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  1. DarkAbyss

    7 New Sounds

    well that rocket launcher sound actually wasnt even supposed to be in there, my bad (it was a lame filler i made ages ago, must of got it mixed up somehow), but the chainsaw was an attempt at trying to make something sound at least something like a circular saw.
  2. DarkAbyss

    7 New Sounds

    Here is 7 new sounds i have created for FreeDOOM, ive tried to submit them but have had no luck so far so i figured i might as well upload them here: http://www.bestsharing.com/files/gSRXR281772/FD_new_sounds.wad.html Comments welcome edit: Just figured out why im unable to submit files (invalid email address) so ill upload them to Jon after ive gotten a few comments back.
  3. DarkAbyss

    cant submit files!

    hey im unable to submit any files through the wiki it comes up with this error after i press the upload button: Warning: move_uploaded_file(uploads/Submissions/DarkAbyss_3_new_sounds.zip): failed to open stream: Read-only file system in /home/groups/f/fr/freedoom/htdocs.svn/wiki/scripts/upload.php on line 155 Warning: move_uploaded_file(): Unable to move '/tmp/phpKJ9bAf' to 'uploads/Submissions/DarkAbyss_3_new_sounds.zip' in /home/groups/f/fr/freedoom/htdocs.svn/wiki/scripts/upload.php on line 155 PmWiki can't process your request ?cannot move uploaded file to uploads/Submissions/DarkAbyss_3_new_sounds.zip We are sorry for any inconvenience. and if this problem cant be fixed soon, how do i upload to ftp://ftp.vect.org/pub/incoming/freedoom/ some help here would be appreciated also i cant view any of the status pages of submitted material it comes up with a 404 error
  4. DarkAbyss

    need walkthrough for FreeDoom

    these web links r links to images of wat to do, should make it easier to figure out wat to do Press this switch Press this wall then get yellow key kill badguys outside room then go down corridor till u get to the switch, wen u press it it should light from green to red, then turn around and head back to the elevator u came in by. go into the area with the 4 chain metal boxed in areas, and go through the door on your right to get to the red key. (the uploaded images may be a bit dark but should be readable)
  5. DarkAbyss

    need walkthrough for FreeDoom

    After you press the switch behind the yellow key, turn around and press the wall on the right side with the lightning symbol on it. It should drop down and raise again allowing you to get the key. after you kill the shotgun guys who teleport to you outside the room, head down and press the other switch you mentioned and that will open the door to the elevator you came in by.