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  1. joepallai

    Akeldama - First Beta Released!

    Damn, I thought I had fixed everything I did in that map. Thanks for catching this! This was suppose to be my emergency teleport in case the player falls off the side.
  2. joepallai

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    @Bauul that reminds me of Tempest
  3. joepallai

    Which monsters you have faced as ghosts?

    Imps, Former Humans, Sgts. , demons and one Cacodemon
  4. joepallai

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    So I re-opened this map and started looking at it with fresh eyes. I like a lot of it still, but there's a height problem that I've yet to solve to my satisfaction...looks like I might have to cut out some more and restart.
  5. joepallai

    What are you playing now?

    I was playing Saragasso before getting distracted with work/life crap, then started playing UACUltra for the first time and died horribly on map03. Going back to Saragasso before tackling UACUltra properly.
  6. joepallai

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I've been pointlessly grinding away in Fallout76 and Sniper Elite 4 while waiting for either Cyberpunk 2077, Sniper Elite 5 or The Outer Wilds (which I forgot that I pre-ordered and just received notice yesterday that it'll be ready Oct. 25th) -- yay! something to look forward too. Been thinking about buying an extra monitor and desk and restoring my XP machine for the classics that were made during that era (so many good games made during the Windows XP era...)
  7. joepallai

    Simple as Hell (WIP)

    really nice looking shots here
  8. joepallai

    AshDream's 1st map released (updated again)

    Was trying to find an earlier version of E4M5 on my dropbox account and found this early in-development shot of E4M1 in the editor. Ahh memories....
  9. joepallai

    Akeldama - First Beta Released!

    Map25: Opulence Author: Joe Pallai Build Time: Over a year with parts made in 2000 (seriously) Comments: So this map started off as the sections deleted from Plutonia2's "Aztecorum". This would be sectors 0 - 1, 10 - 15, 19 - 28, 30 - 32, 42, 46 - 49, 51, 57, 61, 66, 68, 186, 193, 207 and 235 (there may be a few more but I don't recognize them any more). Stupidly I thought re-using parts of an old map would be a quick way to knock out a map for this project since I initially signed up for two maps--HA! Eventually I realized my foolishness and concentrated only on this one map. It went from trying to shoehorn in as much of the original Plutonia2 map into it; to eventually cutting half of what I had previously made and settling into a nice weird Brick/Hell influenced tech-base thing with an optional red key path. It's a map made for explorers and I hope you enjoy it. Joe
  10. joepallai

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I can tell I'm nearly done with this map by how much I hate it right now.... Just have the tags to verify/fix (halfway through that) and if I'm not stupid and add anything else; then this map will be done.
  11. joepallai

    Akeldama - First Beta Released!

    Just to let everyone know my progress. Currently I'm reworking the NE interior section in order to eliminate an overly complicated secret area that didn't work as intended; next up is a rearrangement of linedefs for the red key secret path--this should give the player an easier time of seeing what a switch does. After that, it's just a matter of cleaning up some little things that need addressing before it's done.
  12. @TheNoob_Gamer I did not know about this and can kind of see it being similar, but it's lacking the distance shooting challenge of the Sniper Elite games that I enjoy. I will definitely give this a try as I could be wrong about that component, and it looks fun (so thanks for pointing this mod out to me).
  13. Doom and Destiny 2 's Gambit mode would make a good match I think. Thief with Doom monsters would be kind of interesting (I don't think it would work the other way) Finally, Sniper Elite Doom where you have protect the asset while they work through a dangerous, demon filled area.
  14. I love that there's still new "my first map" threads for this game

  15. joepallai

    Tips for new mappers?

    One of the best resources for new mappers is here and especially this. Don't worry about asking questions, we all had to start somewhere. Know what you like--so play lots of levels. Evaluate them and see if you can use the ideas for inspiration. Start small (Boom or vanilla Doom initially) and make a bunch of single level maps with the goal of stretching your ability with each new map. When your get bored of that move on to zdoom/etc. Playtest early and seek feedback. Fix any game breaking bugs. Listen to all other criticism (it's a gift); decide if you wish to follow it. Don't worry about your first few maps not being a masterpiece; they won't be. It's more important to get them out of the way so you can then keep practicing with new maps. Have fun and stop when you're no longer enjoying the mapping process. Play more Doom to get re-inspired.