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  1. Hekksy

    FreeDM in Odamex

    Hi! The best way to find Odamex players to play with is to join the official Odamex discord. There are plenty of people that are willing to play. We even have a role assignment system to notify you when people are looking for games. https://discord.gg/aMUzcZE Have a nice day and thank you for your interest in Odamex.
  2. Hekksy

    Getting Odamex Setup

    Update: It looks like a new version of DE came out RIGHT NOW that supports Odamex 10.0.0. If you restart DE, it should prompt you to download the new version
  3. Hekksy

    Getting Odamex Setup

    DE is a third party launcher that supports all 3 source ports. The engines do come with their own first party launchers. Zandronum has Doomseeker, ZDaemon has ZLauncher, and Odamex has Odalaunch. DE supports Zandronum, ZDaemon, and Odamex, but the current release supports Odamex 0.9.0. The newest Odamex is 10.0.0. Doomseeker comes with Zandronum but you can install an Odamex library to see Odamex and Chocolate Doom servers as well.
  4. Hekksy

    Getting Odamex Setup

    Hi! I imagine you're using DE or IDE? A new version of Odamex came out last week and some launchers do not support it yet. If you use the Odalaunch packed with Odamex you should see all available servers for that version.
  5. Hekksy

    SDL2, v-sync and mouse movement?

    The Odamex team dug deep into the mouse code to resolve issues. Try it with Fullscreen exclusive mode and let the team know please.
  6. Hekksy

    Obscure / Lowkey CTF wads?

    There are old pwads from the first CTF Doom engine called CTFDOOM.exe floating around. They are currently incompatible with any modern engines because they dont have particle effects, team spawns, and use keys as flags. At one point I was converting them all to the CTF standard but abandoned the idea because it was too much work for what are subpar maps that are a relic of their time. Other map packs I am aware of that I rarely see played: osctfmp odactf1 RBCTF (skulltag compatible; has some cool maps and I have not seen it hosted since the Skulltag 97 era) and of course 32in24-4, 7, and 12 before the good maps were ripped and put into compilation wads.
  7. Hekksy

    LAN Doom using Odamex

    And if for some reason the connect command doesn't work, tell your son to use odalaunch to see the server and connect to it. Odalaunch should detect a lan server and allow him to connect to it. You will need to tell Odalaunch where Odamex is in File > Settings > File Locations
  8. Hekksy

    LAN Doom using Odamex

    Hi, I'll be happy to assist you: Yes, install Odamex on your son's PC. He will need the client as well. After that, run "odasrv" (the Odamex server) on your PC and use commands in odasrv to set the game up how you want. Basically odasrv is the server that runs the game world and keeps everything in sync, and your and your son's Odamex client connect to it to communicate. There is a folder called config-samples in your Odamex folder that has some commonly used configurations for public servers you can tinker with and modify to your liking. You can tell odasrv to load a configuration file as you start odasrv. A configuration file is basically a dump of personalized commands that tell odasrv how to act. Examples would be if you want co-op or deathmatch, if you want jumping and mouse aim, etc. If you are familiar with command line, use odasrv.exe +exec coop-modern.cfg. You can make sure odasrv finds this file by putting it in the same folder as odasrv. A second alternative is to launch odasrv and then tell it to load a config file. You can do this by placing the config file in the same folder as odasrv and using "exec" to launch it, for example "exec coop-modern.cfg" The final alternative is if you input commands into odasrv one by one. You will want to set "sv_usemasters 0" to keep the server from going public. After that, type the commands you want in the server console. Once you get the server launched, all PCs connected can launch Odamex (the client) and open the console with ~ and type "connect localhost" to connect to the server. I typed this kind of fast, but I hope I explained it OK. If you need more help feel free to join the Odamex discord on odamex.net and we will be happy to assist you more in-depth. There are also more resources here: https://odamex.net/wiki/How_to_run_a_server
  9. Hekksy

    Coop game with a given number of lifes?

    Odamex recently got survival with g_lives implemented for co-op. Try it maybe?
  10. Hekksy

    Is there no Discord server for coop?

    Why not just use the Zandronum discord or the MDF discord?
  11. Hekksy

    Preferred source port for multiplayer?

    Odamex has made great strides to improve the cooperative experience. The port even has survival co-op with lives as of version 0.9.0. There is also the ability to modify the health values and damage output of monsters via server cvars and rotate through multiple wads.
  12. Hekksy

    Sad news on new unreleased content

    To be fair John probably shouldn't have been releasing what isn't his intellectual property anyway and it was risky for him to do so. I am grateful for what he has given us. We as a Doom community have probably gotten more behind-the-scenes treasures than any other video game in history.
  13. Hekksy

    Acronym Game! This Threads Acronym....H E B

    Here Everything's Better ...wait, oops. (I work for H-E-B)
  14. Hekksy

    Cant' find playable deathmatch-servers

    I also recommend the Odamex discord for classic gameplay. We have a bot you can subscribe to for Deathmatch, 1vs1, Co-op, and Capture the Flag. Anyone can utilize the bot to notify members that a game is starting / you are looking for a game. Also the community is small and nice. https://odamex.net
  15. Hekksy

    Which sourceport do you use the most and why?

    Odamex because I only care for multiplayer and like the classic gameplay and small community