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  1. looks good to me, I like how apocalyptic it feels
  2. Finally had some time to play Doom again--funny how it always calms the nerves after a long week of work.   Made it up to map 06 of 3 Heures d'agonie 3   Had to skip map 05 as it's not beatable by me; though I did like the map visually, the gameplay  was an experimental/subpar attempt at a slaughtermap...just not my cup of tea (the map not slaughter maps as it could have been fun if it were frontloaded with weapons).    Map 03 is fun (actually the 1st 4 maps are really fun, though 02 is STARTAN ugly--fun to play but uugly)   What I like about this set is it kind of reminds me of the "bad old days" when maps were still amaturish and imperfect but fun to play still....you know, back when you didn't have to listen to some jackass piss and moan about having to traverse back through an area you spent months creating.   


    What else.   Played the sequal to one of my favorite levels of all time (Diapatra) and the sequal is such shit in comparison.   It must have been made prior to Diapatra and released after the fact...


    I'm inbetween projects again and will likely stay out of anything Doom related for the next year.   I have too many maps started that need completion before I rejoin something else.   (plus home projects as well as the writing project that needs to see completion).   Figure I'll dick around on the two maps I have going to satisfy my mapping.  

  3. @Endless and additional contributers. I really love these and how they remind me of the old gaming magazines from the 90's; good stuff. Loved the crossword as well.
  4. joepallai

    What are you playing now?

    Started playing 3 Heures d'agonie 3 and got my ass handed to me--my game is just way off today apparantly. The levels look fun in the editor and I like what I see, so I'll retry this tonight when I'm a much better player (my usual gaming time); either that or I'll play on ITYTD...
  5. joepallai

    What are you playing now?

    Deathless is really nice. I started it one night and next thing I know I'm 12 maps into it. I've been trying to find something older and rediscovered 666epis.wad which I always enjoyed.
  6. joepallai

    A look to the past

    Mostly due to laziness honestly; also thanks for the reminder of the .wad.backupx something I knew about but fortunately haven't had to use in a very long time.
  7. joepallai

    A look to the past

    Still use parts of WadAuthor to this day. A great editor for its time. Sort of like how gzDoombuilder just crashed on me over the weekend--poof; 1/2 hour's work gone.
  8. I am currently in the process of reworking two 20 year old maps (one finished and unreleased and one partially complete), and while it's fun to revisit something you were once proud of and attached to; it's a pain in the ass to get it right. Be willing to take an axe to large sections is all I can recommend.
  9. joepallai

    Will the Fallout TV show be any good?

    Well if they give the people who did Nuka Break cart blanche it'll be good; otherwise I'm going into it cautiously hopeful.
  10. joepallai

    What are your top 10 most beloved video games?

    1. Doom/Doom 2 2. Thief/Thief 2 3. Fallout 3 4. Sniper Elite 3/Sniper Elite 4 5. Roller Coaster Tycoon 6. Arx Fatalis 7. System Shock 2 8. Quake 2 9. Ultima Underworld 10. Assassin's Creed Black Flag
  11. joepallai

    Endless's WAD Reviews

    @Endless These are some high quality reviews! Thanks for doing these, looks like I have some catching up to do...
  12. joepallai

    The Modest Mapping Challenge 2

    Doing the final push on Map29 now; was down to the last 4 sectors--thanks for the extension.