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  1. Good thread idea... For me it would be my last map, Parechesis. The opening area kept needing to be adjusted to avoid HOMs and other weird glitches. I must have changed it 5 times before I gave up and walled off the vantage points where it would most likely occur. Also the stupid amount of tags were kind of hard to keep track of and at one point I had lost/merged my tags together and had to go back to an earlier version to manually restore everything (tedious to say the least).
  2. joepallai

    Post Your Mapping Tips

    Make maps that you would enjoy playing (you're going to be playtesting it a lot so you might as well enjoy the experience) Learn the editor of your choice; the time spent up front becoming familiar with the tools, will save you time down the road. Save often and have multiple save locations once you've put in enough effort (this could be size of file, hours put into the level, whatever you determine to be too much to lose). (hard drive, thumb drive, and dropbox are my recommendations) Enjoy the process as much as possible
  3. joepallai

    Which DOOM did you play first?

    no Playstation Doom? That's my entry
  4. This reminds me of Melan's work on adventure design to some extent. Very interesting. Here is a link for Melan's article in case anyone is interested http://www.darkshire.net/jhkim/rpg/dnd/dungeonmaps.html
  5. joepallai

    What exactly makes Doom mapping so appealing?

    While I don't know what lures new people to mapping; I find that the top down view of the maps remind me of the dungeons I use to make as a DM. There's a strange beauty to a good map when you look at it. Mapping itself is a drug, there's no better feeling creatively than when you are "in the zone" moving linedefs about, adding monsters and items and seeing your idea come to life.
  6. wasn't there a truck in Dystopia3?
  7. joepallai

    AshDream's 1st map released

    Memfis, thank you for the demo and review! Very interesting to watch and I caught a texture misalignment in the library by watching so I'll fix that.
  8. joepallai

    AshDream's 1st map released

    Thanks Classicgamer6 and Pegleg for the reviews, glad you liked it. I am rethinking the death trap teleport, I could tie it into the yellow key secrets and use it to transport the player to a better vantage point after the blue key. That was an earlier idea I had but never used; maybe save the death trap for another (shorter map) and tie it into a gameplay reward.
  9. joepallai

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Just finished my second playthrough of Dishonored 2's Death of the Outsider. Not sure what I'll go back to right now, probably something a little less tense like Fallout4 again or might just replay The Godfather on the 360--that was stupidly fun.
  10. joepallai

    AshDream's 1st map released

    Yeah that was one of the ideas I was worried about. I thought the trap was well sign-posted; but it does occurs halfway through the level so it probably is not my best idea. Thanks for the video, I'll change a few things and re-upload by Saturday.
  11. joepallai

    AshDream's 1st map released

    YouTube videos are always welcome
  12. joepallai

    AshDream's 1st map released

    @Tango It's cool; I think all I really was looking for was someone to repeatedly break the map. Please leave feedback whether positive or negative; it'll be used to finalize this map for AshDreams. @Memphis Yep, everything in AshDreams is going to use the same theme that was present in Dementia (E4M6). Though this map is shorter in length (I consider this a medium size map for the project).
  13. joepallai

    AshDream's 1st map released

    Here is my first new single player map in a long time; I call it "Parechesis" and it is to be the first map in a 9 map episode replacing Episode 4 called "Ashdreams". Skill settings are fully implemented and the level is a sprawling temple complex in mountainous terrain. I hope you enjoy it--Joe edit: Watched Brad's video and fixed some missing things, should be better now. If anything is broken or needs work, let me know. JPAsh001.zip
  14. joepallai

    Most favorite level from Episode 4

    E4M3--Sever the Wicked is one of my favorite levels ever. There's just something about it that draws me in; probably the lack of safety and the atmosphere. I remember copying it into Doom2 and tweaking the monsters for fun.
  15. joepallai

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    A couple of tweaks and it will be done.