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  1. Dubh

    Your honest opinion required...

    Thanks for all the posts. I headed up to the woods of Maine the past few days and was hoping for a few replies to read when I get back. Overall your opinions are good and I'm pleased. Thanks for yours dsm, I was particularly looking forward to yours. Has anyone attempted mapping yet?
  2. Some of you may know me......member for some time now...previously a lurker back from the days of MacWorld. I live in Ireland and am currently on vacation in Boston.As a result I haven't got to play Doom yet. Yesterday I had the damn thing in my hands in Sam GOodies. I have been a little blown sideways with some of the reactions to the game online. I must admit, with all the newbies joined it is hard to distinguish trolling from real posts. Basically without rambling on for too long...can some members here please tell me their honest opinion of Doom. Will I be happy with it etc... No spoilers if thats okay...I don't want massive paragraphs...Just your quick opinion would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Dubh

    PC Gamer UK reports exclusive review in next issue

    Apparantly if you look in the very back on page 112, in the NEXT MONTH box, you'll see the following: "We're dying here. On the one hand, we want to tell you all about the earth-shaking exclusive we've got lined up for next issue. On the other hand, it's such a massive secret, it makes the Manhattan Project look like a gardening club. So we must remain mum for now, but trust us: our August cover will unveil a story well worth the wait" Hmmmmm....curious...
  4. Dubh

    X-Box vid Unrecognised Enemy

    Hope this hasn't been posted befor but on xbox e3 quicktime vid 1 minute 36 seconds in , pause vid and frame by frame through it using cursor keys on keyboard. You will see an enemy that doesn't look familiar at all to me.......anyone else see this.....Don't think it's the bird man.......is it the arch-vile?
  5. It's here folks!!!! http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/040511/sftu128_1.html Press release, summer release date........ Jesus I'm so happy.... If there is to be a demo....by god it's not far off.....
  6. I bought PainKiller at the weekend....good game but what kinda pissed me off was in the manual, they list all enemies and give a little picture of them...so I knoew what to expect before the game had even finished installing. This kinda spoils things (for me anyway).....I hope id don't do likewise with Doom3. Do you think they will?
  7. Dubh

    Well the 15th has arrived but......

    Well we did get a bit of news: See at BluesNews: John Carmack on the GeForce 6 "As DOOM 3 development winds to a close, my work has turned to development of the next generation rendering technology. The NV40 is my platform of choice due to its support of very long fragment programs, generalized floating point blending and filtering, and the extremely high performance," said John Carmack, president and technical director of id Software
  8. ....unfortunately folks we haven't gotten what we were hoping for. Secretly I had a feeling nothing would happen but in the back of my mind I was hoping...you know...... I live in Dublin, Ireland and I can get broadband for about €20 - €30 per month. I have nearly decided to get it but before I do, are there any folks on here who are planning clans/map sharing/ possibly a league table where we can compete when the good day arrives (after we finish SP anyway)? Because I guess we are all part of a community here and most of us have been waiting together for the past 4+ years. It would be a shame to see things dwindle here you know... Anyway, I just wanted to post to say I am kinda disappointed that we have had no news today and I know how alot of you feel but we are all in the same boat together and hopefully we will hear something soon. Jesus this wait is getting to me......Keep the flag flying people!!
  9. Dubh

    DOOM 3 is "really close" says Carmack

    Sorry but I seem to be a bit confused here... I thought Quake4 is supposed to be a re-telling of the Stroggos War (Quake 2) Am I wrong?
  10. Dubh

    DOOM 3 is "really close" says Carmack

    I have the same feeling. I'd say we'll be playing Doom by the end of next month. "Really Soon" That really sounds like they are tying things up. Already they are mentioning their next project (I am very happy the is going to be a next project) It's gotta be shipped in the next few weeks. April 15th I hope. This is good news.
  11. Dubh

    New screen and article

    I like the screenshot.. I think if Doom never existed and Doom3 was simply called Doom, we would be amazed at these creatures. I agree with you entirely on the ship bit. Also, we have all seen pictures of nice clean walls in some of the lab pics etc... I think the rev look like a great approximation of the look they were originally trying to create....and maybe his hands look too big 'cos the shot is one where he is reaching a little into the camera..you know..
  12. Dubh

    New screen and article

    I respectfully disagree to both...... I think the Rev fits fine into the Doom3 environment, after all, this is hellspawn on a human base. I would think it will fit right into the hellish levels we are to expect. Also, not seeing this creature in motion doesn't do it justice. As for the Quakes being large steps forward in Technology and not in design: Quake1 became fully 3-dimensional adding depth previously not explored in previous titles (doom) Obviously this affected design. They were bound to a certain colour pallette I agree but made fantastic use of it and in Final Appearance I do believe Quake1 looked fantastic. You had dynamic skies, Full modelled characters as opposed to sprites, light-mapping etc.. Quake2 looked spectacular when first booted up using a voodoo2 etc... Colour pallette increased, models more detailed in animation and skins, larger open spaces, Quake2 LOOKED alot different to Quake 1, And quake 3, Bezier Curves ->Design change -> appearance change. Higher poly models and worlds, richer textures......Hardware acceleration only.....definitely design and final appearance changes. But as I say, thats my opinion...and I do respect yours at the same time Cheers
  13. Dubh

    The Secret Levels In Doom 3

    This is a Doom3 forum. You have to know and respect the fact that there are people on here who have a genuine interest in Doom3 and have been watching it develop for years...yes YEARS. If you don't believe this game will be good well thats fine but you could have said someting like "I have a feeling people will be let down with this game" instead of "Mark my Words, Doom 3 will SUCK" Thats just being waaay too opinionated and it is basically not fair to other forum regulars with their own opinions. And as for "When you get a life... get back to me" Have some fucking respect man!!! Listen to Shaviros advice...
  14. Dubh

    New screen and article

    Holy shit people, whats this turned into 'Bitch about ID games' Firstly AndrewB: The reason pinky eats the dead zombie is because if you recall, in the scene right before it you catch him draggin the corpse into the bathroom through a door in a hallway. Whats he going to do in there? Take a dump? No he's going to eat the damn thing. You as the marine simply walk in on him and he then hides in the cubicle an pounces on you. What is illogical or unrealistic about that. And for pukey colours? For f**k sake, what came before Quake1 , yes the answer is Doom2. There was an order of magnitude increase in gameplay and graphics used between these 2 games. Can nobody remember the dark cold blue castle hallways in Quake?? Quake2 from Quake 1...another order of magnitude... hardware acceleration made this game totally cool. Yes the colours were vibrant but 'Dick Tracy" And then we have Quake3....massive step from Q2...nothing to be added there...games are still being made using this engine....and you can forget about RTCW 'cos in my opinion it wasn't a pure id game. Some of you are just getting bitchy 'cos the wait is killing you. If you saw that revenant screenshot 2 months after the macworld demo you would have been "Oh my christ....have you seen that new screen,,,,IT Fucking absolutely ROCKS"
  15. Dubh

    New screen and article

    Did anyone notice the UAC wall texture is reversed. At first I thought the whole image was flipped but then the ammo count would be reversed. Is this a mistake or is it on purpose? I know at this stage anything out of the ordinary is a possible hint at something (conspiracy etc..) The wait is killing me too..........since macworld....arrrghh Why release a massive 16MB 4000x3000 screenshot with a mistake in it? Mehhh I don't know... nice article though. Also, when did this recording take place? Was it a month ago? Did id tell them to hold off on releaseing the article until they say so? GameSpy seem to be one of the more trusted sites imo. I am looking for conspiracies everywhere..I really need a release date. Hopefully John will give us something on Thursday...