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  1. Been thinking about having a convention for us Doomers, PWAD-Con or something similar where we could meet, swap/sell Doom stuff, play co-op or deathmatch, have a speedmap session and discuss Doom and PWADS by Doomers.   It would hopefully be small enough for good discussions but large enough to keep everyone busy for 12 hours.  

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    2. Fonze


      You're going to need a big incentive to get a decent percentage of this small community to want to either drive across country or fly across the world for this. While it sounds like a really cool idea, I can totally see myself driving across a couple states, renting an expensive room, then getting to the convention only to find like 3 other Doomers and 5 people who just really like conventions spread across 5 rooms of activity.

    3. Tracer


      This idea just got one shotted.

    4. joepallai


      Fonze,  I see what you're saying; but I have heard of people flying halfway across the world to play Doom together and/or meet (Kristian Aro and Paul Corfiatis, Badhko (?) and the Swedish Doom scene, etc.   I'm going to look into this a bit, see if it's feasible on my end and then do a formal announcement for some time next year.   I don't want to rush it and I do want it to be mapper focused (because that's what I know and therein lies my main interest) but this idea has been on my mind for about 15 years now.   I think it's time to at least try it; maybe in a small venue first, then expand if the idea is successful.