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Everything posted by xenodragon

  1. Im using Doom Builder to make a map for ZDoom, but it wont let me make slopes or anything! Ive tried typing linedef 181 for a slope, but when i test the map, it stays a flat floor. When i roll over the linedef, it says "181 - SR Lift Perpetual Lowest and Highest Floors"... anyone know wats going on???
  2. xenodragon

    Something wrong with ZDoom linedefs!

    do ALL ZDoom levels need to be set to Hexen format?
  3. I can't seem to figure out how to make 3D water that pulls you under as you get in! I've tried so many different combinations of linedefs and tags, but NOTHING seems to be working!
  4. xenodragon

    Legacy slopes

    Is there any way at all to make slopes for Doom Legacy? I'm pretty sure I've heard of something like this in a Legacy map before. Can't remember which one though.
  5. xenodragon

    Sidescroller Doom?

    I once saw a screenshot of a 'sidescroller' doom... how can i make this, too?
  6. xenodragon

    3D water problems [in Legacy]

    I'm trying to make an underwater deathmatch map for Doom Legacy, but whenever you dive underwater, I need a palette change or something to turn the screen tone blue, but normal again as you jump out. Any ideas?
  7. xenodragon

    3D water problems [in Legacy]

    Oooooooh, I see! I finally got it now... thanks heaps (again)!
  8. xenodragon

    3D water problems [in Legacy]

    uh... now I cant find the right HEX code for blue ;) ... It says a six-digit code for the colour and a letter between A and Z for the intensity. I think I'm doing it right, because the water's green when it's set to '#50B', but does anyone know what sequence of numbers the colour blue is?
  9. xenodragon

    3D water problems [in Legacy]

    Hey it worked! :D thanks heaps, dude.
  10. xenodragon

    3D water problems [in Legacy]

    ok thanx I'll give that a try :)
  11. xenodragon

    What is hardest part about making a level...

    For me, I reckon the hardest part of making a map is the item and monster placement, since it's so hard to choose what should go where without making the game too easy or too difficult.
  12. xenodragon

    3D water problems [in Legacy]

    Ok, I think I've found the right linedef type... "(282) Create Colourmap (uphx = colour/alpha)"... But now what? I still can't set the underwater tone as blue!
  13. xenodragon

    Doom2 format slopes?

    Can slopes actually be made for maps in Doom2 format?