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  1. Hekksy

    Coop game with a given number of lifes?

    Odamex recently got survival with g_lives implemented for co-op. Try it maybe?
  2. Hekksy

    Is there no Discord server for coop?

    Why not just use the Zandronum discord or the MDF discord?
  3. Hekksy

    Preferable CO-OP Source Port?

    Odamex has made great strides to improve the cooperative experience. The port even has survival co-op with lives as of version 0.9.0. There is also the ability to modify the health values and damage output of monsters via server cvars and rotate through multiple wads.
  4. Hekksy

    Sad news on new unreleased content

    To be fair John probably shouldn't have been releasing what isn't his intellectual property anyway and it was risky for him to do so. I am grateful for what he has given us. We as a Doom community have probably gotten more behind-the-scenes treasures than any other video game in history.
  5. Hekksy

    Acronym Game! This Threads Acronym....H E B

    Here Everything's Better ...wait, oops. (I work for H-E-B)
  6. Hekksy

    Cant' find playable deathmatch-servers

    I also recommend the Odamex discord for classic gameplay. We have a bot you can subscribe to for Deathmatch, 1vs1, Co-op, and Capture the Flag. Anyone can utilize the bot to notify members that a game is starting / you are looking for a game. Also the community is small and nice. https://odamex.net
  7. Hekksy

    Which sourceport do you use the most and why?

    Odamex because I only care for multiplayer and like the classic gameplay and small community
  8. Hekksy

    Source port tier list

    S) Use very often, respect what's going on. A) Use now and then and respect, just not primary picks B) Has cool stuff, but I don't play it much C) Don't care for it, rarely play it D) I haven't played it (I played everything in the icons provided)
  9. Hekksy

    Bizarre Multiplayer Stories

    There was a bug in early versions Odamex that would spawn cyberdemons in CTF maps at point (0,0) due to an overflow. You would be playing a match and then a cyberdemon would spawn in the lava pit of zdctf map08. Awesome bug! We were sad to see it fixed because it was hilarious.
  10. Hekksy

    Need advice for a source port

    Odamex is Boom compatible and has a console. The wiki has instructions on how to build https://odamex.net/wiki/Main_Page
  11. Hekksy

    Dedicated server?

    Contains information regarding Odamex servers https://odamex.net/wiki/Main_Page
  12. Hekksy

    An online Doom source port?

    Please check out Odamex. It is designed specifically for oldschool Doom deathmatch :)
  13. Prior to this event, probably 64 since that is Zandronum's max. But 100 player deathmatch has to be the new record now! :)
  14. Hekksy

    AI research and Doom multiplayer

    The obvious answer is Zandronum because its easier for you to port and the most widely played client server port. However, I personally would love to see this in Odamex because it currently lacks bot support at all and desperately needs them. Both :)
  15. Hekksy

    Which 32in24 Edition Is The Best?

    For CTF, 16 is probably the best but I have a soft spot for 4. There are some awesome maps in here and some truly bad ones.