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Posts posted by FourOhFour

  1. Haha, I remember trying to play CaH when it came out, and it bringing my computer to a screeching halt... And my computer was fairly good, fot the time! I'll be sure to give it a playthrough this time around though, because I really liked the premise, and I actually have a functional machine now

  2. kristus said:

    I bet you just haven't updated to the latest version.

    What, of quake? I can't install it, the installer's like "no screw you, I hate Vista", which is perfectly understandable if you ask me, but it's a pain when I'm tryin' to actually play my games.

    Also, I'm planning on installing Ubuntu at some point, doesn't Quake 4 have a native linux port?

  3. Kid Airbag said:

    Would DOSbox work with, say, Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure or Bio-Menace or Jill of the Jungle? No computer I've had since the old 486 I used to play those on will run those games.

    Ahahaha, those were my favorite games when I was a kid, that, and Raptor.

  4. I was stuck with the key-hunt for a while, but mostly because I couldn't find the hellhound barn area. It needs to be more clearly indicated where you need to go up to that point. Once I started getting the billions of keys and stuff, the map proceeded to be a good bit more fun. Even thought the boss is just a recolored cyberdemon, I thought it was quite well done, the attacks looked very nice, and it posed a challenge without being silly-hard (cough cough billions of source guardians in UTNT cough)