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  1. Imp Slayer

    Alyas Batman en Robin

    What the fuck? WHat the hell have you been smokin'?
  2. Imp Slayer

    Top 5 songs

    Doom 2 Refueling Base Doom 1 Military Base Doom 2 Icon of Sin Bunny Song (Love that level) Shawn's got the shotgun (Forget level# but it's in doom 2)
  3. Imp Slayer

    Where can I host my wads?

    With all due respect, you can go shove it up his ass for him
  4. Imp Slayer

    Cool wad

    What the hell! Omg I know who this is! This is my friend who used this accoutn on planetdoom... My original and only doom foru maccoutn I made 1 year ago: http://www.forumplanet.com/planetdoom/user.asp?gid=58976852&mid=2344111 It wasn't mine, it was my friend's but I thought the name... Hoyl shit, I can't believe he is still alive
  5. Imp Slayer

    Where can I host my wads?

    With all due respect, you can shove them up your ass...
  6. Imp Slayer

    idea: Sick Of Doom Doom

    Then you can go to Oprah (Shotgun zombie) and tell her your problems about your head falling off...
  7. Imp Slayer

    idea: Sick Of Doom Doom

    Fat albert's head n a mancubus in the larry king live show. Larryking is a pinky demon with larry kings head and the marine talks about everything he's been doing before the demons attacked him.
  8. Imp Slayer

    Cool wad

    zaedemon forums who teh hell is that? I went to 1 other forum 1 year ago called planetdoom but that's all
  9. Imp Slayer

    Cool wad

    I never wanted anyone to make it at all I just wanted to see what people thought
  10. Imp Slayer

    Links to good wads?

    I did, but I'd like to get people's opinions instead of a star rating
  11. Imp Slayer

    Cool wad

    Lemme get this stright with you people. I am not asking you to make this wad for me I am just throwing out an idea. AVP.wad? You are liek arnold swatznegger(Spelling) and you are goign through the jungle to kill the last of the predators(Hell knight/mancubus/Baron reskin?). Along the way, you find some teleporter that takes you to the pyramid in AVP and you see a lot of aliens (Imp reskin?). Anyway, you have to get out of the pyramid to find that the city is overrun by Predators and aliens and the final boss is an elder predator (Cyberdemon). Your best weapon is the plasma gun (Obtained on last level) Main weapon shotgun, chaingun, supershottie. LOTS of infighting between aliens and predators. 3 levels? Tell me if you like the wad/mod/whatever Again I'm not "asking" anyone to make this mod/wad. I just wanna see if ppl like it.
  12. Imp Slayer

    Action hero DooM: possible candidates

    Arnold scarzenegger and all of the enemies are reskinned to look like predators, aliens etc. and there's lots of infighting
  13. Imp Slayer

    idea: Sick Of Doom Doom

    Level 6~ The marine looks back on old photographs of him killing the bruiser brothers and he decides to pay an arch-vile (Like the opposite of a hitman) to bring them back. So the marine goes back to phobos anomoly and teh arch vile restores them from decaying lumps of flesh and flies to hell barons. Very quickly, the archvile explains that all the demons are sick of this shit and they wanna just be friends. *arch vile leaves* The marine says he's saorry for fucking up their lives and would liek to see that portal that he goes into that removes all cheats, has about 50 monsters and kills you nearly instantly. The Barons tell him he must first find the red invulnerability powerup. *FOund on level 8*. On level 9 he comes back and goes into portal to find there is a 4th icon of sin. Level 9~ The marine says he's sorry for killing the other 3 icons and didn't know there was one in ultimate doom. He has a chat with the icon about just things. Siddenly a Demon comes up and asks something in a foreign language. The Icon tells the marine that he asked,"Hey you goddamn bastard. You kileld my family." The icon tells the demon to reproduce if he want's a family and they start fighting. Finally the icon telefrags thedemon by shooting out a mancubus. The mancubus is mexican and asks if the marine wants any drugs. He says no and the icon tells him he never ever wants to spawn a monster again. Since the marine is invincible, he asks if the icon can send him to earth again(It really hurts). He sends him back to earth and when the marine gets there, he sees the entire city on flames. HE WAKES UP. "Only a bad dream. Where the hell am I?" He looks up and he sees the same city, only not on fire. "I must've been knocked out from the trip". This would be a cool wad but would take like 1 year to make...
  14. Imp Slayer

    Links to good wads?

    Haha so very funny. Either give me a link to a fucking map or stop posting here
  15. Imp Slayer

    fantastic 4: rise of the silver surfer trailer

    Wow the first one sucked so hard. Instead of fighting dr doom they were fightin with each other. Plus, I thought silver surfer was a good guy. Also, Silver Surfer is the most badassed son of a bitch looking superhero ever! He rocks!