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  1. A "State of the Phobus", if you will...


    I've been bogged down with unfinished projects for a while, having bursts of enthusiasm for different things. I've decided to fix that, so here's a quick run-down of what I'm up to:

    • Triacontathlon has been cancelled. I've mentioned it a lot over the years, but at 14 maps complete out of 30 after 6 years or so, it's not really going to get finished.
      • 6 of the more "traditional" maps have made it into Doom II: 25 Years on Earth, bringing that up to 26 maps complete
      • Lost Temple, the intended MAP29, has made it as a solo release because it's pretty hard compared to pretty much the entire 25 Years on Earth map set so far
      • I've got five other maps that are pretty gimmicky, and will get a select UMAPINFO port release shortly
      • 1 map has been retextured as a stocking-filler for DBP19, as it fits the project surprisingly well
    • Doom II: 25 Years on Earth has gained 6 maps, as mentioned above. These have slotted into the middle, as the high difficulty of Triacontathlon meant to that even the first 10 maps are still tough by 25 Years on Earth standards.
      • Some tweaking will be required to make these fit better - I've already done this for one map to make it quicker to play and a bit easier for the player
      • This leaves 6 maps left to make - MAP04 (which has a tentative start made), MAP05, MAP06, MAP13, MAP17 and MAP18 - I will attempt to do this in December
    • Persephone: Complete Edition has been cancelled. I've already compiled a volumes 1-3 .WAD file on my portfolio and the three /idgames volumes released should run together anyway.
      • For The Hell of It is already in ZPack and on my portfolio, so doesn't need to be included
      • Warpzone II and Warpzone 2019 Mix have been cancelled
        • Warpzone 2019 Mix is a niche idea that wouldn't get much traction
        • Warpzone II has been cut down and the better parts retextured for DBP18, which should be out soon. This map is nearly finished
    • Suicide MissionsDarkened Heart and Phobus Labs are three similar GZDoom projects for The Ultimate Doom that I'll be trimming down and combining to try and make a worth-while release. All three are stalled at low completion percentages, and also completely unknown. This will happen next year, once 25 Years on Earth is done.
    • I've cancelled Bigger Woodchip and Escalation III as well, as they never got going to begin with

    So, immediate plan... Finish my DBP18 map, release my collection of gimmicky challenge maps, make a dedicated DBP19 map, probably do the Hellforge Speedmapping second session and finish 25 Years on Earth... All before 2020. Sounds like a lot, but I think it's doable!