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  1. Dear Admin, some of your board members have some persitant desire to put Hitler's pictures on board, and I don't think that this is good for DoomWorld reputation and generate an unpleasant feeling of parallax between some WWII dark ages and this website. In some countries this website could be closed for this... Be gentle to strongly MODERATE threads !
  2. iceman57

    My midi collection (updated 6/4/10)

    I heard thousands of midis in my life and you've style... ... but don't take this personnaly, in my opinion, your midis are not creepy enough to fit Classic Doom solo with "Martian base" or "Hell" graphics. They may certainly better fit TCs, Deathmatch, or MEGAWADS... Favorites (not classified) : METAL INTRO NIGHTRUN RISK (intro reminds me some music like Gabriel Knight 1 ones) EDGE WINDOW
  3. Prefer 70px for "humans" size and 90px for "monster" size. Don't forget 3D bugs on ports with head cutted by ceiling on too big ones (100 - 110 - 120...)
  4. iceman57

    Fredrik's monsters

    Normally 20 days. Depending if they are made on symetry basis or not (i.e. Baron of hell was the first designed by ID and didn't have this trick included). So for other sprites that could be reduced to two weeks. Depends also on the sprite's height. For such big "Baron of Hell" one (120 px ?...) I may suggest 3-4 weeks.
  5. Doesn't run on all versions, believe me... get a LMP default once the music loaded, or no music... Active conversion to MUS is the unique valid way...
  6. You need to force conversion of an imported MIDI to a MUS or the WAD would be corrupted. Don't ask me why by importing the format is wrote ".MUS" in XWE while it's still a regular "MIDI". Maybe a bug...
  7. iceman57

    Marble, demon fortress and doortracks...

    http://www.therecordist.com/assets/sound/mp3/Door_Vault_Large_SE.mp3 Already used in the past, fit well 11 KHZ conversion... Just a note regarding timing, no doors over 128 pixel height or audio synchronisation fails. This one can fit too... http://www.therecordist.com/assets/sound/mp3/Door_Lrg_Roll_Metal_SE.mp3
  8. iceman57

    Marble, demon fortress and doortracks...

    Some custom old styled mechanism may fit ?...
  9. Once imported through XWE, don't forget to set "Doom Midi" by pressing the button or the music will not work. Another way is DMMUSIC and MIDI2MUS, once converted in MUS (don't forget to set the BPM manually) you may upload it.
  10. iceman57

    Custom Monster and Weapons Award Thread

    For crap I take the job :D More seriously, some ratings with 5 stars like Youtube or any other board could be interesting in your yearly cacowards. Something like : Graphic : xx Music : xxx Design : xxxxx Gameplay : xxx Global : xxxx
  11. Time for a short story... Because of living close to German border, my Grandfather was forced to join the Wermacht during the WW2. (The deal was something like "Jump in truck or we burn the house and kill your family"). (The official term for those people is "Malgre Nous" translatable by something like "Forced to go" ) After having beeing took in front line through eastern Europe, he had been hurt by a grenade schrapnel in his arm. He had to be hospitalised in rear side and been arm cutted, at 20 years old. Fortunally by beeing injuried he didn't reached Stalingrad, where he certainly never have came back... He met my grandmother in the Hospital village located in Alsace and had two sons. He was right hand writer and had to become left hand writer. Believe me, you can't imagine how he cleaned the table or other things. He was an electronic specialist and only required some small tricks to adapt his working place to continue welding. I sincerelly understand the mind of Espi and discussed sometimes with my grandfather about (I was 14). He didn't told a lot about but said that he can still use a third of is arm to maintain things, and saw people with really worse injuries, KIA or MIA. So, I've no problem to look at people having a cutted member (I don't focus on the member). This certainly reminds me the warmness of my grandfather. If ones Espi has to make a trip in Paris, I'd be honored to assist him for a tour. E-mail anytime : iceman_57@hotmail.com
  12. iceman57

    Custom Monster and Weapons Award Thread

    I'm in, I'm in !!! :D
  13. iceman57

    Godsend: Wad In Progress [Finished]

    http://www.laurasmidiheaven.com/ RULES !!! Try Laura's videogame section, here you are :D VG section : http://www.laurasmidiheaven.com/VideoGms.shtml Original VG creations : http://www.laurasmidiheaven.com/Original/Midi-Music/Video-Game-Original-Midis.shtml EDIT : Here are some random samples : http://www.laurasmidiheaven.com/cgi-bin/forcedownload.cgi?id=001215290786 http://www.laurasmidiheaven.com/cgi-bin/forcedownload.cgi?id=001211304039 http://www.laurasmidiheaven.com/cgi-bin/forcedownload.cgi?id=001190019198
  14. iceman57

    Texture resource site

    Indeed :D Apologies for my english mistakes. Around 50% of textures from "Davegh" website can be directly used in Doom without real modifications of their palettes.
  15. iceman57

    HOKUTO no Cathedral!

    Architecture under progress... reached version 76 with all mini-chapels done (see red color for updates). http://img513.imageshack.us/img513/752/v76vc4.jpg Amount of sectors hadn't yet been optimised, target is a total of 70...