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  1. RANT BEGINNING (Don't say I didn't warn you)

    ... so we can enjoy the new games coming out that demand the outrageous computer requirements. So that we can play them on a top of the line machine without hickups and drags. So that we can all play at the same place (in an online game) and not have to wait for someone to catch up on their crappy computer. I think that computers should be sent out to everyone when a new completely better component is released that way everyone can be up to date.

    Oh and all internet should be the SAME speed, with the SAME price. So everyone should be able to Run T3 (or better) at the same speed, for the price of NOTHING.

    This conversation all goes back to the most worthless thing ever intented: Money. Money should have never been invented, it was all for the greedy people. Everything should be free, and everyone will in turn be the same. Which is how life should be.


    EDIT: uhh yeah, I feel like this was a bad idea posting... yeah umm.

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    2. Infinite Ammunition

      Infinite Ammunition

      deathbringer said:

      I wish somebody would re-release Windows 95, just reprogrammed to 'know about' modern speeds and capacities. It's all you need

      have fun with the dos-based kernel and FAT16

    3. myk



      It's evident deathbringer was talking about something like Windows 95 without newer Windows' increaded obscurity and intrusive features, and with improved performance and compatibility, plus support for up to date systems (hardware).

    4. printz


      Free computers, free anything normally expensive, sounds like communism to me. Or before I get quote-corrected, also sounds like really rich countries...