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Status Updates posted by joepallai

  1. So I've managed to make 1 sector during the past month.   One freaking sector; and it's not even connected to anything yet.    Just been busy with work, I guess; at least I've played more than I've edited for a change.      


    I've finally figured out my next move on the techbase I've been reworking.   For the blue key switch that lowers the platform to allow access; I'll add a teleporter that lowers with the switch in the same room (I know--it's revolutionary)(well to be honest, in the old days I'd have the player walk back to the blue key dealing with monster closets that lowered with the blue key).   

  2. need to revisit Slayer

    1. Reelvonic


      im not a fan of slayer.

      too agressive for me

    2. joepallai


      some days I need just that, but I generally go slightly more casual with mapsets like Slayer on the upper end of my skill level

  3. I really hate when I get too clever for my own good; it just leads to endless headaches during playtesting.  You'd think I would have learned by now....

    1. joepallai


      Welcome @Reelvonic 

      Here's the most recent update to what was originally planned to be Map06 of PUREDOOM.   The biggest change is I'm now using DBX2 due to a random windows update preventing GZDoombuilder from loading maps into Doom from the editor.   


      Also started working the NE area again since I had a random idea that wasn't too terrible.   This should allow me to connect the two sections easily in that area and have a decent weapon/powerup as a reward for the area.   Thinking the reward should be enough for the player to last long enough to reach the yellow key via the middle building.


      Enough rambling...



  4. re-numbering 20 year old tags is a pain in the ass to say the least; there's always one sector or dummy sector that get's forgotten in the mix.   


    very minor progress in this map, but it's for the better.






  5. What a Monday!   

    I was asked to come into work during the morning for an important meeting that I'd appreciate and was informed that my former nightmare of a boss of 15 years was let go (I had spent 15 years working under him before finally saying fuck it and went back into Production), two other people who worked against me constantly were demoted (not because of me but because of their own failures) and I've finally been given the promotion that for the past 11 years I've asked for.  My new title is Innovation Specialist.


    My head is still spinning and I'm exhausted from talking for almost 8 hours with all of today's meetings.  Just wow....


    In Doom news I added a piston to my Doom machinery:




    sexy...no?  (haven't settled on the travel distance for the piston, visually I liked it with an 8 unit stroke but the noise was a bit too much, currently its set to a 32 unit draw but I wasn't feeling it--trying not to overthink this)

    1. Catpho


      Grats on the promotion and the piston Joe!

    2. joepallai


      Thanks Catpho! 

         The piston is one of those stupid little things that Doom can do that just makes me smile; I mean, there's no real reason for it other than it kind of looks cool, and it's almost totally nonsensical in a mechanical sense but yeah...had to have one.


  6. just watched decino's demo recording of Aztecorum on -fast and it's crazy.   I don't think I've ever played the game that way before, let alone a Plutonia2 map!   There are some seriously talented players out there...


    in other news I go back to work on Monday.   The surgery healed nicely with no restrictions on my hand's movement, I just need to work it some more to regain my strength to 100% (I'd say it's 90% but we'll see how accurate that assessment is after 10 hours of cymbalmaking/lathing). 





  7. VPO's fix bad ideas apparently...


  8. Day 3 of carpal tunnel recovery and I'm already starting to go out of my mind...


    Tried some editing with my left hand, which would be easier if I hadn't forgotten the left/right mouse button functions during the editing phase; it's been awhile since I've done anything serious with an editor so that re-learning curve is setting me back more than using my left hand is.   Anyways progress is coming along nicely.  


    Last left off here: Map06progress1a.png

    Managed to get this much done after getting use to the left hand and the controls again:Map06progress1b.png



    I'm going to hold off on in-game screen shots for now as everything is still in the ugly phase.   (Wow that took me 3 tries to figure out how to post pictures--I'm fucking useless at this--or old....)

    1. Khorus


      Good to see you still working at maps :) Best of luck with the recovery! 

    2. joepallai


      Thanks Khorus!

  9. Merry Christmas everyone!


    Things have been quiet on my side, as the only Doom I've been playing is the No End in Sight levels on the XBox (pretty good levels but not Caco-good IMO).   


