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  1. Hey everyone i like the idea of this im interested in a spot for this project here's a screenshot of what I've started. Still just a rough start but i just wanna clear something up, Is the map space 1024x2048 or can we do 2048x2048?
  2. KeenKyle

    Doomworld Deathmatch Dominion (Now accepting mappers)

    I think the deadline is a little bit too long. Either way I would like to join.
  3. Sorry i missed the update call im working on remaking the map since i lost the old one but hopefully the new one will be better. also when is the deadline?
  4. Grr im annoyed i had to format my computer due to errors and i totaly forgot to save my map i was working on :( im sorry i cant belive it, i was almost done as well. i dont know what to do should i restart or just leave? :(
  5. Found the 2d sidecrolling secret. once you cross the first river in the forest go to the right side of the forest and keep going foward then youl find a stump jump down it and there it is. ^^
  6. Sorry for doubble post but when is the deadline for the project im just wondering as i do alot of work on other things.
  7. Im still working on my map its comeing along well ^^
  8. No one is talking much lately ^^ I liked the name infernal passage so i think thats what i will call my map. and im wondering is it ok to make my level really challenging?
  9. Ok thanks iv been working on it for a while now heres some screen shots and My maps set in a lava infested cavern still havent decided on a name ^^
  10. Ok then can i take E5M5 please :)
  11. hey is there still any map spots left to fill? if there is can i take a map please ^^ also since i havent read throught the whole thread what build type are you using zdoom or normal?
  12. KeenKyle

    the most useless doom weapon

    il be back in a few days moveing house :/
  13. KeenKyle

    the most useless doom weapon

    so far i think that everyone would agree that the pistol is the most useless or unused weapon so far.
  14. KeenKyle

    the most useless doom weapon

    i agree that most the weapons are effective in certain conditions of the map but i realy use the pistol only if im finishing of a monster.
  15. KeenKyle

    the most useless doom weapon

    dont know if someone's already mentioned this but what do you think is the most useless doom weapon? i think that the pistol is really crap, what can you kill with it besides some former humans imps and demons. i know theres some hardcore doomers that kill cybers with pistols but rember when you first play doom and wonder why it takes so many bullets to kill one monster.