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  1. NumSkull

    Doom CTF/Team Games

    i like the ideas of both. team games are fun, although there are no servers that ever host any team games, which sucks. doom ctf? never tried it, but like i said, i like the ideas of both.
  2. NumSkull

    If you don't know me...

    gg's this morning ralphis ;P
  3. i just asked lyfe if he'd be inerested in hosting a teams server. he said maybe, so now it's up to nighfang if he'd code it. i thought i'd throw up the idea here and see how many yay's or nay's it got from my fellow fraggers, and see if any improvements could be made to the idea. the idea, is that when you enter this server, it automatically changes your name to either red or blue, and you are also assigned that color. you can't change your name, and you can't change your color. it's locked, or some shit. anyway, code it into the server, prog, or whatever, that if you kill your teammate, your frag pool goes down by 1, making the bfg kind of an iffy thing. whatever. and i suggest that the 2 players on the team share a common frag pool. just seems cooler. maybe make it to where a total of 6 can play = B B vs. R R vs. G G blue blue vs. red red vs. green green anyone interested? team games are fun as hell, why has it taken this long to anyone kick up some dust about this idea? this can't be the first time.
  4. for about the past week now, i have been playing NightFang about every night in some 1 on 1 games. now, i know, understand and whole-heartedly accept the fact that i am not the best doomer there is. many players can beat me, some with their eyes closed ;) but here's the thing. i was talking to another doomer one day, whose name i'm not going to mention, but if you're in the know, you probably know who he is. he was telling me that NightFang uses an aimbot whenever he plays. according to this other doomer, he had played NightFang many times in the past, and always took him to school & back. then, one day, NightFang confronts this other doomer, and asks for a duel. knowing that he can beat NightFang and his meat at the same time, he had no reason to decline the request. so, as the story goes, from out of the blue, and seemingly over night, NightFang beats this seasoned veteran with ease. any doomer knows that skills don't just come over night. it takes time, patience, and dedication, something NightFang probably knows nothing of. so anyways, just the other night i was in #zdaemon idling, and i decided to scroll up to read a chat between NF & Grindking. in the chat, NightFang had openly admitted in the channel to using an aimbot when trying to beat Dominus (who is a damn good player.) NightFang also admitted that he still could not beat Dominus, even when using his little aimbot. so i was in #zdaemon about 15 mins ago, asking if anyone wanted a 1 on 1, like i do every night. NightFang pipes up and says, sure, i'll give you one, like he does every night. i pretty much told him to f*** off, and called him a cheater. this angered the kid & he bans me. anyways, whoever gets around to reading this, i won't be able to ask for games anymore in #zdaemon, as apparently i'm banned for who knows how long. i'll just sit in the 1 on 1 servers & wait for someone to come in. the whole reason i wrote this though, was just to let everyone know how f***ing lame NightFang is and to maybe detur anyone from wasting their time with playing him. but hey, if you enjoy the company & "gamesmanship" of a cheater, don't let me stop you.
  5. NumSkull

    Gee. What a neat idea....

    how about an irc channel specifically for people that are looking to play a game of multi doom2 (most likely over zdaemon) right then and there. no idles in this room, just people specifically looking to play at that moment. would be nice. 8--C
  6. NumSkull

    Why do i keep locking up??

    ok. just downloaded zdaemon & doom2, blah blah. all hooked up & playing. the only problem is though, i keep locking up in the games. sometimes it can be in the middle of a game, to where if i move the mouse too fast in a direction, the game will freeze for a few seconds & then resume play. but when the game comes to an end (by fraglimit or time limit), sometimes the whole computer will lock up & the sound will keep sputtering out of the speakers, over and over again. i had this problem in the past. not sure if i fixed it, or just ignored, but does anyone have any idea what's going on? any help is appreciated
  7. NumSkull

    one more time around..

    hey Cop. nothing much. just been killing time. hmm. i seem to have lost my doom2 somewheres. gotsta get it back before i can get back to fraggin.Stop asking for warez
  8. NumSkull

    one more time around..

    bored as all hell, and looking to get back into dooming. what progs are everyone using nowadays to play multi over the net? thanks
  9. NumSkull

    Don't know if you get it...

    The post before this was supposed to be a reply to Fodder's msg. sorry folks
  10. But i get the Fox News Channel. pretty damn cool. around 5 p.m. mountain time, The Oreilley (sp?) Factor comes on. this guy is the shit if you're into news / politics / current events / logical reporting. I enjoy watching this guy.. keeps me up to date, informed. Shit, he keeps me entertained. After his hour long show comes Hannity & Colmes, also a good show i'd recommend if you get em / if you're into that stuff. Just thought i'd spread the word...
  11. NumSkull

    I'm not too bright...

    Ok here goes. I downloaded doom2 ver 1.6. I look for the zips that i need to get it to 1.9. Somehow, i wound up with a patch that took the German version of doom2 v. 1.6 straight to 1.9. So i accidentally patch (or try patching) with that, and it fucks up. So i say, ok. start from scratch. I unzip the original doom2 ver. 1.6 files into a new dir, and proceed trying to use the regular patches that take you from 1.6 to 1.7a to 1.9.. but they don't work. i get an error in the patching process. says that it recognizes files of the same name, but that they are out of sync or some shit like that. basically, i'm looking for anyone out there that can "help" me out here. not sure what to do now. thanks in advance
  12. NumSkull

    Looking for matches.

    I'll play ya. email - NumSku11@aol.com gimmie a ring. later.
  13. NumSkull

    Looking for some games

    Just posting here to maybe setup a few games. My nick is NumSkull and i am a so/so doomer. if you're interested, give me a buzz. icq # is 85413720. thanks.