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Everything posted by Impie

  1. I said a while back that I was expanding the story of the mod into another book. I uploaded the first act of this book onto Tapas for a novel contest. You can read it here. A robot apocalypse looms on the horizon… After surviving a robotic drone attack in her own neighborhood, Juno gladly accepts the dangerous task of hunting the drone’s creator and bringing him to justice. As the only surviving member of the notorious Ghost Lion commando unit, she’s the ultimate hunter. Her mission takes her back to Jotunheim for the first time since the end of the war, where she quickly finds herself unwelcome everywhere she goes: from a land of femnazis and male slaves, to a macho dictatorship where women soldiers are forbidden, culture shock becomes the least of her worries. The trail leads to an old enemy who has a few bones to pick with Juno…and will take her pick of those bones from Juno’s corpse.
  2. Impie

    Good Horror games

    Clock Tower on the ps1 scared the shit out of me. Point and click horror mystery adventure where the scissorman could show up at any time and start chasing you again. Really love Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth as well. Also there's a very creepy point and click game called Scratches I remember enjoying.
  3. Impie

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    Splatterhouse movie/comic designs. Plus, some Then and Now Deviantart memes I did years ago, comparing my old drawings with newer efforts. 1) Sexy bunny girl. Left is very detailed but has no character. Right is cartoonier but her personality is unmistakable. 2) Egyptian Goddess Hathor: left is junior high, right is post-college. 3) The storyboards I posted earlier weren't my first attempt at a splatterhouse comic. Left is a sequence from the one i drew in junior high. Right is the same sequence reimagined in my storyboards twenty-odd years later.
  4. Impie

    Your favorite video game announcers.

    The overworld and dungeon narrators from original Dungeon Keeper are among my all-time favorites. I also like the robots in another Bitmap Bros game called Z, which I guess technically counts...? Least favorites: the asshole announcer in Crazy Taxi, and the god of Funkotron in Toejam and Earl 3. The second either of them talks, I lose my temper.
  5. Impie

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    A few excerpts from my old Splatterhouse graphic novel storyboards.
  6. It does. Maybe you were lucky, but it's happened. I have rubbed up against a monster, pointed the gun in their mouth, pulled the trigger, and left a Looney Tunes outline around the unharmed monster.
  7. Impie

    Random Video Thread

  8. The monsters die easier. That's not the same as a weapon being overpowered. Even then, you can't miss with the SSG at point blank, unlike the Doom 3 shotgun, which more than once COMPLETELY MISSED A TARGET AT POINT BLANK RANGE for me. Utter garbage, even compared to the rest of the garbage arsenal. I'd also like to nominate the Riot Gun from Shadow Warrior. Awful fire rate, wasteful alt fire, and either way you're forced to reload after only four shots. Even regular pump-actions have a minimum of 5 shots before they go dry, plus one in the chamber. It has a magazine and four gatling barrels. The damn thing should be a fully-auto shotgun, not a pepperbox gun with one shot per barrel. The riot gun LOOKS awesome, but it's borderline worthless.
  9. I've played tons of wads don't start out as slaughter wads, but turn into them little over halfway through. So the bitching is valid, and "get gud" isn't a valid argument because you can be a master at Doom and still find them tedious and unfun.
  10. Impie

    Worst Ending in a videogame?

    You have to be asleep to go to subcon. It all really happened. Hacx has the worst ending. Don't end your game with a To Be Continued, guys...
  11. Impie

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    Pic based on The Gaulheim Hit.
  12. Impie

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    Drew Dr Gaul from Last of the Ghost Lions (which I'm still struggling to finish writing), based on my Project Einherjar mod. Inspired by Mazoyah's fan-art for the mod (right).
  13. Impie

    Female Protagonist in the new Doom movie?

    Assuming it isn't speculation and they are indeed arbitrarily turning Doomguy into Doomgirl, they're doing it because of the current genderswap trend in media. They made a genderswap fanfic Ghostbusters movie, and they're giving Dr Who and James Bond the same treatment (despite male/female timelords being established as canon, and despite there being plenty of female Bond equivalents in print at the same time as Fleming that would make their own great franchises). Brand awareness + fan controversy = (theoretical) $$$. That's it. I've planned female protagonists for a few of my own Doom books, but I stuck to the source material in the beginning, THEN took creative license with the rest. Didn't just take the original Doom story and do whatever the fuck I wanted. EDIT: Kinda reminds me of similar issues with arbitrary character changes, where depending what the change was, the same people would react differently. Change White Nick Fury to Minority Nick Fury and someone goes "omg like it even matters who plays him lol"; a white guy gets cast as Iron Fist and that same person is outraged that it wasn't an Asian actor (Iron Fist was white in the comics, dumbass). My point being, artistic integrity has become a joke for the sake of profit and far-left internet politics. Kinda curious how Blade woulda turned out if they changed him to a cholita.
  14. Impie

    Twitter locking accounts for thanking others

    Coulda fooled me, this day and age.
  15. In the four years she had been the facility’s warden, Juno had seen all kinds of clients: abusive foremen, lonely old maids, military recruiters, and curious girls looking to celebrate their eighteenth birthdays. She had rented stock to politicians, police captains, single mothers, and even her own valkyries. She had signed for her men to be subjected to eugenics tests, medical experiments, military drafts, and violent sporting events. She had never served the despot of a neighboring city before. Nor had she been politely asked to inventory and surrender all of her homosexual males. The letter from Gaulheim had done just that, after praising Juno’s service to the state for several purple paragraphs. Juno grunted. “I have better things to do with my time than entertain an entitled dinosaur with a bloated ego.” “Shoulda replied to her letter, then.” “I couldn’t be bothered to put ‘Fuck Off’ on a postcard.”
  16. Impie

    What are you listening to?

    Podcast I appeared on recently, where we read a terrible story, and then the most amazing story.
  17. Impie

    The old Doomguy adventures

    This is fucking brilliant.
  18. Impie

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    Daria from my urban fantasy comedy Infernal Affairs: A Divine Comedy of Errors (Bishop & Holiday Book 1). She's a Fleg, a type of daemon native to Inferno -- specifically Circle 7, although you can find them on any circle where there's fun to be had. Flegs are generally the fun-loving seductive devils; it's the Imps you gotta watch out for. I also do the art for the Bishop & Holiday radio plays.
  19. MikesToyBox.net. I link all my books, comics, and doom related stuff there. I hope he can find the wads that aren't easily available anymore, too. It'll be funny if he ends up visiting the "help me find a specific wad" thread a few hundred times.
  20. Impie

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I make passable(?) erotic art for drawing practice, and almost never share it.
  21. Impie

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    Thread over on Tapas asking for people's erotic art, but because it's a webcomic community, it's all shirtless dudes. I posted a few of these to mix it up.
  22. Correction, he's playing every wad on the idgames archive, not every wad ever made. He'd have to go fishing for some obscure wad archives, grab everything on moddb, and be the fifth person to ever visit my website. lel.
  23. No, I tend to just think they're crybabies.