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  1. Fist - requires a skill that I do not have (also patience at times)
  2. I've always considered myself a 3rd gen Doomer. I consider 1st gen as those who were there in '93 and started the whole scene behind the faqs, earliest editors, and earliest levels. These were your pioneers in a new field. 2nd gen is those who were there in 94 - 95, online and were first Doomers on the pc before trying it on consoles. They continued the work of the pioneers and introduced refinements to both editors and level design. 3rd gen Doomers were possibly aware of Doom in 93 - 95 but not online at the time. They could have been introduced to Doom through consoles (I was). Their introduction to the Doom scene would be through shovelware discs and books on editing. The 4th and 5th gens would be online from the beginning of their gaming but after Win98 or Win95. Doomworld, NewDoom, and whatever other news sites existed for Doom. They most certainly would have been playing before Doom 3's announcement. Also it seems there was a new gen of Doomers every time a source port was released (especially true with Skulltag and Zdoom) or a new version of Windows.
  3. I would love a vertically tiled series of Marble2 or 3 skulls; both the larger ones and the smaller ones so I can use them as trim pieces to break up things.
  4. this looks fun
  5. You could try concentrating on only the shape of the map first, then once you are happy with that you could go back and retexture everything. I've seen one mapper use that technique to good effect.
  6. Continued my trip down memory lane and ended up playing "Dark Side of the Mind" (Darkside.wad aka Gather2 Map05) by Daniel Norman. I forgot how much I love to hate this map. Excellent map.
  7. Wanted a trip down memory lane, so I played Wet Work by Zen Pyschosis. It's a quick, easy really old level (94) that's actually decent next up its the sequel is the same level with Doom2 monsters added. slightly better
    A fun early map with decent architecture and interesting ideas. An easy level to beat.
  8. Those two books were how I learned mapping from--must have read Alchemy seven times it's so dog-eared
  9. Looking at this screenshot makes me really appreciate learning how to map on Wadauthor (let alone Doombuilder). The fact that anything was made on the early level editors is just damn impressive as they seem incredibly unfriendly to use.
  10. blindness
  11. While I love megawads, there is something truly satisfying beating a megamap in one shot. All of your skills are tested in these maps and the thrill of defeating it is only surpassed by the sense of exploring a really vast and hostile place.
  12. 2Complex
  13. 2002: A Doom Odyssey's Map E4M6 "Dementia" I made and is considered large (best speed run time I know of is 12 minutes? or so)
  14. You're slipping Alfonzo, not pimping E2M6 which was a very interesting episode.