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  1. Jaromir83

    Group/ungroup answer

    Thank you, I will try both. (I want to replace one level in wad by another one)
  2. Jaromir83

    Group/ungroup answer

    Thanks J-Dub, but the Zwad doesn´t seem to work on my PC. When I try to start it I get only error message. Is this the only program able to group/ungroup lumps (entries?) in/from wad?
  3. Jaromir83

    Group/ungroup answer

    According to documentation it looks like DOS program, but I will try it out. Hopefully it will run under Win XP
  4. Do you pls somebody know how to group/ungroup maps in/from wad file? I have wad with 15 levels and I want to separate one of these levels to a single wad. I think I used DEU editor for this, now I use Wadauthor. Thank you.