    Getting ready for Carpal Tunnel surgery next week so I'm not sure how much Dooming I'll be doing during the recovery; hopefully some editing since I won't be able to work and maybe play some of the backlist that's built up over the past few years (anymore I'm just a filthy casual Doomer).


    Anyways, here's to a much better 2021,




  10. I hate when I get cocky replaying a nearly completed map..."oh I'll just push my luck a little more since I already know what's in the map...what's the worse that could happen?"


    I never fail to fuck it all up and have to restart from scratch...

    (playing Andy Badorek's "Twilight Lab").

  11. Finally had some time to play Doom again--funny how it always calms the nerves after a long week of work.   Made it up to map 06 of 3 Heures d'agonie 3   Had to skip map 05 as it's not beatable by me; though I did like the map visually, the gameplay  was an experimental/subpar attempt at a slaughtermap...just not my cup of tea (the map not slaughter maps as it could have been fun if it were frontloaded with weapons).    Map 03 is fun (actually the 1st 4 maps are really fun, though 02 is STARTAN ugly--fun to play but uugly)   What I like about this set is it kind of reminds me of the "bad old days" when maps were still amaturish and imperfect but fun to play still....you know, back when you didn't have to listen to some jackass piss and moan about having to traverse back through an area you spent months creating.   


    What else.   Played the sequal to one of my favorite levels of all time (Diapatra) and the sequal is such shit in comparison.   It must have been made prior to Diapatra and released after the fact...


    I'm inbetween projects again and will likely stay out of anything Doom related for the next year.   I have too many maps started that need completion before I rejoin something else.   (plus home projects as well as the writing project that needs to see completion).   Figure I'll dick around on the two maps I have going to satisfy my mapping.  

  12. some days you want to answer a thread, but you just know you'll come off looking like an asshole...



  13. it just hit me...in less than 60 days I'm going to be 50...how the hell did that happen?!   (never thought I'd see 36 let alone 50).   Fuck...


    Looks like I'm going to have to really get my shit together if I'm ever going to make that one man megawad....hah.   No complaints here honestly.



  14. Looks like work is starting again on Tuesday--yay!   Day shift though   :(   (I've worked nights 29 out of the 32 years I've been out of school, this will be rough).


    Now I just have to finish sheet-rocking my wife's office before then...(hah)


    How's everyone else?

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    2. joepallai


      Nice, it will be good to get back to the old routine.  


      I have a funny but true story for you Chris. 


      So back in '89-90, in the months leading up to Desert Storm; I was stationed at RAF Lakenheath  and was walking back to my dorm room (Building 948) after working to midnight on the flight line (I was an AGE mechanic).  It's dark and quiet but I see a flashing light high up in the dorm rooms that I could swear was a flash from a welding torch; same blue-ish light and flickering pattern.   I wait outside to see if it happens again and sure enough there's that welding light again coming from one of the rooms on the third floor.


      Intrigued I go upstairs, look for the light to flash underneath the correct door and then knock on the door that I saw the welding light came out of.  The door opens up and one of the newer guys (Trevor or Travis...something with a "T") is standing in front of me, cigarette dangling from his mouth with the welding torch in his right hand and a blue Mini Cooper wagon behind him; fully assembled and in the middle of a 3rd floor dorm room (about a 12' by 12' space).   


      It's not something you ever expect to see in a 3rd floor dorm room...


      I was dumb founded and stood in the hall for a good minute before Trevor/Travis told me to step inside.  I think the first thing I said was "Why" and his answer was a sheepish, "...just thought it'd be funny" or "fun to try".  He went on to tell me that the hardest part was getting the engine block up the stairs (no elevator in this old dorm).  I had a beer with him and went down to my dorm room to forget what I saw as I was scheduled to head out to Saudi in a couple of days.   


      A few weeks later I heard there was a surprise inspection in our dorm and the mini was found during the inspection (how could it not be).   Trevor/Travis got into some serious trouble and I presume ended up in military prison over the prank.   (my guess is he did this to get out of going to Saudi--still it was extremely funny to all of us 48th EMS mechanics and we kept wondering what the looks on the officers and master sergeants faces were like upon discovery.)






