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  1. What a Monday!   

    I was asked to come into work during the morning for an important meeting that I'd appreciate and was informed that my former nightmare of a boss of 15 years was let go (I had spent 15 years working under him before finally saying fuck it and went back into Production), two other people who worked against me constantly were demoted (not because of me but because of their own failures) and I've finally been given the promotion that for the past 11 years I've asked for.  My new title is Innovation Specialist.


    My head is still spinning and I'm exhausted from talking for almost 8 hours with all of today's meetings.  Just wow....


    In Doom news I added a piston to my Doom machinery:




    sexy...no?  (haven't settled on the travel distance for the piston, visually I liked it with an 8 unit stroke but the noise was a bit too much, currently its set to a 32 unit draw but I wasn't feeling it--trying not to overthink this)

    1. Catpho


      Grats on the promotion and the piston Joe!

    2. joepallai


      Thanks Catpho! 

         The piston is one of those stupid little things that Doom can do that just makes me smile; I mean, there's no real reason for it other than it kind of looks cool, and it's almost totally nonsensical in a mechanical sense but yeah...had to have one.