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  1. FourOhFour

    Vanguard released to /idgames

    Only four maps in thus far, but super impressed. That map with the AV traps was all kinds of fun.
  2. FourOhFour

    The /newstuff Chronicles #345

    Haha, damn son, this /newstuff makes up for its terrible map selection by having the best drama ever. +1
  3. FourOhFour

    iDoom iNfo

    Haha, this is cool stuff, I'm going to have to keep my eyes on this.
  4. FourOhFour

    New Wolfenstein Trailer

    Damn, I hadn't really paid any attention to this since it got announced, shit looks pretty impressive, haha. It also looks like it's going to make my system cry tears of blood. :|
  5. FourOhFour

    Doom 4 interview

    Yeah, I was hoping to take a look as well, I took a day off of checking the main page, and miss something cool. Oh well... Nobody happened to like, save a copy, did they?
  6. FourOhFour

    Doom 4 Writer Revealed

    Who knows, maybe they won't fumble this one as badly. D:
  7. FourOhFour

    The /newstuff Chronicles #332

    Haha, I remember trying to play CaH when it came out, and it bringing my computer to a screeching halt... And my computer was fairly good, fot the time! I'll be sure to give it a playthrough this time around though, because I really liked the premise, and I actually have a functional machine now
  8. FourOhFour

    Another Doom Movie?

    I'm pretty sure Bruce Campbell should do. His delivery of snappy one-liners is clearly the best.
  9. FourOhFour

    DOOM 64 Fun

    Hey, very cool. Nice work, Doom 64 brings back plenty of good memories.
  10. FourOhFour

    On Top of the World

    Ah, this looks pretty sweet. I'll be excited to play this :D
  11. FourOhFour

    Carmack On Id Tech6, Ray Tracing, Voxels And More

    I wish I had some idea of what you guys were talking about, because it sounds interesting : (
  12. FourOhFour

    10 Years of Doom(world)

    Congrats on staying alive for so long! I'm happy to have been here lurking since... well I don't even remember, it's been a long time. Keep on kickin', Doomworld.
  13. FourOhFour

    Deus Vult II: First Edition Released

    Yeah, really. The first DV was one of my favorite mapsets, and this one certainly doesn't let me down. Plus, so far it's significantly less ridiculous in terms of "oh hay here's 300 revenants, kill them with your SSG." and other ridiculous battles. But I'm not through yet. Edit: odd wordfiltering :s
  14. FourOhFour

    Dark Mod Tech Demo Released

    There's a broken URL tag on the front page post, it seems like. It could be because I'm viewing in Opera, though.
  15. FourOhFour

    Eternal Doom Returns from Oblivion

    Holy crap, this is a great mapset. I haven't seen something this well done using hubs since rtc.