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  1. NixBood

    The History of Fruit - A Heretic Episode

    Looks good! Edit: Whoops, apparently it does things differently if I log in.
  2. NixBood

    'Mechatron' - overpowered mecha-mod

    I'm having trouble with the download link, I kept getting the Network Timeout error, and now it's 403'd... D: Edit: Appears to be working now. Odd.
  3. NixBood

    WWHC-Diaz: final release candidate status

    Well, the thing is, is I've had the resources from trying to compile it before those nifty precompiled ones came up. I ended up getting the precompile for now, but I'd like to at some point have the full capability just in case something happens to the whole, 'lets compile it lol', like I've seen happen in a few other places, sometimes with actual stable releases (that causes one to RAGE pretty hard, especially if they're rather vague on what the dependencies actually are). To put it simply, on the far far remote chance that the team decides to stop directly supporting windows for some ungodly reason and instead decides to alienate windows users. Which I've seen happen. Still bloody irks me... Edit: Don't mind me if I come off on the irate side, my cat decided that instead of letting me pet it while it was loving on me, that it would maul my hand. Flabbergasted and exasperated it did leave me. And I read the latest economic news, which was, quite frankly, enraging. They're throwing away my tax money!
  4. NixBood

    WWHC-Diaz: final release candidate status

    Slightly unrelated, but... Which OGL SDK did you guys use to compile GZDooM? Or is there something other than that that's a dependency that isn't required to compile ZDooM (aka. the one I'm missing)?
  5. NixBood

    Doom monster kill counter

    Immoral Conduct did it, if I recall correctly.
  6. NixBood

    Lock and Load 5 released

    Ahh, thanks. Oh, one thing I noticed, I was playing around on The Spire 2, and managed to ding 20 before the end of the map, so one thing to consider might be spacing the levels out a little more along with adding a few more perks to gaining levels.
  7. NixBood

    Lock and Load 5 released

    So would it be... [Level - required since last level (total required)] 1 - 50 (50) 2 - 100 (150) 3 - 150 (300) 4 - 200 (500) ...and so on Or would it be... [Same table structure] 1 - 50 (50) 2 - 150 (200) 3 - 250 (450) 4 - 350 (800) ...and so on
  8. NixBood

    Lock and Load 5 released

    Ahh, I just tried it out with RC1, and I must say, very well done. Is there any way to tell how close you are to the next level? And if not now, any chance of it happening in the future? Also, I've noticed that reloading with unspent ammunition in the magazines of certain weapons causes said ammo to vanish entirely with some weapons, and not others. Was one way or the other intended on certain weapons? One other thing, would be I've noticed the range of a few of the weapons not being as far as comparable weapons that some of the lesser hitscan enemies (although it might just be bad luck or not paying enough attention to what's out of my field of view)...
  9. NixBood

    Lock and Load 5 released

    Any particular subversion of 1.31, or should it compatable with any of the beta/RC/ect.-s?
  10. NixBood

    Redstar WolfTC Released

    Nah, that puts me in the wrong then, which is what I get for reading and posting half-asleep, I was thinking you were doing something different, heh.
  11. NixBood

    Redstar WolfTC Released

    As for the stat bar, while I like the concept, one or two things are off. It appears more like you wanted to transliterate it, but got a couple of letters off. Now while I'm not too sure on an actual translation, I can give you what a transliteration would look like. And for those who don't know what transliteration means, it means to take the words of one language, and put them in the lettering of another, for example, english words using the russian alphabet (cyrillic). Аммо Эеалтэ Армс Армор - Буллетс Шеллс Роцкетс (Роккетс) Целлс (Селлс) Ammo Health Arms Armor - Bullets Shells Rockets Cells But then again, be sure to get input from someone who's a bit more fluent than I if you wish to put a bit more of an authentic feel into the bar, heh. Looking very good though, keep up the good work :) Edit: Hmm, I can't remember what makes the 'th' sound... I'll go back and fix it once I remember, unless someone else knows off=hand what it could be.
  12. NixBood

    what doom/ doom2 mod has the most weapons?

    More than one could count on one's fingers. In binary.
  13. NixBood

    Super mario doom

    Possibly a conveyor belt, with the matching block to keep you from walking off forever (impassable linedef, maybe? (or whatever it's called, I'm not one for terminology) and... Wait, a conveyor that goes forward, then a conveyor which pushes you into the castle door (make it pitch dark, so you "disappear" like in Mario), and maybe keep that linedef I mentioned to make sure you don't get pushed too far forward by the initial conveyor. As for what I thought... Looked pretty great, while I initially prefered different jump height, I really came to like how you managed to not have to change some of the common jumping mechanics. My favorite so far would have to be W1M3, great stuff.
  14. NixBood


    Server/Name/Faction? Also, if you were to shard things (have a player limit per area, spawn new areas once the limit is reached), you might be able to help combat latency. But then again, sounds a bit complexified, if I do say so myself.