    3. Chris Hansen

      Chris Hansen

      What a cool story! I don't know if you're aware of it - I'm guessing yes - but I've actually got an old Mini. I tried lifting the engine once and I couldn't. OK, granted I'm not the strongest guy around, but it's still an awkward lump of metal despite it's relatively small size :) I'd like to shake hands with this Trevor/Travis guy; what a feat! lol

    4. joepallai


      Yeah, I remember you were into mini Coopers in a big way, so I thought you'd appreciate the story.


      He might have had help with the engine block, but the rest was on his own.   I always wondered how long it took him to disassemble then reassemble the whole thing; had to be a month or more.   

  15. Progress (mostly along the southern interior sections plus unfucking a couple of tags)




    Current thoughts for continuing the southern interior section:




    I think the NE section is getting cut and redone from scratch as I'm not loving it.   Miss having a printer (ie., work's printer)...


    How's everyone doing?

  16. getting a lot done around the house; even managed to get a map made--not so bad for week #1

  17. so I guess being furloughed is like being fired but you still have health insurance...


    It was a good run (26 years) and we'll see on April 7th if we get to go back to work.   Never thought it would be a fucking virus that messed up everything...



    1. Chris Hansen

      Chris Hansen

      I hope everything works out for you. It is difficult not to be disheartened by all of these things we hear and see at the moment. Stay safe, mate!

    2. joepallai


      Thanks Chris,

         I'll get through it.  I have a major project lined up at the house (more sheet rocking and insulating--fun!) and the writing project along with the isolation map.   This job just seemed invincible after such a long time doing it (hell we were working Saturdays prior to this).   

      Again thanks and stay safe yourself. 


    3. Chris Hansen

      Chris Hansen

      I am also keeping myself occupied with a bit of home improvement 😁 My garage needed some new wood and the roof was starting to rot. Keeps me occupied and from going batshit crazy!

  18. always good to reconnect--just had a 3 hour phone conversation with an old friend.   I feel energized again after talking with him.   Our writing project is going to be interesting and fun (we've always wanted to work together on something like this).   

  19. haven't been feeling it lately, will return to mapping after another project (writing).

  20. apologies for my severe negativity of late, but it looks like things are changing for the better finally at work.   That only took 10 years.  I think in another month I'll be in a new routine; one where I don't have to walk on eggshells every day.   One where I can breath and speak freely while doing my job.  What a concept, it almost sounds too good to be true.


    Anyways the details of the changes have to be worked out but according to my wife it looks like everything I've been asking for over the past 10 years is about to be given to me...kind of scary now that I think about it.  ("don't fuck this up" keeps popping into my head).


    Anyways, on to Doom...play something by Richard Wiles, you'll be glad you did.

  21. work would be great if there weren't people involved... Jesus fucking Christ does it have to be this protracted siege on your psyche every fucking day...

  22. Is it me or is post quality is seriously deteriorating lately?    


    "Controversial opinion blah blah blah...."    Fuck you pal, I'll decide for myself if it's controversial.


    "Look at my genius"...   It's a square room with textures....here's a cookie...


    "Make the map so the world can see the brilliance of my idea..."   "I'm an idea guy"   -- what do you even say to that?   At least this time around the guy said he was willing to pay...unlike those times the past few years where we were suppose to aid this underappreciated genius with nothing under their belt....


    I may break out my drunken rant  just yet...



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    2. Bashe


      Ever since 2017

    3. Chris Hansen

      Chris Hansen

      Everytime there are news in the media about a new Doom game or re-releases of them we get an influx of new fans or old fans returning. They are super excited and take off like a rocket! Only to burn out fast and disappear again. It's usually those types that create these threads without much thought and consideration. Don't worry, it'll ease out and we'll get back to normal. It's history repeating itself.


      Ohh and I do enjoy a good, half-drunken rant! There's just something about them that are so brutally honest and unfiltered. Doesn't mean it can't be annoying but in this case it's spot-on.

    4. joepallai


      The full on drunken rant was a week or so ago.  I saved it to a text file for posterity.  (it's not even a particularly good one)   Today's mini-rant was while I was at work on break, though similar subjects are covered.


      [Fuck it, here is last week's drunken rant; I was well onto my 4th Bass Ale at the time, had a pretty bad week at work and all I wanted to do was work on my level for fun; but noooo...she had to call out again on work.] 



