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  1. I've never played it (couldn't get it to run correctly on Dosbox), but I think it looks pretty badass, but the few reviews I've read haven't been favorable. Is this generally considered a good or bad fps? My understanding is that it was mostly a UK release and saw little if any exposure in the US. I'd never heard of it til a few years ago.
  2. Are there any behind-the-scenes photos of the puppets used to make the enemies in Blood? I haven't had much luck finding them, but I was sure there was a gallery somewhere. I remember seeing the spider puppet at one point.
  3. Your Thoughts on Last Rites

    Same here. I keep discovering weirdo computer games for DOS and Windows 95 I'd never heard of. Last Rites has a nice look and sound to it, and I like that they had enemy variety with the undead so they're not all the same melee critters. I love the sledgehammer-throwing guys and the Day of the Dead-esque soundtrack.
  4. Most recent movie you saw

    Finally watched Prince of Egypt and thought it was beautiful and terrific. Great take on the story of Moses vs Ramses that makes it a story about two brothers rather than the preachy bible flick I was expecting. Only issues I had: most of the musical numbers are pretty terrible, and a lot of the actors feel miscast like they wanted actors who were jewish rather than actors who were right for the part. None of the faults really hurt the final product too much though. Loved every minute of it. Even when the music was bad, the visuals were stunning.
  5. Looking to play and record your maps

    Oh damn, you went on hard mode? They gonna give you a run for your money. Too bad you skipped the basement area. There's a ton of ammo down there.
  6. Blood Enemy Puppet Photos?

    Thanks friend! God the spider puppet looks wonderful. Probably the best-made of the lot. But damn, page 2's pics don't work...
  7. Abandoned Community Projects

    Probably because nobody has a clue what they want the project to be anymore. It started as "let's remake Doom with original assets and maps for fun and for modders" and then it went the way of the System Shock Remaster kickstarter. Hopefully they take a step back and get it back on track in the near future. I tried to get people to make community maps for a Splatterhouse 3D project that never got off the ground, but does still have a 4-level demo that I just touched up today.
  8. The regular intermission screen is the box art for Persian Gulf Inferno, and the ending screen and briefing screen are both from Alcatraz. Both are Amiga games that have missions based on them in the mod. Also yeah, the sound thing is a side-effect of using static portals (i.e. how I got the multiple-leveled areas to work).
  9. The HORUS terrorist group has just made super-terrorist Victor Baloch its new leader, and they've stolen several nuclear warheads. With the nukes in tow, they've begun holding the world hostage one region at a time. In response to this, NATO has greenlit a campaign to eradicate HORUS and Victor once and for all, with the Hercules of counter-terrorism Hector Juarez taking point. Operation Body Count is a go. DOWNLOAD IT! This is a small side-project, revisiting a previous remake i abandoned a couple years back. It'll be three objective-based, multi-storied missions when it's done. Kill terrorists, rescue hostages, disarm nuclear devices, and save the world from HORUS's ultimate jihad. A remake of the terrible DOS shooter of the same name, in the same spirit as my previous remake, Nerves of Steel. The full version will also have a PDF with other fun details in it.
  10. Looking to play and record your maps

    It's 9 missions total, most of them around 20 minutes to a half hour in length depending how well you fare.
  11. Looking to play and record your maps

    All missions are done pistol start by default, so no worries there: between each mission all your shit gets removed because of the time lapse in-between. They tend to be a bit lengthy, too. Missions 1 through 4 are probably the best bet for a showcase, and you can probably fit 1 and 2 in the same video since 1 only takes a few minutes; the other three take about fifteen, twenty minutes if you know what you're doing, including the intro briefings explaining the premise of each mission and what your main objective is. Give it a whirl before you record and see what you think.
  12. Looking to play and record your maps

    Operation Body Count just came out, if you're down for somewhat mission-based maps and 80s action movies.
  13. The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    can you describe the map itself? was it a puzzle-oriented house or something?
  14. I was going for "as pulpy as possible" with this one. :D Glad you're getting a kick out of it. Hitscan enemies have been a divisive point for doomers lately for some reason.
  15. Still watching Megablast stumble through your Super Mayhem 17 map. This was the mod I was referring to in chat. Wasn't sure if you'd seen it before or not, but it suddenly seems right up your alley.

    1. dobu gabu maru

      dobu gabu maru

      Ah I see—seeing a pistol in Heretic is really bonkers. Unfortunately my hands are full with projects I've been trying to complete, so I'll have to decline.

    2. Impie


      That's cool, just wanted to bring it to your attention in case you were a heretic fan.

