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  1. Looks like work is starting again on Tuesday--yay!   Day shift though   :(   (I've worked nights 29 out of the 32 years I've been out of school, this will be rough).


    Now I just have to finish sheet-rocking my wife's office before then...(hah)


    How's everyone else?

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    2. joepallai


      Nice, it will be good to get back to the old routine.  


      I have a funny but true story for you Chris. 


      So back in '89-90, in the months leading up to Desert Storm; I was stationed at RAF Lakenheath  and was walking back to my dorm room (Building 948) after working to midnight on the flight line (I was an AGE mechanic).  It's dark and quiet but I see a flashing light high up in the dorm rooms that I could swear was a flash from a welding torch; same blue-ish light and flickering pattern.   I wait outside to see if it happens again and sure enough there's that welding light again coming from one of the rooms on the third floor.


      Intrigued I go upstairs, look for the light to flash underneath the correct door and then knock on the door that I saw the welding light came out of.  The door opens up and one of the newer guys (Trevor or Travis...something with a "T") is standing in front of me, cigarette dangling from his mouth with the welding torch in his right hand and a blue Mini Cooper wagon behind him; fully assembled and in the middle of a 3rd floor dorm room (about a 12' by 12' space).   


      It's not something you ever expect to see in a 3rd floor dorm room...


      I was dumb founded and stood in the hall for a good minute before Trevor/Travis told me to step inside.  I think the first thing I said was "Why" and his answer was a sheepish, "...just thought it'd be funny" or "fun to try".  He went on to tell me that the hardest part was getting the engine block up the stairs (no elevator in this old dorm).  I had a beer with him and went down to my dorm room to forget what I saw as I was scheduled to head out to Saudi in a couple of days.   


      A few weeks later I heard there was a surprise inspection in our dorm and the mini was found during the inspection (how could it not be).   Trevor/Travis got into some serious trouble and I presume ended up in military prison over the prank.   (my guess is he did this to get out of going to Saudi--still it was extremely funny to all of us 48th EMS mechanics and we kept wondering what the looks on the officers and master sergeants faces were like upon discovery.)






    3. Chris Hansen

      Chris Hansen

      What a cool story! I don't know if you're aware of it - I'm guessing yes - but I've actually got an old Mini. I tried lifting the engine once and I couldn't. OK, granted I'm not the strongest guy around, but it's still an awkward lump of metal despite it's relatively small size :) I'd like to shake hands with this Trevor/Travis guy; what a feat! lol

    4. joepallai


      Yeah, I remember you were into mini Coopers in a big way, so I thought you'd appreciate the story.


      He might have had help with the engine block, but the rest was on his own.   I always wondered how long it took him to disassemble then reassemble the whole thing; had to be a month or more.