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  1. deathx88

    Phocas Island 2... help i'm stuck

    thats an easter egg or something its a white wall that says "fuck you!?!?!?!" or something like that you'll have to walk thru walls to get there
  2. deathx88

    Phocas Island 2... help i'm stuck

    ok thanks, i found the last guy just chillin behind some rocks, he was hard to find
  3. i've been playing this game for a while now, but i want to get the good ending but i can't find a couple of things and the hints list doesn't really help anyway, if anyone can help me, im trying to find the damn rock to throw in the pond. i'm guessing you use the pick ax to get the rock, but what level is it in, the hints say some cave but there are alot of caves in the game and i can only find one serpent horn, can anyone tell me were to find the other one