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  1. looks like I found what I'll be playing in honor of Doom's 25th birthday....screenshots look fantastic. Missed the blur sphere secret but that was absolutely fantastic; you never disappoint. the pacing and music really drove the adventure as I weaved back and forth through this intricate map. Outstanding stuff here.
  2. joepallai

    Doom Year Resolutions 2018 vs. 2019

    1. Finish the maps I've started 2. Play more Doom 3. Do more newstuff reviews
  3. joepallai

    Who is your favorite character from any 90's FPS game?

    Shodan then Doomguy. I like silent heroes and villians that mock your progress.
  4. joepallai

    Which game's soundtrack is your favorite?

    Tron 2.0 System Shock 2
  5. joepallai

    Why is the modding community so extremely small?

    I would love to make levels for Marble Madness--absolutely loved that game, must have sunk $100 in quarters playing that.
  6. joepallai

    Similarities between Doom and DnD mapping?

    Back in the earlier days, it did feel like I was playing someone else's dungeon when I played a PWAD. As a longtime DM (and for my group the only DM) I always knew what to expect within the adventure or module I had planned; but with a PWAD you were crawling around inside someone's imagination and couldn't predict anything (until you looked at the maps in the editor). Things that are similar: Top down map view and construction (I sketch out an idea on paper then refine the idea in both cases.) Wandering monsters if you use sound propagation and non-deaf monsters (or run away after encountering them) blind teleports (the original Castle Greyhawk dungeon was known for its identical rooms with blind teleports that would force the players to use their maps--if they bothered to have mapped.) (I think that's one of the reasons there's an automap; that and maps were becoming basic features for the player by then) (granted the sound and graphics gives it away in Doom but ever since Boom this is possible to do)
  7. I hate sheetrocking...

  8. joepallai

    Best Single Map WADs

  9. I recently killed two harpies using a Sleep spell. They plummeted to their deaths...the table was dumbfounded then broke out laughing.
  10. Minecraft--it proved once more that it is gameplay that matters most.
  11. joepallai

    What are you playing now?

    Almost finished with Mayan Mishap (I've been a sucker for Mayan themed stuff since Brotherhood of Ruin). Really, really good though Map04 is kicking my ass. (probably should have figured out the BFG secret on Map03--that could have been useful ;)
  12. joepallai

    Level Progress Diagrams – PDF POSTER READY

    This is outstanding work Wraith777. It really is a fascinating take on Doom mapping and I look forward to more.
  13. joepallai

    Marble1.wad - my new project

    Not bad, you definitely show potential. Visually it was good (though a little bit flat as previously mentioned). I thought the lighting was particularly good in the starting room and the northern hallway; also I enjoyed how you repopulated the level once the shotgun was grabbed. I'd replace the opening room's lost souls with former humans, this way you get the same amount of ammo as is in the rooms already with the bonus of shooting something more fun than a lost soul. I'd keep the westernmost lost soul and move it around the corner so that it can drift in once combat starts. I really thought the northern corridor was going to open up a lost soul trap with all those alcoves. I could see squeezing the player with monster attacks from the sides while having imps or a demon teleport in front and behind the player there. It's possible in the shotgun room to get trapped in the inner ring and die (this is in the left/right corners of the central column as you approach it). Also I thought the outer ring would have a secret area in it so I jumped down there with no way out. I look forward to more of your work.
  14. joepallai

    Your favorite WAD's to just kick back and relax playing?

    https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom/d-f/diopatra one of my all time favorites for just roaming around and exploring the place. The ending is kind of weak, but for me it's all about the non-linear middle. I've played this at least once a year since I found the map on one of those shovelware disks.
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