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  1. ... to go and get a more interesting job (and indeed, life) than my current (rather boring, although comfortable) one.

    The more negative is that I'll be made redundant in the near future (I'm one of the 67 in Cambridge). We were told to keep this quiet, but as it's on the news (I've had people outside the company telling me they know why I'm suddenly job hunting) I figured I might as well mention it here too.

    You may find I get a bit intermittent over the next couple of months, as I'll be dedicating a lot of my free time to making sure I have somewhere to go when free time would otherwise not be an issue :P The good news is that I'm already getting leads and seem to know a lot of people who know people/companies/places that I could/should go, so optimism is my current note.

    tl;dr: Dat economy...

    1. Grazza


      At least you're in an excellent location to look for a tech job - or indeed a job of any type.

    2. Phobus


      Indeed - although oddly enough, so far everything that'd been mentioned has been in other areas. Sheffield, London and even Dorset being the main ones to pop up so far. I'm very happy to go to the work though - the change of scenery and possibly moving near people I know would be welcome.

    3. DoomUK


      Losing one's job is a terrible inconvenience, even if you seem to have a positive attitude about it. I hope that you find something else better swiftly.

      I can't say I'm surprised by the demise of Play.com as a retailer, though. In it's early days it competed with the behemoth that is Amazon quite well, in regards to the prices of things. But recently it's been just as economical to shop on Amazon, which also has a much wider range of products.