around 3 whole months of waiting, that I came a close second. I don't think I can accurately decribe how this has made me feel at the moment.

    All that time spent staying in touch, all the hard work I've put in and now I've been told I'm just not quite good enough to get a second year with her. Yeah there's a load of other shit to do with the actual scholarship, but the thing is I was almost the ideal candidate for that. Al-fucking-most.

    Guess I'll save up for a holiday and get a last week or two with her so we can give up on good terms.

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    2. Phobus


      Yeah - she'd definitely enjoyed a lot more freedom as a student in the UK than she ever had in the UAE.

      No idea when (or even if, really) I'll end up going out to see her that one last time now, as we've hit a couple of practical snags at her end concerning jobs and the like. She would like me to come at some point, but she feels she needs a job first as money would quickly become an issue if she can't help her sister with supporting their parents. Still we'll wait and see. Definitely not going to be going long distance again any time soon though - even the one time I did it across the length of the UK didn't work very well!

    3. deathbringer


      Ironically I ended up with a girlfriend in Japan because I didn't want to do "the long distance thing" and get a boyfriend in Scotland. She was right there at the time!
      Moral: Think with your passport and not your dick. Though the Scottish guy later moved to Holland which is of course sooo much further.

    4. DuckReconMajor


      Phobus said:

      I'm not sure how well known this is, but 4 months ago my girlfriend (of 7 months) left the country to go back home to the United Arab Emirates.

      god damn shit ass motherfucker im not going to read the rest of your post im just going to say why didnt you go back with her and ride Formula Rossa? DUMBASS