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  1. Post one you think deserves a nomination.
  2. I was excited when I finally found a queen alien at walmart. She was a bitch to find.
  3. Around the time the game was released, and even several years after, we did have a surge of more "mature" shows like Batman, X-Men, Exo Squad, even War Planets. The show could easily have kept a dark, gritty style even without the hell aspect. Would it have held up? Probably not. Most cartoons from the 80s and 90s don't. But we'd probably look back on it and say, "It was cool that they were able to get away with that." And undoubtedly we'd look back on other aspects of it and cringe a little bit. I mean, shit, Aliens almost had a cartoon.
  4. Jokes aside, I imagine it would have been a combination of the Exo Squad and Mutant League cartoons, occasionally using CGI like Battletech. Kind of a grim "adult" style, epic music and battles, the demons would talk and probably come off as silly, and the show would get away with the occasional onscreen death. Most importantly, the toys would have been cool and HIGHLY collectible today. And probably made by Toybiz. I like to pretend this figure is the imp from the 90s action figure line of a different timeline when such a cartoon did exist. I think apart from changing all hell aspects to alien ones, it'd be no further removed from the source material than the Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter cartoons were.
  5. I guess I forgot to post this on Doomworld. DOWNLOAD GHOUL SCHOOL 3D (FOR HERETIC/GZDOOM) Playtest time for this 3D remake of an obscure NES game of the same name. It's a first-person action-puzzle-adventure-thing spanning four inter-connected maps. It tries to better capture the idea Scott Marshall was originally going for about ghouls living on campus and Spike having to deal with them. I think. I hope. The school is overrun with undead the week before prom. Most of these undead are jerks, but a few seem helpful enough to give you hints rather than zombify you. Get to the bottom of the cause of the undead uprising and save your prom date (who may or may not even like you). Shoot bad monsters. Talk to humans and good monsters. Solve puzzles and navigate spooky mazes. Try not to kill or piss off NPCs or they won't help you. Try not to let everyone at school become zombified or you'll be up to your ears in ghouls. Make dumb announcements on the school intercom. Doowutchalike. Jumping and crouching are required. For a walkthrough, check the wiki articles.
  6. Impie

    Ghoul School 3D (For Heretic)

    Thanks for the bump, I guess.
  7. I mean, it wouldn't be the weirdest thing they made a cartoon out of.
  8. Impie

    Best Intermission Text You've Read/Written

    lol what the hell was this from?
  9. Impie

    Best Intermission Text You've Read/Written

    I thought that was the end of Doom 64. Still a great final line.
  10. Impie

    Best Intermission Text You've Read/Written

    I don't really remember any intermissions from the wads I've played. Not off the top of my head. I think I wrote some cool intermissions for the Karnak mods, though. These are the intermissions from the Karnak mod for Hexen:
  11. If your music selection for a project is small, you use what you got.
  12. Impie

    Splatterhouse 3D - Full TC

    Updated. Rick has a face now.
  13. Impie

    Splatterhouse 3D - Full TC

    DOWNLOAD EDIT: First draft of the full game is finished. Two 6-map episodes, each based on the first two games in the Splatterhouse franchise, which I consider to be the complete story of Rick, Jenny, and a terrible Mayan artifact. Music from the demo version was removed because it was repetitive and the game is scarier without it. Don't forget to adjust brightness settings as instructed: "This mod should be dripping with foreboding atmosphere. For the best horror experience, change your OpenGL preferences under “Display Options”: drop “ambient lighting” to its lowest setting, and switch to “Dark” sector light mode."
  14. Impie

    Splatterhouse 3D - Full TC

    This looks really dope in-game. I could never make a decent looking hud face for rick. You mind if I add it to the mod and credit you in the pdf?
  15. Impie

    Stimpack or Health Bonus

    You might need all the health you can get though, if the next encounter or two ruins your shit after getting back to full health. 11% health is better than 1% or even 4%. lol I really hope you never get sick or injured irl.
  16. Impie

    got hit by a car.

    Jesus, glad you're alive and recovering. Good luck, man.
  17. OVERVIEW Taking my Arctic Wolf mod to the next level, I'm now recreating the mod from scratch as a new Winter Agent Juno episode, redesigning the original Arctic Wolf maps from the ground up. Includes some bitchin' textures made for me by Jimmy! PLOT Juno is drafted by her government to destroy an enemy operation centered around a stealth submarine which could allow two maniacs to dominate the globe. The mission is somewhat personal for Juno, as one of those maniacs is an old rival with a score to settle. DOWNLOAD PAGE Don't forget to check out Project Einherjar and Midgard Outlaw as well!
  18. Officially released after getting feedback from testers. I also updated all the Winter Agent Juno mods today: - All three use the armor/health bonus graphics from Sea Wolf. - The final confrontation of Midgard Outlaw's 11th map was refined a bit more. - All three have a new "you found a secret!" sound: random voice clips that give the impression Juno is pleased that you found a secret for her. Mostly added for a touch of humor. - All three have the homing ability of the smaller enemy rockets removed. - Sea Wolf has a number of map fixes, like an easier jump here, more level detail there, etc. - Ruth got a slight makeover in Project Einherjar to better resemble how she looks in the novel series: So if you ever wanted to binge on the Winter Agent Juno mods, this is a pretty good time to do it.
  19. Impie

    Why I hate the term "mapper".

    It can't be two terms for the same thing? Doom levels have always been referred to as maps, hence if you make Doom maps, you're a mapper. It's a community term and I don't see how it can't encompass everything that goes into level design just because it's different terminology. There's nothing derogatory about it. I think you're overanalyzing this. It's like saying the term "programmer" is derogatory because it only encompasses the process of programming, and not the nuance of what goes into good coding. See how ridiculous that sounds? And I don't see how whether the term "mapper" is derogatory or wrong is comparable to social justice arguments, unless you're alluding to people creating unnecessary conflict over non-issues. In which case, I totally see the relation.
  20. Impie

    Whats your favorite animes

    Ghost Stories, the english dub.
  21. Impie

    Bring out your dead

    This made me start reminiscing on some of those old TC projects that were killed in their crib, which I was sadly looking forward to, like Ninja Doom and Dracula Doom. To this day I still sometimes wonder what they would've been like.
  22. Impie

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    What is it? I love it already.
  23. Impie

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Not bad for a first attempt, though it'd fit better in Wolf3D. Save an alternate version and try experimenting with the level architecture, make it a little less square and a little more loose. See what you come up with.