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  1. Hekksy

    Why is Odamex so underplayed?

    Odamex's peak playtime was between 2012 and 2014, when the International Doom League and then the World Doom League used it for their Capture the Flag competitions. It was also the port of choice for the 20th anniversary QuakeCon Doom II tournament in 2013. After the release of Odamex version 0.7.0 in 2014 the development slowed down to a crawl mostly due to all of the developers getting caught up with personal stuff in their own lives. The development has started to ramp up again as of October 2018. It is not surprising that you have not heard of it, seeing as the port was mostly a ghost town in the last 4 years. That said we hope that is changing soon ;)
  2. Hekksy

    Why is Odamex so underplayed?

    The Discord is actually very active for community stuff and is the best way to get involved. Please join us there :D. Can't wait for 0.8!
  3. Hekksy

    Cacowards 2018 - 25 Years of Doom

    This was fun to read. Thank you to everyone that compiled the list and thanks to the mappers for the great content!
  4. Glad to see you guys back at it. If I am around Saturday I'll be sure to check it out!
  5. Hekksy

    Issue with Odamex source port.

    In that case, Odamex cannot find your copy of doom.wad that comes with The Ultimate Doom. I recommend you find and put doom.wad in your odamex folder
  6. Hekksy

    Doom Eternal is a game, that exists

    I smiled rly hard when I saw the arch-vile. They NAILED the look.
  7. Hekksy

    Issue with Odamex source port.

    Open the console and type "wad doom.wad" Does that help?
  8. Hekksy

    Odamex source down?

    I updated the wiki a bit to point away from our old SVN repo and point to Github. Of course I know nothing about Github management so someone else will have to create the part about downloading and maintaining the source with Github.
  9. Doomseeker and DE ping the same master servers and thus get the same lists. It does not matter which program you use unless your browser supports one port the other does not. In your case, DE would have the advantage of also seeing ZDaemon servers because DS does not support ZDaemon.
  10. Hekksy

    Did you cheat through Doom as a kid?

    Me, my bro, and my dad played all the way thru Doom 2 on I'm Too Young To Die with no sound. We did not discover cheat codes until we got to the Icon of Sin when my dad's friend told him about IDDQD and IDKFA. This was when I was about 5 years old lul.
  11. Hekksy

    Doom Streams

    DemonSphere and DevestatioN commonly stream World Doom League games on their Twitch accounts. Great to have if you want to look into competitive Doom: https://www.twitch.tv/demonsphere https://www.twitch.tv/devastation1337 Also WDL leadership tend to do weekly broadcasts for predictions of upcoming games and hot topics related to the WDL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_orzIw5SVu8RIccX02wQaw
  12. Hekksy

    New Forum

    This is definitely going to take some getting used to, but I like the smoothness of the new forum. I'm sure it will be very nice once all the kinks are worked out.
  13. Hekksy

    Odamex Friday Night Nitro #199 - 8-bit CTF

    Nitro is starting now, kids
  14. Hekksy

    Odamex Friday Night Nitro #199 - 8-bit CTF

    To play Nitro, you have to have Odamex installed. No invite is needed, just join the server.