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  1. joepallai

    The Power Rankings: TNT: Evilution

    This is exactly what is great about this thread. There is actual thought and work being put into these assessments. It's quite refreshing to see and especially see on something other than ep1, Plutonia or the other usual favorites.
  2. joepallai

    What is Your Job/Career?

    The finish lathing is still done by hand and some of the same machines from 60+ years ago are still in use, but he is partially right there have been changes in the design process since the company moved to the US nearly 100 years ago. Let me discuss with my manager to see how far I can go in answering your brother's questions directly and I'll pm you once I have his response.
  3. joepallai

    Most recent movie you saw

    Moonfall, reminded me of a 70s disaster movie so I enjoyed it.
  4. joepallai

    What are you listening to?

    new Ozzy album!
  5. You should give Valkiriforce's work a look
  6. joepallai

    Any Opie and Anthony Fans on Here?

    Listened to them at work on WAAF for years, somewhere I have their CDs
  7. joepallai

    The Power Rankings: TNT: Evilution

    Loving this thread
  8. joepallai

    90s wads

    Outpost21 Castle of Evil (CastEvil) Hellrun2 Nostromo's Run OOZI Brundle Nukemine DieYoung The RRWARD series DIOPATRA (note that I like exploratory levels so your mileage may vary on some of these) Forgot these: FORTDTH! Richard Wiles' Dickie series 666EPIS
  9. Welcome @Berubaretto



    Current state of this large tech level I'm reworking that was previously submitted to Plutonia2 but ended up in TNT:???




    Where I left off on AshDream E4M5 




    Unfortunately my job is taking up all of my time, so no real progress has been made for the past year.   I imagine once the 400th anniversary at work is over and done with, then life will become normal again.  (ha!)



    1. Berubaretto


      Oh, hi

      If I remembered correctly, that large tech level is currently TNT2's map33. Really impreesive level I have to say. And you are still working on it despite it was made nearly 20 years ago? That's amazing.

  10. joepallai

    What are you playing now?

    Continued playing Silence then switched it up and started playing Valkiriforce's Anomoly Report (currently on Map07). Both are excellent so far and I am certain that they will continue to be extremely fun for me.
  11. joepallai

    Any Good Doom 2/Doom 1 Iwads?

  12. joepallai

    What are you listening to?

    getting some work done to one of my all-time favorite albums
  13. joepallai

    What makes you decide to play or skip a WAD?

    Well since I'm a filhy casual anymore my criteria has changed: Screenshots look atmospheric, if not menacing in location. Should have a good sense of place and make me want to explore the map. Map Editor view is impressive to me in layout and monster placement (was always how I decided on what was worth my time) I like and know the mapper's previous work Mappers I like, know or respect have good things to say about a map or project (or new mapper in general) A well written review elaborates on why the map should get your attention My First Map screenshots impress me enough to want to play (My first maps always have something interesting about them when they're decent at least) I'm bored and willing to try a random level that passes my second criteria I'm starting to prefer easier levels, so the really hard stuff gets a pass anymore I'm still actively avoiding tech bases unless they are part of a larger level set (ironically I'm "working" on a tech base...) Still prefer Vanilla or BOOM gameplay but will occassionally try something different NO to: Terrywads/Jokewads/most weapons mods (or mods in general since I really like Doom for Doom's sake) Most slaughter maps (I'll zip around in the editor to look at the architecture but that's about it) Most new community projects (they've been really grasping for decent new ideas lately, except for the nationaly/regionally made ones--those tend to be good)