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  1. Varun

    Prepare For Chaos

    It's GREAT! I think Chris Lutz is the most creative mapper ever! I don't know how he imagines all those HUGE structures, let alone actually building them. Great maps with incredible lighting and design... I wish I could make maps like that :)
  2. Varun

    The /newstuff Chronicles #78

    Finally... but what happened to my WAD? At the time I uploaded it to the incoming directory (2 weeks back), all the WADs reviewed now were there also. But my map seems to be the only one that got transferred to it's final location before the review! The map is here - ftp://3darchives.in-span.net/pub/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/s-u/snq.zip
  3. Varun

    The /newstuff Chronicles #76

    Excellent work!!! Erik, I don't know how you built such a large map in just 4 days.
  4. Varun

    Metabolist 3

    GREAT Map!
  5. Varun

    Death Finally Came Along

    This map was great in terms of detail and size, but I had more fun playing A Lonely Place to Die.
  6. Varun

    The /newstuff Chronicles #59

    Yep, the BEST Doom map ever :)