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  1. That's the one! Also Ajora might be right about Final Fantasy III with me--they all blended together after awhile.
  2. pen and paper: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and Cyberpunk 2020 crpg: Arx Fatalis, Fallout series (all of it), the Black Isle era of D & D games, Wizardry 5 & 8, and the Eye of the Beholder series jrpg: Final Fantasy III, .hack, and this tactical rpg game (Vagrant, Vandal...can't remember but it wasn't Ogre Tactics or Final Fantasy Tactics)
  3. I hate snow...


  4. this is correct as Sandy developed the Call of Cthuhulu rpg and was more famous for that for the longest time. https://www.chaosium.com/sandy-petersen
  5. I'm hoping to wrap this up over the next 10 days on my vacation.
  6. It's not as enjoyable without sound but it's entirely playable that way
  7. Started playing Bruised the other night...need to restart and beat this in one go as it's pretty good and I was playing poorly.
  8. just found out CoC has a new album out....sweet
  9. I always thought the weird Tesla Nazi things from Return to Castle Wolfenstein would make a good Doom enemy. Loper ? (not really sure what they were called) Also turrets for all those UAC facilities would be good. (No movement, same rate of fire as a chaingunner, hp of a Hell Knight seems about right).
  10. this is an awesome game with a killer soundtrack.
  11. I'd look at other maps in the editor mostly and reread the editing books until it made sense or I stumbled onto a solution. Nowadays I search the forums.
  12. Thank you! Now I need to find that cave system map that used these.
  13. Heretic and Hexen maps are almost always a nice surprise. Bite-sized mapsets are a good thing as well--something you can play in an afternoon and finish also I agree with Glaice--more Ep2 please
  14. Just played Plasmaplant by Sverre Kvernmo for the first time. Wow, so that's how it's done--just outstanding.