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  1. So for a good while now, I've had these stories in my head, and aside from a short horror story that I've written which is from the POV of the first entry's true antagonist, these overviews are all that exist:


    The League of Super Critics (anime film/season 1 of Netflix series/Netflix miniseries):

    In an alternate universe of the year 202X, a group of Internet critics are drawn into a web of deceit and horror when several among them have been kidnapped by the United States government, involving experiments to create "transhumans," the City in which they live in, and an omnipotent force that threatens to consume humanity. 


    Angry Army Corps (live-action film):

    A recently-anointed transhuman sets out to create the Angry Army, an alien defense force that features the public alliance of both humans and transhumans, alongside the critics who left The League in the wake of The City's destruction. Meanwhile, an experimental transhuman military unit known as the Reaper Crew are tasked by the US Government to hunt down the Angry Army, although the Reaper Crew's inception came with horrific consequences that the Angry Army soon discovers. 


    NekoPhalanx (live-action film):

    The notorious Angry Army recon unit known as NekoPhalanx must set out to Neo-Tokyo in search of a weapon known as the Antihuman, an android created for the sole purpose of killing transhumans. 

    But when the Antihuman holds Neo-Tokyo hostage and starts playing a game of psychological cat-and-mouse, the cat girl unit must fight their way past violent motorcycle gangs, corrupt police forces, deployed US soldiers, and their own inner demons in order to get to the Antihuman. 


    The League of Super Critics: In Space (video game):

    In the year 203X, an alien invasion sweeps up the human populace, orchestrated by an old nemesis of the League's new leader. However, the nemesis's actions spark a gateway from another dimension, spawning a pantheon of unspeakable cosmic horrors and eldritch gods that can reshape the universe as they see fit. 

    It's up to the new League, the Angry Army, and the descendants of the old critics known as Delta Green, to ward off this pantheon of eldritch abominations.


    Would these overviews serve as good bases for good stories?


    I also have that short horror story, I believe (it's on the SomeOrdinaryGamers wiki, and it's called "The Core Mind.")

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    2. Man of Doom

      Man of Doom

      Funnily enough, all of these entries are planned to have a "but-not-too-serious" vibes going on, as they are actually parodies of "darker and edgier" media, as well as a sort of affectionate parody types of superhero media (given how superhero movies nowadays have super-futuristic technology, so a cyberpunk setting would be fitting). 


      As a bonus, they're even going to be in the vein of ultra-violent anime of the late 80s to early 90s such as GenoCyber, AKIRA, and Wicked City, only with hints of self-awareness and irony, even going so far as to perform satire in the style of RoboCop. 


      And for soundtracks, these are planned:

      TLOSC- Industrial music in the style of NiN meets the soundtrack from Wolf: TNO

      AA Corps- dark synth blended with industrial djent in the style of Doom 2016

      NekoPhalanx- a more 80s synth, fused with something you might hear from Quake III Arena

      TLOSC: In Space- a fusion of Wolf: TNC with some reprisals from the AA Corps soundtrack and the original TLOSC

    3. Impie


      lol we're on the same page then. Well, that's my choice: cyber-catgirls on motorbikes and shit.

    4. Man of Doom

      Man of Doom

      To tell you the truth, in all honesty, I've been trying to see if I can recruit talented writers to help me elaborate further on these stories, to see if I can elaborate any further on aspects of these stories I've been missing. As an example, did you know that the members of NekoPhalanx are based on real people? Here are the members of said recon unit:


      Midori (Sushii Xhyvette)
      Misaki (Emily Astrom)
      Hokkyo (a friend of mine named Lauren Nicole)
      Keijo (Kaybear Cosplay; Kay Thomas)
      Adria (Mandy Morbid)


      As an additional bonus, Emily Astrom is actually one of the planned writers I'm trying to recruit.