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  1. joepallai

    Favorite band?

    Black Sabbath then Soundgarden then Kyuss then Tool then it becomes a toss up between CCR or Jethro Tull or The Beatles or Pink Floyd or The Kinks, etc. whatever I'm currently in the mood for as my temporary happy place. Black Sabbath has been my favorite the longest and most frequently given that title.
  2. joepallai

    What are you playing now?

    Played T_MEDEVL by Travers and Alistar Dunne over the weekend. It is a fantastic castle level from the earlier days (97) with lots of exploring, secrets and puzzles. Must have taken six tries but I finally completed it in a single play through with 98% kills. I can easily see me replaying this level as it is a beautifully made vanilla sandbox with lots of clever bits to admire. Combat is nice and varied, with the occassional cheap trap to keep you on your toes. Fun level overall; reminds me of Hellrun, CastEvil, and especially FORTDTH!
  3. Been real busy with work, then in my spare time I've been finishing my wife's office (need two more coats of paint, re-install the trim, repaint the trim, move her crap back into the room).   So not much Dooming other than playing an old level now and then.


    Current status/ideas of what I'm working on:




    Probably another year to get this done, which is disappointing but necessary.

    Anyways, thanks for listening to me ramble,


  4. joepallai

    How do you find inspiration for your maps?

    My best ideas come from playing maps from other people and games other than Doom. I'll find situations that I think are really cool and worth trying out in the editor. Also a new texture set can do wonders for your creativity.
  5. joepallai

    What are you playing now?

    Was feeling nostalgic but wanted a combat heavy map so I replayed Michael Krause's ABIGJOB which was always one of my favorites. I just love how small and insignificant you feel inside his maps, coupled with the pacing and texturing. Really outstanding stuff and would love to see him return to Doom editing.
  6. A floating enemy that spawns demons/spectres much like a pain elemental but has a secondary projectile attack (weak attack comparable to an imp's fireball). Turrets (mechanical of varying strengths/projectiles) Always wanted security cameras that triggered awake other monsters through sound propagation
  7. Started playing SUNGOD and managed to find an accidental death exit in the sunken nukage pit to the east of the cyberdemon arena. Other than that I like what I've seen here.
  8. joepallai

    Doomworld Writes A Grocery List

    Loaf of bread, any type
  9. This thread is so fun! I'm glad to see some of my favorites already reviewed (Castle of Evil and Outpost21 specifically, glad to see OOZI mentioned as well since that was a nice map. ) and I just played through "Breeze" by Brad Kiefer since I had never heard of it before (well made with some obscure progression that I just wasn't in the mood for today, not terrible just not what I needed today).
  10. joepallai

    Do you refer to a Doom map by its name or its slot number?

    By number, I can't remember names consistently.
  11. Thinking Bezerk only lasted while the color shift was active
  12. Looks like I won't be randomly complaining about sheetrock for a couple of months.   I finally finished gutting and fixing all the damage to this room from when a massive storm ripped off about 10 feet of roofing shingles.   The house is so old that the previous owners didn't bother to put down a layer of tar paper underneath the shingles; so while I was getting the financing arranged water just poured in and took out the ceiling and a huge section of the angled wall.   (that was a fun winter..)  


    Anyways, looks good now.   She needs to pick a color and then we'll get her stuff moved back in.


    To tie this into something Doom related this is one of those home construction projects that @40oz use to reference where you're editing on the 1 unit scale.   Old houses are a pain if you're a perfectionist...