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  1. b00mb0dy

    Doom Streams

    A few days old now, but I did tackle Bastion of Chaos on HNTR: https://fb.watch/2JJRdsNp_x/ it was a stream. Only like 3 people came in to see it. Facebook Gaming is slow on the uptake. Seems you have to play certain games to get any traction.
  2. b00mb0dy

    Bastion of Chaos - Low spec version is up!

    I was inspired by @UltraViolenceX the YouTube G, to make a vid of me tackling this map. 2.5 hours, lots of saving and reloading. Also some cheese. https://fb.watch/2JHxS05tD_/ thanks Bridgeburner for this rad map. Yes it chugged in a few spots on my PC but oh well. also it’s HNTR difficulty because I didn’t want to lose my mind. UV tried it on HMP.
  3. b00mb0dy

    Can someone recommend good WADs to me?

    I think with many of the wads suggested, they come with their own custom monsters and weapons sometimes, so it's not usually just vanilla gameplay. There's a lot of interesting effects done as well with many of the newer ones. If you end up getting into older classics, like Memento Mori 1 / 2, or Hell Revealed 1 / 2, those could work with gameplay mods. Good luck and have fun out there! I've been DOOMing since 2002, and frankly, played the games when they were new (DOOM on my 386, which chugged and ran real slow... imagine Doom running slow on Episode 2), so it's been a journey.
  4. Glad to see you here UV! I'm "theshep" on youtube. I've been on one of your streams before. Hope you're doing well!

  5. I actually owned this game when it was Halloween Harry. So cool!
  6. b00mb0dy

    Best custom boss battles from any doom wad?

    Hocus Pocus Doom.
  7. b00mb0dy

    Hocusdoom RELEASED (in /idgames)

    Dude.... the secret levels all being a different game from the 90s.... dang I don't want to spoil but the 4th episode secret level... just fuzzy feels man. Hint: RAPID FIRE.
  8. b00mb0dy

    LegendaryBones' Clusterfuck Server

    I tried joining the other day, but had a protected lump verification error. I guess some of the wads I have aren't the precise versions needed to connect.
  9. I'm finally playing Ancient Aliens, and yes, this is superb! I like the credits list, the music, the mappers that were on board for the project! It's just a very A1 set, and I almost thought it was broke until I realized it was broken up into episodes (heh). Anyway, great work! Thanks for this fun color palette :)

    1. skillsaw


      Thanks a lot! I'm glad you're enjoying it, we all put a lot of energy and work into trying to make it as best as we could.

  10. So I tried downloading it from your download page, but I got one of those fake malware security pop-ups and was forced to close my browser. I'm not sure if it was caused by your site, but I can't safely grab this game until I can figure out what's going on.
  11. Does the "DUI" server in the US just pop into IDE, or is there a specific address I should enter if I can't find it?
  12. b00mb0dy

    Wads with notably "clean" design?

    I can't find this map set anywhere. All I see is a preview set on reddit, and a Map 5 standalone release in the forums...
  13. b00mb0dy

    Doom Streams

    Add me! I'm kind of a n00b, but here you go: http://www.twitch.tv/sheporiginale
  14. b00mb0dy

    ZDaemon servers on IDE

    If you're wondering why your server has been getting no activity in the past months, it may be because no one can log on to your server due to a failure to upgrade to the latest version of ZDaemon.