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Everything posted by FourOhFour

  1. FourOhFour

    Doom 19th Best Tech Product of All Time

    Impressive :V
  2. FourOhFour

    Doom 19th Best Tech Product of All Time

    Doom's actually leading that poll. By a fair margin. Be proud, doomworld, be proud.
  3. FourOhFour

    Doom Is A Game For The Ages

    Did I hear someone mention /v/? :O I am among /b/rethren!
  4. FourOhFour

    The /newstuff Chronicles #295

    I do like the IRC reviews, they're pretty fun to read, however they don't give me the same idea about what a map will be like before I play it that the more discriptive review styles do. Sure, screenshots help, but there's only so much you can gather from a screenshot.
  5. FourOhFour

    How do I run Hexen on Zdoom?

    If for some reason it doesn't ask you, or you've told it to always use some iwad, and want to use another, there's always -iwad ____.wad.
  6. FourOhFour

    Not Dead, Just Sleeping

    I'd say I could review, but I probably wouldn't be able to follow up too often. For one, I pretty much only play during the weekends, and I don't want to devote my WHOLE weekend to playing Doom, I have other things I'd rather do on the computer. Furthermore, I'd more or less be required to force legacy and EDGE to work on this computer, which they never seem to want to. And apparently, not everything runs correctly on GZDoom, much to my chagrin.
  7. FourOhFour

    Not Dead, Just Sleeping

    Well, I'd be very glad to at least do guest reviews, but I'm pretty much a general newbie schmuck when it comes to this site. I've been lurking here, looking at the /newstuff and front page for a few years, but I've just bothered to register a forum account now.