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Everything posted by Doomshadow

  1. Doomshadow

    Favorite DOOM 3 monster?

    Whats your favorite monster? mines probably the wraith or hellknight, post your opinion here.
  2. Doomshadow

    Can't install doom3 1.3

    Ive had doom 3 for so long now, I remember many months ago how i tried upgrading it to 1.3, after I upgraded Doom 3 with 1.3, I ran the game, and somewhere on a screen before the menu it freezes, so my only choice was deleting my doom 3 folder and reinstalling doom 3 from my CD so I can play it. Anyone know what seems to be the problem with 1.3? EDIT: by accident i posted this in general instead of technical, could someone move it to technical?
  3. Doomshadow

    Classic Doom 3 1.1 Final

    Does it still require V 1.3 of Doom 3?
  4. Doomshadow


    I never see a way of buying strife nowadays. Is there any possible way to get it?
  5. Those screenies look awesome and crafty!
  6. Doomshadow

    Top 5 songs

    I like alot, so many to choose from, I love the intermission from PSX Doom
  7. Doomshadow

    How are you celebrating DOOM's 13th?

    I will make a server in skulltag with the episode 1 levels of Doom 1, and invite lots of people to join the holiday.
  8. hmmmm... about 3000 a week
  9. Doomshadow

    Old (IBM) computers

    I have my old windows 98, it has been upgraded to windows 2000 though. The monitor broke so I can't use it for now, but I remember so many memories with that good old computer.
  10. Doomshadow

    [name goes here] is doomguy

    Yeah the character in starship troopers does look kinda like a younger version of doomguy.
  11. When i was veyr little and played doom, i also thought that the rocket launcher shot fireballs.
  12. Doomshadow

    [name goes here] is doomguy

    He needs more wrinkles and darker hair and eyes a bit different.
  13. Doomshadow


    He gets sued? for what, borat=respect
  14. Doomshadow

    Favorite DOOM 3 monster?

    Chainsaw zombies and pinkies were far too rare in the game, those excellent monsters but almost hidden away.
  15. Doomshadow

    PS3 released (when, I dunno) drama ensue.

    The geeks went wild, shooting eachother over the ps3s in connecticut
  16. Doomshadow

    Favourite PSX doom background music?

    The music in "mt erebus" was probably the scariest, first with its freaky opening, slow music and then the creepy voices
  17. Doomshadow

    Favourite PSX doom background music?

    The e1m8 "phobos anomaly" music creeped me out as well, and i liked the music in e1m2 "plant"
  18. Doomshadow

    Favorite DOOM 3 monster?

    Cacodemons are pretty impressive as well, the animation is excellent
  19. Doomshadow

    Can't install doom3 1.3

    1. I don't have roe 2 I got my patch from filefront 3 I think so, maybe not so new. wait so you need ROE to install it?
  20. Doomshadow

    Favorite DOOM 3 monster?

    Ugh you have to register to download things from fileplanet, filefront is way better, no registering.
  21. Doomshadow

    a playstation/jaguar doom wad

    Is there any wad that lets you play the full playstation/jaguar doom on PC?
  22. Doomshadow

    How to play wads with ZDoom?

    Move the wad file into your zdoom folder, and open the folder, then drag it by clicking on it into zdoom.exe, but the console command way mentioned above is also good.
  23. Doomshadow

    Favorite DOOM 3 monster?

    Yeah imps and pinkies are amazing monsters, imps are supposed to be common, but the way they appear is repetative (It gets dark, you see fiery glyphs on the ground and an imp appears), it could have been more varied