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  1. Slowly getting there.....
  2. Dementia (E4M6) for 2002ADO is my favorite piece, there was no drama behind the scenes associated with that map; it oozes an atmosphere that I enjoy to this day; and it's the kind of map I enjoy playing.
  3. I hate when your tags get mixed up and you don't realize it for several days because you've been concentrating on one area.....@&$^$%@@!!*!!.....just wonderful, really....

  4. I can see Doom editing being used as a college course in pacing, resource management, etc. I can see programmers cutting their teeth porting this game to whatever systems will exist in the future. I can see old time Doomers keeping their old machines running at whatever cost for the sole sake of playing this game. I can also see those same Doomers funding a Kickstarter to make editing and running Doom still possible (in the rare likelihood that it isn't done beforehand). I don't see it disappearing any time soon.
  5. awesome thread, would love to know more from the developers
  6. For me, a lot of the reason I liked this was because it was packed full of ideas for an aspiring level designer to steal. Evilution was the first place I saw see through doors and a couple other tricks and it made me want to duplicate those effects. It was easier for me to get into than Plutonia and visually more interesting. Evilution at its best is more exploratory, where Plutonia at its best the levels are tightly focused.
  7. started playing River33 by Greytale. It's from '95 and is somewhat random so far, a couple clever secrets in a tightly packed map with somewhat "lumpy" monster placement (some areas are dense, some sparce). So far it feels like a smaller version of castevil.
  8. I'm a sucker for dark lighting in hell-themed maps with brighter lava and blood sectors. I also love outdoor areas, puzzles and clever secrets.
  9. to go with your second tip: Early wad authors often used computer stations as switches. (Flats CONS1_1, CONS1_5, CONS1_7)
  10. Thief 4 when you fight the Thief-Taker General (stupid name) in Chapter 7
  11. Like: Chaingunner + Revenants --- it just gets the adrenaline going Dislike: Arachnotron + Pain Elementals --- this combo kills me move often than not as I prefer to use rockets against arachnotrons and the damn lost souls from the pain elemental inevitably get in the way.
  12. This is really nice! Thank you for making it.
  13. 23rd anniversary at work today.   holy shit... where has the time gone?  I never thought I'd be in one place for so long.

  14. What about the map used in Doom Gurus/3d Alchemy to show authors how to make a map. If I'm remembering right it used almost every feature and action type. I'm not sure of it's name. This was D2ARENA.wad on the disc (or ARENA.wad on Gurus) nevermind, not close to what you're looking for.
  15. Yeah this specific tool of Doombuilder's is a life saver; so much easier than having to select a bunch of sectors then incrementally adjust the z axis using the up/down arrows (for Wadautor anyways); then going into the level and checking your work only to realize that you forgot to add textures to the backside of some linedef. I know fundamentally it's about the same number of steps; but being able to see it in 3d mode is, for me anyways, one of the best new features that modern editors have. Well that and they don't randomly crash.....or take over 15 minutes to compile a 600k map....