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  1. Diego

    Havok & Activision

    but isn't activision the id-publisher by default?
  2. Diego

    Will the storyline be good...

    Yeah, bring Romero back so he can design some kick-ass levels as he recently did in Daikatana.
  3. Diego

    First DOOM Preview!

    I think it's about time they took some pics and videos from him ;)
  4. Diego

    doom3 kinda scares me...

    Well, it is my opinion that the engine in each id-game was the strongest part. And, moreover, I think it does matter a hell of a lot. I was referring to another post in which it was said that Gameplay/Story (whatever You may call it) was more important than the Engine.
  5. Diego

    doom3 kinda scares me...

    So, You want to say that the engine does matter, after all?
  6. Diego

    The demon horde

    Well, I also think hordes won't work out. Not only a cause de hardware restrictions (as if there will be any), but simply because of the project itself. Didn't they say, they wanted to produce an almost film-like experience? I don't think that kazillions of monsters will make it cut. You can't compare slow suspense to simple shock effects. But Serious Sam really is a great game if You like many enemies.
  7. Diego

    Impact of Doom 3...

    Nope. A dilettante is an uneducated amateur.