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  1. mikenet2007

    Make a wall blockable only from one direction?

    http://www.mediafire.com/download/xrqcrqdbe5q17s2/Floor_Lower_To_New_Sector.rar This is the test Wad I created to demonstrate why I needed the effect of the player stopping briefly. An explanation for this wad written in the script. It's a simulated sector over sector effect in the form of a trap. Feel free to share it or use it if you find it useful.
  2. mikenet2007

    Make a wall blockable only from one direction?

    Man that worked perfectly! Thanks, I'm almost done with this trap now.
  3. mikenet2007

    A script that executes the second time it's triggered

    Neat, That should work fine, thanks. I'm still fairly script illiterate with the exception of the easy ones.
  4. mikenet2007

    Make a wall blockable only from one direction?

    Nice that looks like it will be just what I need, I'll test it out probably tonight sometime when I get off work. Would I replace "playernumber" with 1 for player 1 or leave the script as is. Also does the script require an extra thing in the sector or is the player the only thing needed? PS Didn't remember you were on this site, I figured id post here sometimes to break up the questions on the other site so their isn't back to back post. I've had a lot to do in a short amount of time. :p
  5. What would a script look like where the action occurs the second time the script is triggered? Say I wanted a floor to lower after a player walks over a line twice.
  6. mikenet2007

    Make a wall blockable only from one direction?

    That would almost work if I deleted the vein texture, but it would prevent the player from getting to the middle of the sector and picking up the key. Any other ideas?
  7. mikenet2007

    Make a wall blockable only from one direction?

    That wouldn't work, the hole is a square in the middle of a sector that can be accessed from any direction. This is going to be a trap actually, the ground will look level and normal until the player picks up a blue card, then a script goes off that lowers the small square sector around the key. With the way I have it designed their is no way to make the sector surrounding the key wider or taller on one end. It's hard to explain.
  8. I want an invisible wall (a middle wall) that you can walk into but not back out of. It's passable going in but not back out. If that's not possible, perhaps theirs a way to do it with invisible sprites? If not an alternative would be to make it to where the player cant move for a short amount of time. I need one of these tricks to force a player down a hole that could normally be run over if your going fast enough. I can't make the hole sector any wider to prevent the player from running or jumping across. So I need a the player stuck in that sector long enough to fall down.
  9. mikenet2007

    What format should I create my levels in

    Ive mapped before but it's been a long time. I got as far as creating custom textures, scripts, monsters, and weapons. Back in the day I used Doom Builder 1 and designed some levels in Zdoom in Hexen format. I have many of the fundamentals down. It sounds like UDMF format will be the way to go, Im hearing something similar in the Zdoom.org forums. One question I have is why can't you create GZdoom levels using DoomBuilder? I love the 3d mode in doom builder, it's a huge time saver.
  10. Im using doombuilder 2 to make custom levels for doom 2. It has various formats to create a level in. For example "zdoom doom in doom format" or "zdoom doom in hexen format" I want the most versatile mode that allows me to do all the original doom stuff plus more. I think Im leaning toward one of the zdoom formats, but I dont know which one is best. I want to be able to do as much as possible, such as slopes, translucent effects, ect. I noticed I can make a doom 2 level using "zdoom doom in hexen format" would their be any advantages or disadvantages if doing this? Or do most people recomend a doom format instead? If some of the hexen effects are available that would be a plus but I also want all the original doom2 effects and options. Finding out what format you use personally and why would also be helpful info. Thanks in advance
  11. """"Over the years that I've been playing Doom I have gained lots of experience about maps and one thing I noticed about your map is the "Line of sight" issue while running through it. At times I could just see forever! (at least it seemed like it at times) Your lighting and transparency effects have a tendency to "bog" down the game play. Those are just some quick thoughts, I'll get back to it tomorrow."""" Yes,hehe I always have built on large scales, Its my belief that players love to see elaborated and massive structures and I want this map to almost look like it was built for Unreal Tournament, almost ;) I'm really not accustom to the limits that exist when mapping for doom because I've only been doing it for 3 months now. Ive done most my mapping in other games, I just hope I'm not pushing it here.
  12. Great! Id be glad to. Just let me fix a few things and I'll have it sent to you sometime today.
  13. Unfortunately this map has far to many zdoom effects that I wish to keep to switch to any port that does not support them, unless of course launching the map in an alternate port will save the nodes it builds to the wad, allowing me then to use my wad with zdoom hopefully with the nodes properly built, I'm not sure if it works that way though. The other port Im considering as of now is GZdoom because I found that it at least eliminates the wall clipping problem but the monster clipping issue still remains. Gzdoom does unfortunatly have some undesired effects like my colored lighting going from red to purple, and the monsters look kind of funny if they are above you. It renders the map beautifully though. Very crisp looking. I need to try building glnodes then running gzdoom to see if that helps the monster clipping at all. Honestly half this stuff makes about as much sense to me as trigonometry, so its constant trial and error. I consider myself a decent mapper, I've been doing it for years mostly for newer games, but honestly I admit to knowing little about blockmaps and nodes and how they function.
  14. Im not sure what to do about this, I havent tried fixing the minor issues yet because I think its the blockmap limit thats killing me, I need a way to build a sufficient blockmap for a large zdoom map containing many sidedefs, I know its been done. Is there a utility that is designed just to build a blockmap?? I actually did post this in the zdoom forums before posing it here. Ismaele has a large wad with many sidedefs without the blockmap problem, so I guess today I will try and fix the minor errors glbsp found and see if that helps, if I can hunt down all the sector and wall locations. I'm getting frustrated with this.
  15. I long abandon the idea of having this map work in vanilla doom, Ive been designing this map for zdoom although it may end up working in other ports. Im glad you caught this forum because I have some questions about your nodebuilder and some zdoom limits as well. I haven't tried the dos prompt method of launching your program but I will experiment with it. One thing I did do was open up the configuration settings text file and change the block_limit to 64000 that way. That seemed to be the highest it would go without reseting itself back to default. It may have helped a little but didnt solve the problem. I want to know what the problem ive described is related to, im guessing the blockmap, am I right? I just failed trying to use bsp51 in dos prompt mode but I must have been getting the command wrong somewhere, hopefully I have more luck with yours but my dos knowladge is limited. Another question I have is about what zdoom may allow with nodes that regular doom wouldn't. For a zdoom map is the warning """Number of segs (37022) has overflowed the normal limit!""" even a problem for me? Is the ""Skipping a very short seg"" a problem either? Lastly, being that some of this terminology is very new to me what would be the ideal setup for building nodes with a large zdoom map like this one? In the windows version of your utility I built "normal nodes only" because I was unsure what effect building openGL nodes for a map being designed for regular zdoom would have. I assume the GL nodebuilding is for those designing for ports like gzdoom but if I can get any benifet from using glnodes let me know. Any other dos promt settetings that may help me Id love to know about as well ;) Also one more thing, would bitting the bullet and making this a GZdoom help lift any blockmap limits im running into?? Thanks