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  1. Selling points of Doom: No cut-scenes No hand holding or tutorials Engaging exploratory levels (either commercial or user-made) Engaging combat Endlessly expandable Cartoony violence Low price and minimal hardware needs Stupidly fun escapism
  2. castle of evil 666 mini-episode reward series diapatra
  3. Bunker (Map26) was my least favorite--it felt boring compared to everything else
  4. a couple of Doom levels from 96 (Crossfire, TheGate, Entryway)
  5. Currently playing Warner: a LN dwarven fighter/thief (5/6) and having a blast not being the DM. All time favorite character was my human wizard Bodanay who I made it up to 13th level over the 10 years or so that I played him.
  6. that it's been editable by the users, who in turn created this awesome community. There is no shortage of talent or creativity within the community and it's starting to look like our best years are ahead of us.
  7. I have to say it's been a treat watching the videos of you guys playing through Endgame. I've never seen anyone play my maps in this set before so it was particularly interesting (dare I say enlightening even). Sorry for map02, that was something small I had made for something else and uh....yeah....
  8. I'm in the can't stand it camp; probably from it being the default texture in the editors.
  9. This use to happen to me all the time, but now instead of being distracted by multiple maps I'm working on, I am distracted by multiple hobbies. I stopped beating myself up over it; it'll be done when it's done. In the meantime, I will enjoy it (the process, Doom, etc) as long as it is enjoyable and come back to it later if it is not working for me right now.
  10. Playing Mutiny right now. Made it to halfway (?) through map03. So far I like the feel of this.
  11. Jumpman for the Commodore 64 (technically a computer even though there's calculators with more memory). IBM type would be Eye of the Beholder (I think)
  12. I remember Qoole--I could never get it to run my Hexen II map I was trying to make. Made some crap for Q2 but nothing substantial.
  13. I am really excited to see what you do next. These are good maps with fresh uses of textures and some good ideas. Map01 I agree with everyone else about a shotgun on map01. I think it's absolutely essential for a better (ie., more fun) experience. I would give the shotgun with a limited amount of shells (no more than 12, possibly 16 on Skill1). The soul sphere is unnecessary, unless it's there for continuous play going into a hard start on Map02. You could move or add an entrance to this area earlier in the map by dragging the start area and the southern walls connected to the start say 256 units down; leaving you enough space to add a hallway and some rooms between the outdoor area to the west and the start area. (the shape of the building's exterior suggests that there is stuff there anyways). Doing this could give you an early reason for having that chainsaw secret I think the stairs with the ammo box on it (middle of map) would work better if it descended into a weird little maintenance closet. The exit area could use a large tree and maybe a contrasting dirt flat going down the center to the exit. (RROCK19 would work really well also). I haven't had a chance to play Map13 yet, but it looks good in the editor. Sorry if I sound harsh or bossy, Joe.