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  1. Well folks, hello to yall! I'm Johan, goes under alot of aliases such as jobro, jobromedia etc. I'm new here and I'll try to stick around help ppl out here as good as I can with my extensive knowledge: So who the hell is this bloody bastard coming here with such a lame introduction you might ask :D

    Well let me start by saying I've been editing wads to and fro during the last 12 years. I know alot of good stuff to do with wads and I've got some really neat secret tricks up my sleeves that I'll share if I find them useful. Game editing experience: Mainly Doom & Doom II, alot Duke3D, a little bit of Heretic, Hexen, Quake, Kingpin and HalfLife 1.

    Well that wraps up my introduction. I hope I can be of any help here. Hi!

    1. Sharessa


      This should have been posted in Blogs.

      But hello anyway.

    2. Vile


      I wonder if he knows where this thread ended up, being new here.

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