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  1. Flame does too much damage, and needs to me more of a flame thrower type weapon that has a maximum range. Other than that its alright.
  2. Does any know where there is a recolored version of F_SKY1 that is primarily green? That would be perfect! Oh, well, then... hmm I guess that I retract my comment? Finished product won't be for awhile. I have a hard time finishing levels (as in figuring out where to put an exit door, and where to stop adding parts to the level. There is never enough detail!)
  3. Fixed bugs listed. Also found various items that do not appear in Easy mode, fixed those as well. All items should appear in all modes. I haven't decided where to put the shotgun. It seems fine where it is currently (to me), but if no one likes it then I guess I could move it into the room where the circular pipes are (1 room earlier). It doesn't work in ZDoom? That's strange, the mode I'm using for DB2 is ZDoom (Doom in Doom Format). Perhaps it has to do with Generalized Actions (what I use for doors). As for linearity... hmm. I haven't decided how to fix this. Personally, I love linearity, but apparently most people do not. The next room I made will be less linear, I suppose. As far as it being a base themed level, it will eventually becomes more tech-hell themed. Just wait, everything you've seen so far in this theme (tech-hell) is just a preview of what comes next. So look forward to that. Oh and Kristus, I'm sorry you feel that way, I like green.
  4. Maybe Terraforming Base is not a proper name. I just finished a new room, and its full of Nukage. Perhaps I'll name it something different. OR it could be Algae water for terraforming! Ahh the imagination runs wild on this one. Has anyone had a chance to play it? How is it? Constructive comments appreciated. New room: There will be more, this is just part room of this new room.
  5. Antidote

    Detailing Project: Room by Room

    This topic is getting off topic. The format is no longer UDMF, rest easy. If you guys would like debate the facts and fallacies of UDMF, please make a new post. This project is going into works, please sign up or forever hold your peace.
  6. Antidote

    Detailing Project: Room by Room

    People have expressed their distaste for it being in UDMF, so its set to Boom. I'd love to start editing in UDMF, though.
  7. Antidote

    Detailing Project: Room by Room

    *pushes the restart button* I'm starting over. Read 1st post in a bit.
  8. Its not anywhere near complete. I plan on making the current exit into a fake exit, revealing more of the level, but for now I want people to test what I have. Screenshots: The main color here is green, why? I don't know I just found some green textures and made them work. Difficulty settings are implemented, but its still generally hard at easy. UV is your best bet, it is the most balanced. All credit goes to Nick Baker and his MONTRES.WAD for the textures. There are secrets. First secret is an easter egg of sorts. Know bugs: Sky textures is out of place. I didn't want this texture, but it replaced it anyway. Slight HOM or two later on in the level. This is due to a missing texture that I forgot to add. Exit door does not have door tracks, and they are not unpegged. This is for testing purposes. The exit room is not final. Download link (beta): http://www.mediafire.com/?ozztm5uuetm
  9. Antidote

    Detailing Project: Room by Room

    Negative criticism ensues. I never said anything was final. Would you rather it just be boom-compatible? I mean, it doesn't make or break the project. So if its better that way, we should do it. Also, I'm not controlling anything. If someone wants something different by all means say something. This is just a basic overview to iron out some details.
  10. Antidote

    Detailing Project: Room by Room

    1 room 1 theme (with the exception of transition levels, which are two themes). Just follow the rules, its that simple. Project is not in motion yet, I'm waiting on more approval for it. Also, tech, transition to hell, and hell are the three current themes. Hell is a gigantic theme ranging from castle to fiery hell. Tech base, however, is either earth-base, or e1 styled. Transition is combination of both. If anyone wants to suggest any other themes let me know.
  11. Antidote

    Detailing Project: Room by Room

    No 3d floors, please. It would cause major slowdown if every room had it. Bridges are fine, but no 3d floors. I am aware of this, so I'm thinking about breaking up sections of rooms into levels. Perhaps Rooms 1-10 is MAP01, Rooms 10-15, MAP02, etc, in a sort of hub style. To the point where it would eventually lead to the last set of rooms (however many that would be) and a score screen would display. Eh, that would require scripting. I'm not set on this idea yet.
  12. Antidote

    Detailing Project: Room by Room

    The textures are up to you at first, but its up to me if they fit. Meaning you can choose some textures to use in your room, but if they do not fit with the joining rooms they will have to be changed. So feel free to use anything you for the time being. You can edit UDMF in DB2. Basically its an advanced version of ZDoom (Doom in Hexen Format). I urge you to make ZDoom-compatible maps, so that you can have as much detail as possible (slopes, translucency, pseudo-3d floors (through use of skyboxes), etc). UDMF is still a .wad file, however the final product will be in .pk3 format. As for a palette change, I'd like for the simple things like green blood and blue blood on enemies that require those blood changes. Anything else will be up to the whole for color changes. For example, if everyone wants the blue to be darker, then the blue will be darker!
  13. This is just an idea, until input is received. This project (idea) is very simple. Each person involved will make a room. This room will be detailed to hell and back. That is all the description needs to tell you, so here are the rules. Length: Long Difficulty: Progressive Style: Tech base transitioned to hell. Port: Boom (seems like people would prefer this) Textures: Use some that you want to use. Share these for others to use though. Each person can have a maximum of 3 rooms in total. No one person can have the same styled room more than once (in other words, you can have one hell, one tech base, and one transition, for example). There is no limit on the amount of people wanting to have a room... within reason. Room rules: Your room must be one room. It can contain anything you want in it. The only thing is requires is 2 doors minimum (an entry and exit to the previous and next rooms respectively). You can detail as much as you want so long as you stay within the confines of Boom-compatibility, so go crazy in detailing (which is what I'm looking for). Your room must follow the theme that you have chosen. It cannot be anything else, unless you want to change your room's theme to something else. Room sizing: Try and keep the earlier rooms small, and the later rooms larger. That's it. Slots (although infinite, here is the basic roster): Tech: 1. 2. 3. 4. Secret Tech Rooms: 1. 2. Tech to Transition: 1. 2. Transition to Hell: 1. 2. 3. 4. Secret Transition to Hell Rooms: 1. 2. Transition to Hell to Hell 1. 2. Hell 1. 2. 3. 4. Secret Hell Rooms 1. 2. Rough layout, if more themed rooms are presented, they could be added to the list. Please respond with criticism on this project: should it be done or not? Has it been done? Is it a good idea? What can be added? Removed? Etc.
  14. Actually in DB2, using DiD, there is a thing called "Generalized Effects", which I use all the time. Its like a "wizard" for door effects/lifts/stairs/etc. If that was in UDMF (which it isn't) it would be much easier. EDIT: Ooops! Just realized I double posted! Sorry!