  16. Shit somehow I didn't see the last post. It was telling me I was the last one to post in this thread. I think. I dunno. Anyway, Icarus talked about the mod. It's in the op.
  17. The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Was it the final map, and the plasma marines were also ghosts?
  18. Share a random fact about yourself

    I thought I was afraid of riding on the hood of a moving car 'til about a half hour ago.
  19. Share a random fact about yourself

    Well yeah, I'm not gonna collect the boring stuff.
  20. Where does The Ultimate Doom's Episode 4 Takes Places

    This. Specifically Quedlinburg.
  21. Share a random fact about yourself

    I collect girly shit.
  22. Rain

    This is what I use when I want rain effects. Although I had to make the raindrop sprites larger and change it to spawn more frequently for it to be noticeable.
  23. The general consensus I hear from my fellow nerds is that animated things aren't meant to be live-action things, which is frankly preposterous (especially considering how frequently it's done in Japan with moderate success). All you need is someone who knows what the hell they're doing, like with anything else. I grew up watching lots of then-obscure films based on animations I was also watching at the time and wanted to share my favorites here, and encourage others to do the same. So share live-action adaptations of animated properties that you think did it right, not the ones that fucked it up or half-assed it. There's plenty of those. Guyver: Dark Hero People joke about The Guyver being an R-rated power rangers anime, and then this movie came out and made that reality: it's directed by the Power Rangers guy. Unlike the shit first film, it also knows exactly what it's supposed to be, where it comes from, and how to pull it off reasonably well. The film is as dark and moody as the manga series, and even takes some character designs and scenes directly from the source material: one scene is a live-action frame-for-frame recreation of the Guyver origin story from the manga. Guyver even looks exactly like he does in the anime, proportions, coloring and all. The fights are better too, though they're few and far between given how plot-driven it is (again, a lot like the source material). I was pretty happy when I saw this as a young Guyver fan. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles This one needs no introduction, especially for yours truly. I enjoyed the cartoon like the other kids in the 80s who were entertained by any dumb flashy thing on tv, but the movie went back to the source material: the moody Eastman and Laird comics that started it all, combining two great E&L stories with the cartoon incarnations to make a package that is goofy with a hard edge (and lots of low-key lighting). I loved this version of the turtles way more than the cartoon versions, and found it hard to go back to the show once I saw this in theaters. Still the best portrayal of Shredder I've ever seen (the voice in the trailer isn't the voice from the movie: in the actual movie he's fucking scary). Dragonball: The Magic Begins Live-action chop socky interpretation of the original Dragonball story, cheesy effects and all? Sign me the fuck up. This movie is tons of goofy fun, and everybody is here: Goku and his extendy-stick, Yamcha and his fear of women, pervy Master Roshi and his flying cloud, Bulma and her car (and vanity), Oolong and his obnoxious shape-shifting powers. They take more liberties with the bad guys so they're actually fearsome and not incompetent: King Horn is especially badass and would fit right in on a super sentai show. The fights are pre-Crouching Tiger high-flying stuff, back when it was really fast and not as awkward. You can enjoy this one in original Chinese (not sure if it was cantonese or mandarin) or the silly english dub if you're into that sorta thing. GI Joe: Retaliation The first movie was exactly what the trailer made it look like: it looked like a bad hollywood cash-grab, and I was totally right. They couldn't even get Snake Eyes's costume right. When Retaliation came out, I wasn't gonna bother seeing it, until mom and dad rented it for the evening and I happened through the room during the initial scenes. Once it got to the Firefly clip above, I decided "okay, I need to see the rest of this." Turns out it was aptly named: this movie was made by GI Joe fans who "got it", and ended up making the GI Joe movie I wanted when I was a kid in the 80s, as if in retaliation against the abysmal first one. Even now, whenever I mention the movie, or see a clip from it, I feel like watching it again. Great cast of Joes and Cobras that're really well personified, look like they're supposed to, and get to use all the gimmicks they're known for: Roadblock uses heavy machine guns as infantry weapons, Lady Jaye gets dolled up and does some infiltratin', Firefly blows shit up, Zartan is master of disguise, even Duke was his usual boring "friendly alpha-douche" self. And the whole middle section of the movie is a fucking cliffside ninja battle. And they used some of the classic vehicles from the toy line. Eight-Year-Old Impie was bouncing off the walls. Bonus: Watch The Fate of the Furious and imagine it as a sequel to this. I swear to god they musta lost the license for a third and revised the script last-minute.
  24. Yeah the Japanese do this sorta thing ALL the time. I was surprised the TV Tropes article on the subject has such a HUGE section on "live action stuff based on anime stuff". They did it with Cutey Honey a few times and it's pretty goofy shit.