      "I'd get more mapping done if my wife would stop calling out sick for work....grrrrrr.....

      on the bright side I figured out a progression issue with Map06 of PUREDOOM (formerly?)(still thinking about redoing the 4 levels I've made previously (mostly touch ups) and doing a smallish PUREDOOM mapset officially and then continuously updating it until I have a proper megawad.   Figure by the time I retire I'll get most of it done.


      [editor's note--just chalk this up as a drunken rant/shit-post and keep it on hand for blackmail later]


      stray thought occurred, I'm approaching 24 years of actual Doom mapping (in Feb.) with 25 years of attempted mapping (took a year before I found success with wadauthor). 


      In the years following I've also dabbled in quake mapping (at the time I couldn't give up my computer for the time it took to compile the lighting, so I went back to Doom editing).  Thief editing (this one broke my heart as I actually like Thief better than Doom for the sheer tension it creates in the player....but the editor is a broken piece of shit at best, with random compiling crashes as a feature...SS2 editing suffered the same issues sadly).   what else?.....Unreal Tournament/Unreal editing...never was satisfied with the sense of scale; it just always felt like I had it wrong (plus in UT I couldn't get the maps to test properly without the player killing himself upon spawning--which is really too bad as I loved UT more than Q3...)   Max Payne editing had the same problem as Q1's compile times on my one and only computer...I just couldn't give it up for the time needed to compile a map...


      I made some cool Lode Runner and Jumpman maps, not that I have a C64 or PlayStation anymore...(but they were actually cool to play).  even objectively speaking, these were  cool to play.


      what else>?  


      Pretty much every editable game up to Doom 3 I've tried and one reason or another I came back to Doom.  Structurally I can do the work, but it usually boiled down to setting up the actions within the level and scripting that would throw me off.


        There's also my perfectionism and desire to make that one map that finally gets me recognized as the genius that I truly am (/sarc)(in case it needs to be said).


      I have no idea if what I make is popular or cutting-edge or even what the "community" even needs or wants anymore; but it's what I like and in the case of "Parechesis" what I thought was missing from modern maps; but mostly it's what I like and want for myself...or want for myself six months down the road when I've forgotten half of the triggers and monster blocking lines within one of my own maps and I'm playing it for the "first time in..." and the map surprises me still.   I love that...I really love when that happens within my own maps and it becomes new again (probably why I love Hellrun so much--you just cannot predict all the variables).


      Actually, the more I think about it; the more I have no fucking idea what players actually want.  You see all kinds of mapper posts with screenshots and some sort of inherent threat to discontinue their "hard fought" "work" but all I see are simple fucking rooms with a single height and light value, no interesting architecture and these assholes get multiple likes from the community--for almost zero fucking effort...


      It's unreal (no pun intended)---I mean come on...this is shit that any one of us would dismiss in 2000 but because the "community" is approaching 25 years; we're suppose to be better than that...Fuck that.  Shit is still shit, goddamnitt.  


      Yay, you made a fucking map using GZDoombuilder--you're a fucking hero~!  So hard.  no no, you truly are an artist--here's a fucking parade.  Let me polish off the caco I've withheld for 20 fucking years and give it to you, because you have a vision. 


      Is it just me?  I'm seeing far too many of these threads, "Should I continue?"  In my line of work, if you have to ask then the answer is "NO".  Really fucking simple people.  Honestly it really is that simple.  9 times out of 10; if you have to ask then the answer is "No".


      Maybe I'm just being a dick...maybe I'm just old and jaded and disappointed and pissing in the wind here as a final act of defiance...but I see all these "look at me" type threads and I think back to the only positive feedback I received on one of my levels for damn near 10 years being a quip on a 2002ADO review that they liked my level the best out of all of them; and I just cant help but think "Fuck you" you have it so fucking easy now kid.  








  23. Okay, I'm a dumbass when it comes to uploading to idgames (the main reason why I join projects).   Could one of you guys upload !koula to the archive?   I think everyone should have it.

  24. Temporarily putting this here.


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    2. joepallai


      So I don't think I downloaded this level; instead I think it was on a disc that Anthony Soto mailed me back in 2000 or 2001 or so.  I've had it for so long I just assumed everyone else had it.

    3. cr0ma


      Do you have the iso of the disc? You could upload it to archive.org

    4. joepallai


      I don't think I kept it; but if I did it's currently boxed away while I'm busy sheetrocking the upstairs.