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  1. VegaKurtsa

    This is just sickening...

  2. VegaKurtsa

    This is just sickening...

    Wait, what? So video games found a way to jump in this topic?
  3. VegaKurtsa

    Mega Man X Doom

    Okay, we get the picture, redo, got it. Kass shouldn't have posted the pics yet, because it was still a wad in testing. I did all the sprites and textures, so I apologize for the "cartoonish" or "8-Bit" look.
  4. VegaKurtsa

    Mega Man X Doom

    I downloaded DecEdit, I'm not sure that will help, but it's a start for placing the monsters, and weapons, etc. I planned on making a charged version of the first weapon, the X-Buster, which works if you press the button again (Kinda like the Super Shotgun to Shotgun on Doom 2)
  5. VegaKurtsa

    Mega Man X Doom

    I see Lupin beat me to the forum. Yeah, this was a discontinued project, but I decided to bring it back up. I don't know enough scripting to turn the shots into projectiles, but that would be good.