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  1. Coah

    Which DOOM logo do you like more

    What's so great about the Final Doom logo? It's not even a logo. It's just text on a black square.
  2. I myself am a faithful mormon, and my friends and I (keep in mind I live in a place where almost everyone in my school is mormon) play Doom all of the time. I believe that the reason Christian leaders advise against playing games like Doom is because they are very violent and feature demonic symbolism. I personally think it is a choice if you want to expose yourself to these things. I have no problem with Doom. As said before, people are getting together and trying to blame america's problems on video games. This is, after all, the first generation to grow up on computers and video games (with violence), so we are kind of guinea pigs. Just because the kids at columbine played Doom doesn't mean that Doom caused it. It may have been a catalist, but if Doom wasn't, something else would have been. I believe that video games aren't the cause of crime. As a matter of fact, crime in the U.S. has dropped dramatically since the early 1990's. Being a Mormon, you should take my word for the first paragraph (and no we don't have multiple wives - it is actually against our religion. If you want to know where the rumors came from, PM me)
  3. Coah

    DOOM animation

    I was thinking I might just create a cartoon of the original Doom story.
  4. Coah

    DOOM animation

    I thought that meant not to do it.
  5. Coah

    DOOM animation

    Wow, I didn't realize it was that big of a deal. I guess I won't do it, then. Oh well, another fun project down the drain.
  6. Coah

    Title Screen in Doom95

    Please enlighten me. I am not aware. Doom95 was produced by id, wasn't it?
  7. Coah

    Title Screen in Doom95

    When I play Doom with the 95 laucher, it heads straight into the first level. I am weird this way, and kind of miss seeing the old Doom screen when I play. However, I know it's in the wad file because I see it when I play it on my Palm, which contains the wad I grabbed from my computer. How would I set it up to start on the title screen?
  8. Coah

    DOOM animation

    I am skilled in the ways of Flash, and am thinking of making flash animation episodes of Doom. These would be a retelling of the Doom story, in a cartoony sort of way, with more of the original elements. Do you have any suggestions or things I might be sure to include?
  9. When I first started playing (and a lot still), I called everything Demons, except Demons. Those I called "Pinkies".