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    Thanks Relik. I am glad you enjoyed it. I am busy working on a new one. Isn't it funny how you don't make any for ages then you get bitten by the bug and make loads.....Just like busses really.
  2. Face.uk

    English Queen Mother dies at age 101

    Yes that is true. King james the first of england was scottish, William the conqueror came over from normandy.... in fact we have had them all. But I am consider myself English my mums side of the family are from romany gypsys and my granfer on my dads side is Irish. To me the royal family is english. They also, in my opinion bring to attention many things to the attention of the media. Princess Anne does a lot of work for the NSPCC. Diana brought to our attention the subject of land mines and was the first state figure to be seen hold and hugging a child with aids. This helped to dispell many myths and ideas about it. Prince charles works to promote green issues and grows a lot of organic food himself. People who say that we need to get rid of them have no idea what this would entail or the cost. There is some feeling that they are just priveliged and should go. The annual cost of the monarchy is approximately £37 million. More information for those who would like it is available here. http://www.royal.gov.uk This section on Royal finances might also interest some people. http://www.royal.gov.uk/output/Page308.asp
  3. Face.uk

    English Queen Mother dies at age 101

    Inbred? No not at all. The Queen Mother was not even royalty she was considerd a commoner. She was born Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon the ninth of 10 children of Lord and Lady Glamis. The Queen married Phillip who was greek. Prine Charles as we all know married Diana who was a commoner also. Hitler described her as the most dangerous women in europe. I am not sure if that is a good thing or not.