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  1. 2013 has been an odd year for me. I've barely touched Doom at all (2012 wasn't dissimilar on that front, to be honest), but far more importantly I've been made redundant and found a new job. I've not had an official contract saying a definite start date just yet, but it's looking to be Monday 13th. I'll be working for Yodel up in Liverpool doing loads of stuff with OBIEE and their legacy systems. It's about 5 grand more than the previous job earned me and, thanks to how my redundancy pay worked out, I've basically earned an extra month's salary this year overall, with an extra 1.5 months of holiday too. Not a bad deal, all told :P

    As for the stuff you are presumably more interested in... I don't think I have the drive for Doom mapping any more. I've got loads of WIP maps in various states of completion, for ZDoom and limit-removing projets (mostly my own, but a few community efforts too) with a lot of cancellations over the last year or two, but essentially no enthusiasm for any of them. Just now I opened a map to do a proof-of-concept for my MAYhem 2013 idea and almost instantly realised that I knew it would work and can't be bothered to see it through.

    The idea was that, now my life is seeing some stability and certainty once more I'd be able to pick up some hobbies again. You know, play games more (which I've certainly been doing), read some books, keep up with some of my favourite shows, get back to the gym (I'll want to move to Liverpool first for this one) and find a creative outlet. It appears Doom is unlikely to be that creative outlet.

    I think I need a new challenge. Turns out that, after 80 maps or so over 10 years, it just doesn't seem to be as exciting as it was, even with all of the stuff ZDoom has to offer or the limitations to push in Boom, limit-removing or vanilla projects.

    Maybe I've got some more maps in me, maybe not. I'm just really not feeling it and figured you guys might be the ones to discuss with.

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    2. TwinBeast


      I got the same problem.. start project, then lose interest in about a week. Well, during this summer, I'm not going to bother with any projects, or wonder if I still want to do them later. Maybe better is to just work on single map projects that can be finished in a few days.

    3. Jodwin


      ArmouredBlood said:

      That's how I've been doing the last year or two. No big ideas, no drive to finish that last large map, just a casual interest in doom. I'm just going to say it's a bit of a break and as long as I return from time to time I won't get out of mapping completely.

      Well, since we're all being doomy and gloomy I'll say...thirded.

      @Creaphis: But wouldn't DW as a collective entity want people to say they're leaving, if that means it'll be even more likely for them to come back and make more maps? ;)

    4. j4rio


      Technician said:

      If I ever "simply disappear," I'm probably dead.

      Makes you wonder how many people who disappeared without a word are already, well, dead.