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  1. I'm in my final year of a course entitled "Computer Games Software Development" at the University of Bolton. I've got about 4 weeks left to get a game in, and naturally, I've been making a simple FPS. It's got to be in full 3D, got to use a shader and some middleware other than the rendering one. There's obviously a few other points on the project specification, and I'm working to fulfill most of them. My portfolio has a selection of my best work from prior years, and I'm hoping to emulate the relative success I had with Assignment 2: The Game, and then go way above and beyond.

    The linked video shows where I am so far. Information on what is going on and what I'm still planning to do are in the description for the video.

    Whilst this is still very in-development, and quite primitive too, it's a healthy dose of progress for me, so I thought I'd show it off. Models and materials are all stock OGRE stuff ATM. I canned the use of PhysX a month or two ago as it was causing a lot of headaches. The game uses a combination of new code and rewritten code from A2:TG. Once I've got a GUI in, I'll only need to make a couple of more complex levels to already have a better game (from a technical stand-point) than A2:TG, which is all quite exciting for me!

    Anyway, enjoy :)

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    2. Phobus


      Quite an impressive start - I can see plenty of potential for a cool 3D tank game from there. Collision detection seemd pretty solid, and all the tank animation stuff worked nicely. Looks a good one to develop into a portfolio piece, if you have the time :)

    3. DuckReconMajor



      When I tried to run your Action Hero! game, it just crashes :(

    4. Phobus


      Hmm... that's unencouraging. I'll have to investigate into what could cause that - particularly as it does work on the machines I've tried it on.